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Author's Note- Now it's a party!~~ Okay, so...My iPod died, and I lost all of the stories I had (About 20 OF THEM), so, unless I can find a way to recover'll have to wait a whl for me to redo everything I anyway, I recently was told about some online comic that i might like, and I gatta say, that after three days and 405 was freakin' awesome and I just wish there was a bit more that could have was like reading the last page of the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" was saddening...but...It's given insperation on stuffi want to draw, stuff I want to animate, and stuff I want to write. Unfortunately, it's comic isn't in the FF archives, so I can't legitimately write about it...well, I can, but it'll be from a loophole or something and I'll get some people on my arse about the rules'll think of something eventually! Oh, duh, the name of the comic is "Plush and Blood: Unstuffed." Referenced to m by The Grim Reader.


I'm back!...Kinda...well, anyway, I have a lot of new stories already done and set for Publication to FF, but I'm going to wait a few days (mabey) to upload them, so be on the lookout! It's greeat to be writing again!

PS~If you have XBox Live, you can contact me by my gamerTag here~ ZaCmAn9998 ~Why "9998?" Just cuz you'd expect "9999." Please tell me who you are, though, lol.


Rules n' stuff-You have to give me proof that you did the challenge,
and don't get mad if I say you're wrong or something. Also, if you already did a challenge before the date 12/4/09, then it doesnt count, so you'll have to do it again. Basically, just have fun, be creative, and remember: My mind is very hard to understand at times, so you have to think very illogically for some of them.
HINT: The name of the challenge usually gives a tip as to what the
answer or objective REALLY is.

Simple--Very little points (10 points each)
1)So it begins...-PM me saying that you want part of this madness!
2)Green Button-Review one of my stories.
3)"Nice story"-Fav one of my stories.
4)"I HAVE FANS!"- Fav me as one of your favorite authors.
5)literalism 1-Answer this question: "What's up?"
6)Dragons and Apes and Anthros oh my!-Write a Spyro fic
7)Blue blur-Write a Sonic the Hedgehog fic
8)"It looks like my hair is on fire..."-Write an anime fic.
9)TRIagnles, n'stuff...-Write a legend of Zelda Fic.
10)Vikings and Dragons OH MY!!!-Write a How to Train Your Dragon fic.

Jogging--Not that hard, but more points (20 points each)
1)Listener 1-Fill in the blank: "When I was a young boy, my
father_ _ _ _ , to see a marching band."
2)Profiler 1-Which of my OCs represents "Me?"
3)BorrowingA-Have one of my OCs appear in one of your stories.
4)Literalism 2-Spell your name, please.
5)More green buttons-Review 5 of my stories.
6)Musical Melody-Write a song-fic.
7)Lol-Get me to "lol."
8)BAM! Headshot-Write a one-shot.
9)T_T-Write a sad fic.
10)Introducing...-Introduce a new OC in a short story.
11)Lovey dovey-Write a Romance one-shot.
12)Cencored-Write a lemon.
13)Here lies...-Have one of your OCs die in a story. And no, they
can't be revived later.

Running--Getting harder! (30 points each)
1)Literalism 3-What do you get when a Falcon takes a bath in fruit
2)Listener 2-Name the artist of the song: "DotA"
3)Awesomesauce-Tell me something (true) that will get me to say
4)Combatant 1-Impress me with a fight scene.
5)Lmao-Get me to "Lmao."
6)FWUFFY!-Have some kind of Furry OC appear in one of your stories.
(ex:Artemis or Zarius.) Has to be original (yours).
7)Profiler 2-What's the name that I gave the weird sleep condition
that I have and what does it do?
8)Stalker 1-Find me on

Sprinting--Yeah, really hard (50 points each)
1)Listener 3-Name the artist, album (if it's in multiple albums, then
just name one), and song just from this part of the song: "I'm the
voice inside your head, you refuse to hear. And I'm the face that you
have to face, mirrored in you stare. I'm what's left. I'm what's
right. I'm the enemy. I'm the hand to take you down; bring you to your
2)LMFAO!!-Make me laugh...REALLY REALLY HARD.
3)Stalker 2-Find me on YouTube.
4)Pivoteer-Make a Pivot animation. Doesn't have to be good, just make
5)Profiler 3-What are the scores I gave DoTD?
6)Profiler 4-Who do I hate being compared to?
7)Literalism 4-Can you draw?
8)Drawin Skillz!-Show me a pic of something you drew/sketched. Can be
digital, or by hand.
9)Combatant 2-Make an amazing fight scene.
10)Not found in dictionary-What is another name for "Free Running?"
11)The Best. Ever.-The name of the ancestor you control in
"Assassin's Creed."
12)Prince turned assassin-The full name of the character you play as
in the "Assassin's Creed" games.
13)The next one-The name of the ancestor you control in "Assassin's
Creed 2."

