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Right, stuff about me, where do I start.

Ok, I discovered fanfiction about a year ago and haven't looked back since. Finally I had found lots of people who like me realised that sometimes in books/films/TV Shows (delete as appropriate) the creator gets it wrong. No longer was I forced to complain loudly inside my head, tell my friends that certain characters would never do that and imagine scenarios that would change unsatisfactory endings. Now other people do all that for me and I get to read the great stories they write.

I am hopeless romantic who believes that anyone who creates sexual tension in films/books/TV Shows and does not resolve it should be shot. I generally only read fics with main pairings I like but occasionally I branch out and. I'm fine with tragic stories but I prefer it when they're short, long stories with sad endings are generally too emotionally draining for a girl who was once asked to leave the cinema because she was crying too loudly.

I mainly read:

Harry Potter (Hermione/Ron, Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Snape, Hermione/Sirius and Hermione/Tom Riddle are my main pairings but really as a fellow bookworm I'm just a big fan of Hermione and will read any pairings involving her)

Labyrinth (Jareth/Sarah, I will track down the writers of the manga sequel and hurt them if they do not get Jareth and Sarah together at the end of volume 4)

Red Eye (Lisa/Jackson, I know they tried to kill each other but I'm still certain that there was something there and I remain hopeful about the prospects of a sequel)

Hannibal Lecter series (Hannibal/Clarice, I was gutted when they changed the ending of the film version of Hannibal)

Gone With The Wind (Scarlett/Rhett, an iconic couple who I adore reading about. My favourite stories are usually alternate versions of the book where Scarlett doesn't miscarry and Bonnie doesn't die)

Ashes to Ashes (Gene/Alex, they are totally perfect for each other and should definitely get together in the third series even if he is a construct)

Artemis Fowl (Artemis/Holly, it would be terrifying but so right)

The Secret Garden (Colin/Mary, I think they would be the only ones who could always deal with each other)

This Lullaby (Dexter/Remy, just wonderful together, they balance each other out)

Doctor Who (Rose/10th Doctor, in the Doctor's words they were "fantastic, absolutley fantastic")

Torchwood (Owen/Tosh, why, why did they never get together. They were fabulous and even though "Exit Wounds" was all the better for what happened in it I just wish they could have had more time together)

Peter Pan (Peter/Wendy, they were so lovely together, I hate her growing older and him going off with her grand daughter)

Phantom of the Opera (Phantom/Christine, let us be honest would anyone really choose Rauol over Erik?)

The Chronicles of Narnia (Susan/Caspian, just beautiful together, I am sure C S Lewis is in heaven kivcking himself for not thinking of it. I also like Edmund/Lucy but only when one of them is adopted)

Princess Mononoke (San/Ashitaka, fabulous, believable couple, absolutley perfect for each other)

So if you know of any good stories involving the above, feel free to tell me. Also please do tell me if you know of any stories involving: Anna/The King from The King and I, Cathy/Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights and Anna/Langton from Lynda La Plante's Anna Travis books, do let me know.

On other subjects I am consistently annoyed by the lack of female characters in Lord of the Rings (Arwen is the only one in all three books) and am of the opinion that all copies of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer and Mansfield Park by Jane Austen along with anything related to High School Musical should be burnt.

As you may have guesses I am not a huge Twilight fan (however I adore Jacob and though I am firmly of the opinion that Bella wasn't good enough for him, they're the only Twilight couple I read). I think that forbidden love and vampire romance has been done better elsewhere (of course the moment I write this no examples spring to mind). Bella is selfish, Edward is far too angsty and while I was prepared to overlook that for the first three books, Breaking Dawn was so full of plot holes and so lacking in emotional resonance (they just got a happy ending without earning it, Meyer should have looked at the Harry Potter books, to have a happy ending there must be some deaths. She should have killed of Esme and Emmet, the book would have been better for it) that I had to say enough was enough and just give up.

Everyone says it is this great romance but basically Edward likes Bella because she tastes good, Bella likes Edward because he looks good (something which we are told far too frequently), at least there is some emotional depth to Jacob's love for Bella (before he imprinted on Nessie anyway).

I'm currently writing and posting my first story but it is rather slow going since real life keeps getting in the way. I'm going to try and update more regularly in the summer holidays.

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