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Hello everyone !

About Sava-chan: Firstly I would like to say that I go by the name of Momo, but it was already taken as a pen-name, so I used my OC/Inner's name (Savanna... yes I have an Inner; 3 actually... and they somehow always make it into my stories lol n_nu...) Anywho; as you may have noticed I get easily distracted... I love writing, I'm considering it as a future profession and well I suck at updating because I type really slow, and again I'm easily distracted... As for me as a person, hmmmm I'm 22 years old!! (now in college) My birthday is March 3... (I own the number 3... for real I was born 3/3/93 at 3:30, on a Wednesday... which to me is the third day of the week since I count the start of the week on Monday, not Sunday)... English is not my native language, hard to believe I've been told lol.. I was actually born and raised (for the most part) in Venezuela... I love wolves, dogs, and foxes (dragons are awesome too)... My favorite colors are black, silver and blue (Yellow and orange are climbing up the list). [11/13/15: Orange took over, with Red & Gold as second, and then the previous three]

WARNING!!: I admit the fact that I am a pervert comparable to Jiraya (in my cousin's opinion anyway) and that I am completely nuts... lol (not medically...) Its a family thing; though I proudly accept the fact that my brain does work in a different way (it makes my life complicated most of the time). BE WARNED.

MINI-BIO: My parents are divorced, they have been since I can remember (I think I was 5 when they split, but I really can't remember much from my childhood in general... sad really, I've been told it was pretty interesting... OMG I sound as if I have amnesia!!... no I just have a reaaaaally bad memory n_nu)... As a result I've moved about 13 different times (this including my moves to the US in 4th grade and the last one (for now) in April of 2008; as well as the simple moving from one house to the other, and from city to city, and you get the picture) and I've attended 9 different schools. Now keep in mind that in my country people usually attend one or two schools in their whole life, and I was on my 8th school by the time I was in 7th grade. This has caused me to always be sort of an outcast, OK sort of is not the phrase,... I never really was a social person when I was little and it got worse with every move (have you ever had to be the new girl/guy, leave, be the new girl/guy again, come back and be the not-so-new new girl/guy?... I have, and let me tell you it sucks!! people change waaay too much in too little a time!!). I went to High School in Central Florida (GO PATRIOTS!!) and I was in the marching band. (I played the flute... and as for American Pie: WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT!!!!!!!! T-T)

I AM PROUD TO SAY I'M A SAUNARU (Yaoi or otherwise) FANGIRL AND THAT I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE FEMNARU!! (In any shape or form)... this should give you a clue as to my favorite pairings... though at first I have to confess I liked Sasusaku and Naruhina, but I can't really write it anymore (nor really read it)... mmmmm I HATE Madara Uchiha and Pain (AKA Nagato)... it is because without Madara interrupting I believe (dream) that Sasuke would have returned to Konoha after killling Itachi, and I hate Pain because of what he's done... (You know kill Ero-sennin and Kaka-sensei T-T... and Shizune too T-T... WAAAAAAAA...)... besides this I'm a very open-minded I really don't dislike anything much except the Narusaku (In my opinion Naruto is way too good for Sakura... she doesn't deserve him after how she treated him when they were kids... lol... though maybe its all the Sakura-bashing I've been reading lol XD...) and the Sasuke-uke... in my opinion Naruto would be the Uke, always...(that must be due to my love of FemNaru though)... as for genres, I really like everything, except humor that just excedes my stupidity-tolerance-level (I HATE SpongeBob with a passion...always have, always will... that should tell you what I mean by stupidity level)...

KYUUBI: I LOVE writing good/perverted Kyuubi, its just too much fun to do it, because I have a perverted wolf inside my head that (again always shows up in my stories) sends me perverted images in the worst possible times... freaking Ookami-chan (I know very uncreative... but we all have our moments lol XD)

NARUTO: like I said, FemNaru and Naruto-uke are my favorites... also I love turning Naru-chan into a Hanyou because ever since I was little I always wished I could have a tail, the whole concept is just plain awesome in my book... lol and also who wouldn't love to be all powerful like that??

SASUKE: I love making Sasuke a pervert and also making him a little less Emo/Angsti or whatever he is... though he's usually only less cold with Naru-chan

As for other characters, I love Shikamaru; he's so awesome with his lazyness and smartness lol (is that even a word??... well it is now XD)... another character I love to write is Kiba, with Akamaru of course; he's the type of guy who is just teasing you all the time, you know kinda the annoying friend everyone loves... and yes he's a big pervert in my hmmm Kakashi and Jiraya are awesome in my opinion and Tsunade simply rocks!!, lol... Gaara is great, I love him (though not as much as Naruto and Sasuke) and Iruka is my other favorite Uke (guess with who ... HINT: n\\ )

I really only have read Naruto Fanfiction , except the Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, DBZ, or Harry Potter xovers (that totally rule!!) my reasons are very simple.. if I read more stuff, I'll go insane and become addicted to the computer, quit school, get kicked out of my house, and... ok maybe I'll just have a brain overload lol... I'm way too creative for my own good (sorta)... Even so, I like plenty of things, I've read all the HP books (Finally own them all again!!!), I read all the Twilight Saga... (LOVE it) and many other books... like I said I love to read.