Free Runnin!--No, just no. (100 points each)
1)Am I phycotic?-Is Artemis real? Be specific.
2)Mind fucked-Right or left?
3)?-Finish the sentence: Two wrongs don't make a right. But three
rights make a_
5)Universal filosofee-Why does the universe exist? ARE a stalker...-meet me in

You pretty much win...--(10000 points!)
0)Find my alternate account made just for this challenge! It has one
story out. After one person finds it, no one else can get the points
for finding it, so you better find it fast!

More will be added on once I think of them.

OK, let's start with a little bit about me!



Since I don't feel like showing a picture of myself, I'll give a description!

Age: 13

Height: 5 feet 11 inches (ALMOST AT THE SIX FOOT MARK BABEY!) Most of it is from my abnormally long legs.

Weight: About 129 lbs. (I'm underweight by 2 pounds lol!)

Skin color: A moderate tan (I go to the beach often X3)

Hair: shiny brow (lol wat?), VERY curly

Eye color: They are light-sensitive hazel. In bright light, they are more blue than green, and in dim light, they are more green than blue.

Muscualr build: Well, I'm thin as a twig, have moderate upper body strength, and moderate arm strength (Im lazy as hell, yet lifting a tuba as big as me for 5 years and counting, as well as camping with scouts and lifting steel pans (a type pf precussion instrument) through middle school keeps me in shape lol. Oh, and burying my food with pepper since I was four helps also, cuz it turns out that pepper increases your body's metabolism. Weird, huh?).

Usual attire: I Usually wear old, faded, frayed, and torn jeans with a plain t-shirt (as plain as they can get with logos), usually in the color blue or white, and black-and-white shoes...which are also faded and caked in dirt. I'm also almost always wearing a dark blue jacket that has a giant hole in the back, and a hole in the left sleeve big enough for my hand to fit through it. Plus, I wear bracelets that I made using parachute string (was taught by a war veteran in scouts) on both wrists, and a necklace also made out of parachute string (BTW, these aren't just two peices of string tied togther, the bracelets are laced together to make an awesome pattern).

I am EXTREAMLY impatient, so I will most likely have a story or chapter out before I said I would, if I finish it early.

interests, passtimes, favorite characters, etc.:Any and all types of INSANITY and randomness, action movies and games, adventure movies and games, Spyro and friends, Climbing random structures, tree jumping, anime, Sonic, Shadow, Silver (hedgehogs), baseball, basketball, swimming, fun in general, girls (duh), rock, hip-hop (sort've), techno (sort've), alternative, dance, writing (duh), animation (stick figures), INSANITY (x2!), INSANITY (squared), drawing (recently discovered talent), and wayyyyyyyyyyy too many things to list...for now atleast...

I live in Baltimore, MD (USA)

I am a HUGE Spyro fan and have been since I played his first game on the Play Station and became completly addicted to it. I thought it was one of the best games ever! I no longer have the PS1, but I still have all of the games for it, including all of the spyro games for PS1, one for PS2, and 2 for game cube, including the Legend of Spyro: A new Beginning.

In my oppinion, there should be another Spyro game that is a mixture of the old, world exploration, and the new, fighting your way to the end, style. I also think there should be more "funny" back in Spyro, because the LOS games have been a little too "seriouse," and not enough "Funny." Also, in an unrelated note, at the very end of DoTD, when the world is litteraly falling apart, it made me think of the songs "How far we've come" (matchbox twenty) and "Through The Fire and The Flames" (dragonforce)...Hey! I just thought of a good poll question!

My rating for DoTD:





Boosted score for ending beause of how Spyro and Cynder ended-up, but lowered it due to HUGE cliffhanger, and boosted it again in hopes of there NOT being a cliffhanger when the movie finally comes out.

Favorite Game Characters: Top 3

Sonic Games:

1)Shadow and/or Blaze- COULDN'T DECIDE!! THEY BOTH OWN!!

2)Sonic and/or Silver- Well, Sonic is...Sonic, and Silver HAS FREAKING TELEKENISIS!!

