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Author has written 2 stories for Silent Hill, and Castlevania.

VisionaryZephyr, also known as 13 or The Original 13 if you know where to go. I'm what you might call a retired fanfiction authour drafted back into action by her drill-sergeant of a muse. I was convinced that my writing days were over in general until one day I happened to stick a fork in my creative outlet, which is the only outlet I endorse sticking metal instruments into. Allow me to share a little about myself so you know what to expect from my fiction:

Current Fandoms:
• Silent Hill
• Legacy of Kain
• Castlevania

VZ Likes:
• Well done OCs that fit within a canon!
• Keeping canon characters IC.
• A good constructive critique (I love them, in fact).
• Of course, a well-written fic (doesn't everyone?)
• Easter eggs within a series (they make me giggle).
• Watching characters from Silent Hill try to live normal, functional lives after going through hell.
• Sensical pairings.
• Authours who respond to their readers.
• Beta readers (I heart beta readers).
• Sequels!

Good Tendancies:
I like to listen to my readers. Please speak up when I write!
I watch my grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
I try to make my characters as believable as possible.
Meticulous at times, annoyingly so.

VZ Dislikes:
• Mary-sues and all equivalents.
• Crack fiction.
• Horribly OOC behaviour (except in occasional, deliberate, non-crack humour fics)
• Unnecessary and/or unnecessarily graphic or gratuitous sex or gore.
• Bad plotlines.
• Overrated stories that don't recieve proper criticism for their often obvious flaws.
• Trolls or overly abusive reviews. I have no tolerance for either.
• Slash, except in a few very special cases.

Bad Tendancies:
Depending on what I'm writing, my work can get a tad fluffy in places. Try not to gag.
Flippant overuse of the comma.
Likely flippant misuse of the semicolon.
"Showing" too much where things could be "told," and vice versa.

Works in progress:

Fleurs Du Mal: New Castlevania fic. Looking to get it beta read currently. A little dry considering the massive amount of writer's block hindering my actual work, but the idea is in place and moving along quite efficiently.

Present Madness:
What the hell? I'm learning to love AU a little due to the fact that sometimes in order to make something interesting, you've gotta AU just a little. A little! I'm lookin' at you, Castlevania. Fleurs Du Mal isn't exactly what you can call AU, I just poked some possibilities in really.

Argh! I changed one of my stories and it's not showing correctly on my profile. Is it just me?

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Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me. Back inside me.
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Fleurs Du Mal reviews
The villagers claimed it was all evinced by the boy's bright red hair. Pre-CoD, following the lives of Hector and Isaac before and during their service together under Dracula. NOT SLASH OR SELF-INSERT. Very brief Isaac OC.
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