My Opinion: Writing is my passion... reading is my getaway... and both are what make up most of my life... (I have friends now!... not too many, but I do... and I love them!!)

Likes/Dislikes: I absolutely adore the moon and the stars, and hate the annoyingly endless empty sky (clear blue bugs/depresses me, if it has a few clouds though I'm happy... yes that sounded a lot like something Shikamaru would say.. lol)

I have one quote of my own: "Randomness is what makes life interesting"... weirdness and different are what make life so exciting, if everyone was the same the world would be boring to no end.

This is all that I can say about I'll leave you with one more thought: RANDOM WIIIIIIIII (lol in Venezuela its how we write wheee... i think that's how it writes in English anyway XP)

A poem I wrote.. for those who never truly fit in like myself.. or just anyone who feels like reading it... lol


I see you all the time,
acting, pretending, faking.

I notice all your flaws and slip-ups.
I hear all the things you say
behind your "friends" backs,
and in turn
what they say about you.

I'm always there,
but you don't see me;
I'm invisible.
But, I like it that way;
because if you saw me,
I would have to pretend too.
And then I would hate myself
for being even more fake.

This way I have no worries,
no regrets or complaints.

Do not think I'm out to get you,
because I'm telling you this.
As long as you don't mess with me
I'll let you be;
I'll keep your secrets.

I am the one no one hears.
I am the one everyone stays clear of,
I am the one ignored and forgotten.
But I'm also the one always watching.
I am... an outcast.

Well it's been forever since I last updated my profile so I guess i figured I'd give it a shot now anyway. I decided to leave the original posting up regardless simply because it amused me. (with a minor info changes... i.e. age, and academic institution). Well what to say. My horizon's have expanded. I stopped reading NARUTO after Pein attacked Konoha (seriously bringing everyone back to life? THAT ONLY WORKS WITH THE DRAGONBALLS OR IF YOU'RE A WINCHESTER!!!!), however i still love the fanfics and will continue my stories as soon as my inspiration returns to me. (I've had a horrible case of writer's block, haven't written a single paragraph in nearly a full calendar year!!! and that last one was crap!). However, because my mind is complex/weird like that, it decided to create a whole backstory for an alternate Narutoverse, thus all my stories are AU's and it interferes with my attempts to write fanfiction of any other fandom (such as TEEN WOLF, SUPERNATURAL, HARRY POTTER [non-xovers, DANNY PHANTOM, SHERLOCK, AVENGERS... among others). MAinly it's because Ash decides he will not be ignored and butts in every single universe!!!!... anyway that aside I hope to be back in production soon, because I refuse to abandon any of my stories. On another note, I seem to love angst! (emotional masochist that I seem to be) so beware of that... [minor updates performed on 11/13/15 still left originals up]

DBZ ABRIDGED is awesome!! (had to say it) [I have changed my mind; it is GENIUS!! and pure GOLD! If you've never seen it, you should. It is Fucking Hilarious and only gets better and better, they are now entering the Cell arc. You can find it on Youtube, and the creators are TeamFourStar and they also have their own website.]









Harry/Twins (one or both)





I can't think of anything else to write at the moment sooooooo I guess that's all for now...


THE TRUTH ABOUT NARUTO (TTAN): the first one posted... It starts after the Valley of the End, and its AU. Naruto was always a girl, but kept it a secret so she wouldn't get raped by the more violent villagers who hate her because of Kyuubi... this is sort of my funny, Naruko rocks, OC's show up, and Sasuke is a pervet kinda fic... though it has many mature topics, and drama (I'm a drama-queen XD... what can I say) I consider it my mild fic, therefore, it only recalls the rape and it doesn't occur in the actual story... right now I have written up to Chapter 5, which I have now -finally, after way too many months to recall- posted (the date was 06/23/10 BTW) and well you'll just have to be patient with me on the updates, since I'm very slow at typing and also I'm sort of distracted with many things. 9/20/12: I have part of CH6 now typed, but I'm stuck. Due to the previously mentioned over-developed backstory AU that my mind created it has become increasingly difficult to continue this story. I do NOT wish to abandon it however (MINE!!!!) since I am rather attached to all my stories, so I'm just going to give it my best shot...