3)Mephiles- OOOOOOOOOOOO!! A DARK VERSION OF SHADOW!! HOW IRONIC!?...wait...why is that a question?

Spyro Games:

1)Cynder- HAHA!! NOT SPYRO!!

2)Spyro- OK, NOW Spyro

3)Hunter-...what? Oh, no comment for him.

Mario Games:

1)...I don't really know...

2)...who to put...

3) these spots...

(And just for the randomness, and heck, of it) Pokemon:

1)Lucario- AURA FTW!!



Now for top Songs in accordance to Genre! (Song/Artist)

Rock-115/Elena Siegmen

Alternative-Welcome to the Black Parade/MCR AND This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race/Fall Out Boy

Alternative & Punk- Viva La Vida/Coldplay (the song means "Live the Life" in English)

Electronic-Harder Better Faster Stronger/Daft Punk BUT TIED WITH Leva's Polka (Basshunter Remix)/Basshunter

Dance-The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Remix)/Scotty BUT A CLOSE SECOND IS Be alive (remix)/Stain K. (you will not find this song on Itunes. I searched it on google and found it's MP3.)

Hardcore Dance-Roll the Track/Scott Brown

Current All-around Favorite--The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Remix)/Scotty

I'll put a you-tube link or something to all of these songs later, just so people can hear their awesomeness.

These are some of my "philosophies" that I live my life by, oh and if some of them offend you, you're just looking at them the wrong way!

"If your life sucks, GET OVER IT! If it doesn't, enjoy it while it last...;)

"If a doctor says, 'Hope to see you soon!' have him arrested for 'conspiring in attempted murder'"


"If life gives you oranges, throw them back at life. Is life gives you lemons, make lemonade...then throw it in life's eyes."

"If Earth was about to end, where would you run? Well me, I would run to know, theSupermarket."

" An old man once said, 'If were going to die in 5 seconds, I would eat a sunday.'...Oh wait, did I mention he was senile?"

OK, now for seriouse pholosophies:

"Love is power, love is hope, love is hatred, love is easily manipulated."

"love brings us together. Love tears us apart."

"Those that wander without purpose, have no purpose to wander."

"Viva la Vida, without looking back."

Viva la vida (not tha song) means "live the life."

MY FAV QUOTES:"If someone was holding a gun to you and your best friend's head, and told you to choose who dies:A-You, B-Your Friend. Who would you pick? I would pick option C: Kick the guy's ass!"

"It's you and your friend as the last living humans in the world, zombies are everywhere. You have 2 katanas, a chainsaw, a couple grenades, some SMGs, a motorcycle, and a rocket launcher with 3 rockets. Do you: A:throw your friend and run. B:take the motorcycle with your friend and run. Or C:"FULFILL YOUR GAMER DREAMS BY KICKING ZOMBIE ASS WITH YOUR FRIEND!" I would definately pick C...

Philosophies by Phriends

"Yah know, It would be pretty humiliating to lie there while the better man refuses to spill your blood." -Esgaloth

"Mercy is the mark of a great man." stabs opponent "Guess I'm just a good man."-Esgaloth

"All's fair in love and war...except for the love part."-Cyrus, from Luna345's story, "Return of the Angel"

"Believing u can do a problem solves half the problem."-Slasher the Dragon

Well Here is a list of my fanfics:

Saviour of Shadows (SoS) (complete)- My first fic! The first in a planned, kinda long, series. It involves this stuff: Ass kicking, love, mystery, suspense, evil, DOOOOOM!!, and epicness...okay, well, that's up to my readers to decide, I guess, but, it's still AWESOME!

The Will of Cynder (complete)- Well, the first few chaps are out, but I thought of the chapters as I went along, so it's going to be awhile before more chapters start coming-out because I haven't really thought of what exactly to do in the next chapter. But as soon as I figure-out what my plan is I'll start writing! Oh, and if you have ay ideas about what you think should happen in upcomming chapters, please tell, I'm kind've having writer's block from an overwhealming schedual lately.

Mercy (one-shot)- Shadow, GUN soldier, near death experience...yup, that sums it-up.

Shadow the Hedgehog (reboot inbound)- Path of Destruction: Shadow starts having...problems...and goes a little bit mental...okay, he goes phsyco...

Black Assassin: Reason to Live (reboot inbound)- EVERYONES FAVORITE BLACK DRAGON/EX-ASSASSIN IS IT!

Kingdom Divided (on hold...maybe)- A comepletely unrelated story to any of my other stories about Cyrus and Siaria. I guess it would be kinda Romeo and Juliet-ish if it stays as planned. Oh, and Cyrus is still an assassin! HOORAY!

