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Allright... here's some stuff about me:

From: The USA. Won't give you any more description than that.

Looks: Wouldn't you like to know. JK. Girl. Blondish-brownish-reddish hair, curly and almost to my shoulders. Almond shaped eyes which change color. Extremely thin. SOMETIMES wears glasses. Always has a notebook in my hands or bag. Never wears skirts or dresses, instead, always jeans.

Name: Call me Jay or Jo-Jo, as those are my nicknames.

Gender: Female.

Age: Again, wouldn't you like to know.

Religion: Atheist.

Likes: Movies, making fun of politicians, fanfictions (why else would I be on here), Saturday Night Live, Jeff Dunham, harvest moon, SLASH, TV (Showtime, Chill, MOD, MTV... some news stations which play shows), Horror, books, INTERNET, baseball, Star Wars, big cities (NYC here I come), hot weather, anime, nationalism, messing with people, sarcasm, cool smiles, hanging out, not letting people know when it hurts, blowing up, goats, freaking out, that's-what-she-said, Dexter.

Description from myself: A bit quirky, has a couple of dumb blonde moments, SMART (basiacally college level reading when I was nine, now academic skill in reading is past doctor's degree, only thing my age level is... math), drama queen, short temper, very sarcastic, mean... basiacally, a Gemini. Appearently I smile way too much. I have an evil smile, a happy smile, an I'M-GOING-TO-KILL-YOU smile, a Voldemort's-evil-smile-can't-beat-mine smile, a you'd-better-take-back-what-you-said smile, an I'm-about-to-cry smile, a I'm-not-paying-any-attention-to-you smile, and others.

Dislikes: School, bad comedies, boring speeches made by Obama, friends when I'm mad, shopping for more than 4 hours, too much candy, people using me, stupid books, my old math teacher, the country, stale chips, educational videos, narcissism, creepy teachers, the Disney channel, flames, people thinking I'm anorexic, people who tell me I look tired (thanks for telling me I look like shit), people in general, embarrassing moments, moments that are funny but the jokes on me, stupid laughs, people telling me to shut up, younger brothers, family bonding.

Stories: Cry for me Baby is updated and going to be continued. My AR fanfictions are still going to be written on, but not frequently.

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