SECRET IDENTITY: This is my second FemNaru fic which i have now dubbed my baby! (2/23/11) since it pretty much is my take on the Naruto series (sorta)... It has a prologue placed on Naruto's 5th birthday, but then skips to the day of team placement, and its completely AU... It contains rape, angst, pregnancy, suicidal thoughts (a little of it), Itachi bashing (yes sorry he's the bad guy), many secrets kept by Naruto, and loooots of drama... its for very mature readers and will be posted when I finish TTAN and I have typed at least the prologue and the first 3 chapters into the computer...

NARUKO AT HOGWARTS: You guessed it... its a Naruto/HP xover!!... lol... I've been reading a lot of good ones lately and couldn't help myself, though its kinda crappy on the HP end because I haven't read the books in ages (My OOTP... is missing T_T...)... but for fic purposes it will do. It takes place in Harry's fifth year; Sasuke went to Orochimaru but came back only a year later (after my OC took care of the Curse Seal) and he knows that Naruto is a girl (which is a secret only known by Tsunade, Jiraya, Iruka, Kakashi, Sarutobi-deseased-, Anko -because she's awesome and Naruko's first teacher... in most of my fics lol-, and Shika -because he's super smart and awesome like that-). Naruko is an ANBU, and Sasuke gets promoted when she is requested for a year-long mission to Hogwarts. They will go undercover to protect the school and of course Harry, and like many other HP/Naru xovers... it will become more problematic as the year develops. Naruko has tails in this one, but is not a hanyou yet; and my OC's will make another appearance in this fic... (still considering if I should put them in in... or just have them in and XD... we'll see). ...I would just like to point out that I chose the fifth book because that way I can create the UHA (Umbridge Haters Association) and make her life a living hell thanks to two very sneaky pranksters (Naruko, and my OC -should he be put in-)... anywho, this fic has been posted in the Naru/Hp Xovers section... and I am regretful to say that it is currently on hiatus until I re-read the 5th book so its a bit more accurate... My inspiration for this fled long ago... I am eventually going to go through it and rewrite it, but don't expect to see much more of this fic anytime soon (It is very low on the pecking order... OMG CREEPY POPO!!! T-T)

UNTITLED AS OF 11/27/09 (Dubbed BLACK NOTEBOOK FIC for now): Sooooo... this is another Femnaru (obviously); it came to me in a wave of inspiration (no I'm not joking) as I was listnening to music on my old iTouch (may it rest peacefully in it's watery grave at the bottom of Lake Lotus T-T)... anywho, it starts with Naruto giving up her twin children, during the time-skip, and then switches to Sasuke's POV as he's about to return to Konoha. It's still a work in progress and many abstract ideas... dunno whether to turn it into a crossover of some kind, skip till the children become gennin, or whether to have everything discoverd while Naruto is still a teen. It wont even be typed until... welll a loooooong time from now (I'm just starting on the first chapter now... though if I may say so myself, the prologue is one of the best things I've ever written... at least at first).

HARRY POTTER AND THE FIFTH CHAMPION: Yes... tis another Hp/Naru crossover! lol. This time, it's fourth year, and all of Konoha's 12 (plus the Sand Sibs) will be there. It's still a Femnaru, but only Gaara and Shika know that fact. There are many elements from Secret Identity and the crazy backstory that my weird mind has created for basically all my fics XP. My main OC Ash will be there from the beginning and will be very influential in the story. It is still developing since it is the newest of my fics. (I was bored in class and the idea wouldn't leave me alone)

UNTITLED HP FIC (11/13/15): My first attempt at a Harry Potter fic. It starts summer before Third Year, and will be a Dark-Independent-Quasi Super!Harry fic and will be SLASH (pairings undecided). Possibly a creature fic, with my OC already trying to butt in (though if he does I will try to not bring in Naruto at all and just make it so they are my AU concepts that are poking in). It's still very early in the stages of development and it's the only thing I have been able to write in years... so we will see if it ever becomes anything. Inspiration is a fickle thing.

As a little side-note... I'd like to say that I'm writing a book -Now titled THE ACCURSED DREAMER (7/29/09)- and that I've heard its really good... if it gets published (A girl can dream)... then I look foward to reading the fanfictions about though that is a long time from now; first I gotta write it XD... just thought I'd let you know since sometimes my inspiration is transferred from my fics to my book... ( a little heads up). [11/13/15: TAD suffered the same fate as most of my fics, though maybe some day it will be revised and completed. I actually have vague ideas for a whole series of books that all tie into TAD which would be kind of like a prequel to them all.. but who knows if any of them will ever get written.]

now for semoehtnig itnresitng...

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty
uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal
pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a
rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't
mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the
olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer
be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl
mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed
ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling
was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you could read that put it in your profile.

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