Savoir of Shadows: The Final Confrontation (starting chapters again)- hmm, I wonder what this is about...

SoS Beginnings: Artemis Blood (three-shot)- Artemis is lots of things. Most of things are things you don't want to be stalking you.

Black Cyrus Presents:Reader's Request Spar Matches (dead)- I'll take any of your favorite characters (OC's or avtually characters) and place thim in (mostly) one-on-one spar matches! No powers, just pure streangth and stamina babey!

Here's a list of Planned Fics that aren't out yet. Some of them Might NEVER come out, so...

Saviour of Shadows: Darkness Returns- Name will probably change...A post SoS story, with a surprise...

Saviour of Shadows: The Legend of Shadow- Shadow the Dragon is the NEW purple dragon, but he is born into a world where his father is always sad, without a mother, and many secrets...

(very uncertain about this one) Saviour of Shadows: A New Dimention- Well, one of the gangs' friends is mistakenly taken as a hunting prize. Unfortunately, to get their friend back, the gang has to go where no one from the Realms has ever gone before...TO THE REALM OF THE HUMANS!!

Saviour of Shadows: Revenge of the Lycans- Name says it all!

Saviour of Shadows: Beginings- A one Shot compilation of how most, if not all, of my OC's are involved.

Alright, here are my created characters that will appear in my fanfics:

Cyrus "Black"(yes, Black Cyrus (My old PenName) switched)

Species: Dragon



Appearance:Black body, with a white chest and stomach. Misty-Silver eyes. White horns. Has 2, different colored wings, the right is black, while the left is a dull grey with a scar streatching almost the whole length of the wing. At the tip of his tail is a lighning-shaped blade. Cyrus is a mixture of muscule and sleekness, making him relatively strong and agile at the same time...which is part of the reason why he's a VERY dangerouse assassin.

Characteristics: After training with Cyro and mastering their abilities, he is now his normal self, so he acts like what he did before the events descirbed in SoS. He is energetic and considered annoying and show-offy by a lot, but he really is very nice and compassionate. He hates to see others in pain, and will protect those in need. Though some say he is meant for greatness, he only wishes to be part of the fight, not to be the hero

Powers, weaknesses, etc.:He has control over the element of wind, but is also able to "meld into, and manipulate" shadows, which was a "gift" from the Dark Master as part of the deal. His only aparent weakness is his lef wing, because of the scar, so it's VERY sensitive and impares his flying slightly.

Famouse last word: "Till next time, I guess..."

(New) Theme Song: "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance.

Appears in SoS


Species: Dragon


Age:umm...somewhere over one hundred

Apperance:EXACTLY like Cyrus, except body is grey and both wings are black. His eyes are those of a wolf's: Yellow irises and a thin pupil.

Characteristics: Cyro is a Hybrid of a dragoness name d Kira, and a Lycan named Sirius, thus, he is what I have decided to call, a "Wolfdrake." He is very dark, and tends to be cruesl sometimes, but that is only because of what his life was like before he died. Hold grudges for a very long time, and is a ruthless fighter. He decided to help Cyrus after his family was murdered by Malefor, since Malefor murdered his family many years ago. Cyro is also the reason Malfor is trapped in his "eternal" prison, but it unfortunately cost his own life. But, instead of being allowed to move on to the afterlife, Cyro had to stay behind as a "ghost" until his job was finished. Today, he lives cold, and trusts few, as Cyrus's "alter ego."

Powers,weaknesses,etc.:Cyro has no feelings of mercy or remorse, and since he can do anthing Cyrus can, he's EXTREAMLY dangerouse. His only weakness is, basically, Siaria. She's able to bring Cyrus back into control (usually) whenever Cyro is going crazy. Cyro especially likes using the ability to manipulate shadows to make his enemies' fears come true. It's quite horrible really.

Last word you hear from him: "Goodbye."

Theme song: "House of Wolves" by My Chemical Romance

Appears in SoS


Species: Dragon



Apperance:Resembles Cynder in shape, but completly different in color. Siaria is light blue with a darker blue chest and stomach. Her wings are light blue on top, and darker blue on the bottom. Eyes are a sky-blue. Her horns resemble Cynder's in shape and color. The end of her tail is encased in some sort of crystal-like-thing. It is VERY VERY sharp at the piont. She has no idea where it came from, but she can remember having it for as long as...well, she can remember. Siaria is very sleek and thin, making her very agile.

Characteristics:Siaria is very kind and gentle, and she always looks at the brighter sides of things. She is friends with everyone, except Charr, because of how he treats Cyrus, avoids Storm because of events in the past that happened between them. She is slightly shy, but will warm-up to new friends quickly.

Powers,weaknesses,etc.:Siaria is able to use the element(s) ice and water. Siaria isn't too fast or too strong, but she is very agile and able to think on her claws, even in a dire situation. Siaria also has the ability to "heal" others, but has to hurt herself in the process. Basically, she heals others by giving them some of her energy, causing the person being healed to heal faster, but for her to become very weak and tired, she could even kill herself if she uses too much energy. Healing others also makes her current wounds become worse, so she only heals others if she absolutely has to.

Favorite "ability:" The ability to...mumble mumble mumble...

Theme song: "Standing in The rain" by Superchick

Appears in SoS


Species: Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Apperance: Charr is orange-red in color. He has orange wings, with an orange underside, and red eyes. The end of his tail is in the shape of an orange flame. His chest and stomach is a bright orange. His horns resemble Spyro's in shape, but are red instead of yellow. Charr is very muscular.

Characteristics: Charr is an all-around unlikeable dragon. He thinks he's the strongest thing alive, he always looks for a fight, he tries to cause fights between others for amusement, and he's a real bad pain in the ass. He also enjoys exposing others about things that they don't want anyone to know, especially when it comes to Cyrus. Charr was being held prisoner in one of Malefor's prisons (ofcourse) at the time Cyrus was working for Malefor. Charr escaped a few night before Cyrus was instructed to attack the Dragon Temple and met Siaria on his way to the Dragon Temple in hopes of fighting Cyrus and being "The Big Hero." Later, he becomes too obsesive over showing-up Cyrus that he falls into the darkness...

Powers,weaknesses,etc.:Charr can use the element of fire. He is also EXTREAMLY strong. His fire abilities are extreamly devestating and destructive. Most of his attacks involve consuming large areas in huge amounts of fire, and it's basically a "one hit and it's over" deal. He is able to produce enough energy to use the "one-shots" multiple times. Unfortunatly, he's not too fast and extreamly UN-agile, so he tends to try to end fights as quickly as possible with his devestating attacks.

Favorite phrae: "This is going to burn!"

Theme song: "The Enemy" by Static-X

Appears in SoS


Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Her scales are a mixture of yellow and dark green. Her tail ends in an arrow-shaped blade. She has five horns: Two horns on each side of her head that bend back and in, then a horn on the center front of her head that bends almost horizontally back.

Characteristics: Storm is a usually nice person, but has a VERY short temper and will not think twice about ripping your wings off and throwing you off a cliff if angered. For some reason, she hates Siaria more than she cares about her own life, and she has been looking for Siaria so she can "exact her revenge" on her. Although Cynder knows of Storm's hatered for Siaria, Cynder still tries to be friends with her. Storm and Cynder aren't exactly friends, but they aren't enemies as well. Storm has decided to do anything to get her revenge on Siaria...

Powers, weaknessess, ect.: Storm is able to use the element of wind, and the element of electricity, hence the name "Storm." But, using electricity comes at a price: Storm's electricity abilities seem to be "artificial," as they cause her pain to use them. The larger the amount of electricity used, the more painful and more paralyzing the after-effects are. Storm will only use electricity as a last resort

Theme song: "Nothing For me Here" by Dope

Appears in SoS

Now it's time to meet my most "interesting" OC EVER!! (She's also not in the series yet)

Name: Artemis "Blood"

Species: Wolf/Black Leapard Hybrid

Gender: Female


Appearance: Very humanoid shaped body. Body is covered in mostly black, moderately long, fur. Has wolf-like muzzle, except slightlyshortened. From midway between her wrists and elbows down is white. From midway between her ankles and knees down is also white. Feet are those of a lepard, hands are claws of a wolf. Has a thin, long, black tail, and relatively large, black, triangular ears atop her head. Has thin, black, slits, for pupils. Her teeth are deadly sharp, along with her claws. Has a patch of silver fur directly under her neck that is in the shape of a puffy "X," which wraps around to her back to make another "X." Wears a very dark blue (almost black), hooded cloak that conceals her entire body, and carries a bow, quiver, and dagger.

Personality: Due to a worse childhood than Cyro (yeah, being a hybrid sucks), she is mentaly unstable. If she is pushed in the slightest bit, she will attack, but, if pushed way too far, she will have a mental breakdown and start sobbing uncontrolably. Tends to be called, "disturbing" by most people because of the fact that she is addicted to the smell and taste of blood, which also earned her the title of "Vampire" by many. Enjoys killing just for the fun of it, and for the snack that her dead opponent makes. When not being mental, she is very calm, scarry calm, but has a short fuse and could snap quickly. Slightly perverted, and not very loyal or trustworthy.

Powers, abilities, weaknesses, etc.: She has a strange "addiction"to blood, which actually helps her in fights. She has a very good sense of smell, and a better sense of smell for blood in particular. The smell of blood prompts her to start fighting, and when she tastes blood, she goes crazy, and prompts her to fight harder. She has named her strange addiction "Primal Adrenaline," because of the effects the taste of blood has on her body and mind. She is also a master at fighting with a dagger, and using a bow. Is VERY fast, AMAZINGLY agile and flexible, and DEADLY acurate.

Common phrase used: "Hello, can I have some of your blood, I'm feeling too calm."
Most common respoonse: "...WHAT THE FUCK!?"

Theme song(s): "I will not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin, "I'm Not Okay (I promise)" by My Chemical Romance, "So What" by Pink, and "Awake and Alive" by Skillet

I even made a quick sketch of her just because I apparently could!

OC Representation: Okay, all of my OC's represent a different "side" of myself, and with that being said, here's a list of what everyone represents. There are a few that haven't exactly been introduced yet, though-

Cyrus- Mischief
Cyro- dark mischief
Siaira- Shyness
Prometheus- "What are my true intentions?"ness
Storm- Spitfulness
Charr- Cockyness
Rosa- Lovingness
Spike- Friendlyness
Amaya- Carefreeness
Shadow- (mostly) Playfulness (he's also a few other of my sides)
Zarius- Me (he represents EVERY aspect of my personality, outlooks, etc...he's basically me, as a Furry =-=)

As for Artemis, she's a whole thing in that know me VERY well will understand what that means. Anyway, I want people to try and guess what relations Spike, Amaya, and Shadow all have with everyone else. Here's a hint: they are the generation after Cyrus, Siaira, Spyro, Cynder, and everyone else. You can go for bonus points and guess what Zarius's connection is, but I KNOW none of you will get it right.

Original Story Characters-Well...I'm writing a book. Ive restarted on it three times already, but i finally came to a base setting and storyline, as well as a few characters that i plan on keeping. two of which are already in my stories here (Atemis and Zarius), but I planned appearances of a few others as well. so, for your enjoyment or something, I'm putting-up Bios of all of the other Characters soon. It'll be right below this.

Special Thanx:

Slasher The Dragon- reviewing ALL of my stories and for his awesome, EXTEAMLY DETAILED, stories!

Luna345- Being a great friend and awesome writer!

Esgaloth-Being a great friend and writing an...interesting story. Also, for letting me use his AU in an upcoming story!

Uplate- for being INSANE! HAHA!

Cyrus Black, Assassin of Shadow

Some of My Pivot anims! CLICK THEM!!





WHO HATES SPAM!- http:///img151/9384/spamcollab.gif

Favorite Vids -Hmm...looks like a pretty good Japanese music vid...WAIT A SECOND!? SHADOW!?

Wierd stuff that you would be confuzed to know that is actually true for most people...and animals.

Naruto fanfics are over populated by yaoi, primarily NaruSasu. If you believe me put this on your profile.
By Order of ChaosLink

Ninety-eight percent of teenagers have tried smoking pot. If you're one of the two percent who hasn't, copy this and paste it in your profile.

If you have ever run into a door, copy this into your profile.

If you've ever run into walls, doors, or parked cars, or any stationary object, copy this into your profile

If you've ever dropped your laptop, or cell phone, copy this into your profile

if you've ever seen someone cry over spilt milk, copy this into your profile

if you've ever fallen up the stairs, copy this into your profile

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent that aren't, copy this, put it in you profile, and add your name to the list.
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cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

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~~Update!~~ Yup, it's OCD, ADHD, and some slight Insomnia! But I'm still ganna call it Lycathropy cuz I love Lycans, lol.

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The intro story to one of my OCs that HAS NOT made an appearance in the series yet, but will relatively soon. -"Mom abandoning me.Everyone hating me.Dad abandoning me.Having my face shoved into the ground daily.Yep,I'm only ten and it's been so fun!"
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