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Author has written 12 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, Private, Beauty and the Beast, and Privilege series.

Hey, I'm Jette. Or Juliette Isabella. Call me Jette.

About my penname: a guy from my school found my profile & made fun of some of my stories, & it was bad enough I had to delete some stories & change my penname.

About My Stories: I don't know. I'm going to delete some, finish some, yeah. I'll figure it out when I'm not on here when my parents think I'm doing homework.

About Life: Um...

About Me:

I am Crazy. My family is also. PROOF:

"Stop eating the Battle Ship." -my mom

"I'm invincible!"-my dad

"Fat Rockstar, FAT!"-my cousin, to my other cousin

I won Most Likely to Take Over The World. Don't mess with me.

I live in Minnesota. Its cold up here.


So this is where I talk about my stories. I know, cool, right?

PALACE OF FLAMES: I am going to rewrite POF chapter by chapter this summer, then finish the story.

AVATAR ACADEMY: There will be some similarities between this new one and the old one, such as the hitman. I'm sorry, but I loved the hitman.

THE RANT: Idk...I should probably post more.

PRISON BREAK: I think I'm gonna rewrite the first chapter & go from there.


So I am going to rewrite Palace of Flames and the first chapter of Prison Break, in that order. Delete the second chapter of PB and start from there. While I rewrite POF, I will continue with my other stories, in this order.

Things My Best Friend MUST DO Around The World

Avatar Academy


My Name Is Ariana

Enchanteresse Plume Chiffon


If I have ever given you a weird review that makes you wonder what I'm smoking, (as in, babbling uncontrollably about things that don't relate to the story, talk in chatspeak, things of that nature) forgive me, I was most likely high on some sugary substance, or I was in that very stupid phase that happens every year during those pesky nine months where we have to go to the red brick building every day and listen to some people speak to us.

VIOLET AURA COLOR: Relates to crown, pineal gland and nervous system. The most sensitive and wisest of colors. This is the intuitive color in the aura, and reveals psychic power of attunement with self. Intuitive, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical.


"Grab a toilet and go, lady." -tophrocker, playing sims

"That's not random! Deviled eggs would be random!" -tophrocker, playing madlibs with me

"Im ViolotQ cause i luv the name violet, hate the E in it, & not many ppl put Q at the end of their names." -ViolotQ, explaining the name

"Not cool! This is not cool! THIS IS SO NOT COOL!" -ViolotQ, spazzing at nothing.

"I LOVE EPIC CRAP!" -ViolotQ, watching the finale at midnight.

"Hippee!" -tophrocker

"Aang would like, jump on the swing in motion!" -tophrocker, while swinging on a confusing round swing.


"NOBODY makes their own bread anymore!"-ViolotQ

"tophrocker BROKE my headphones!"-ViolotQ

"There is love for everyone, just not like." -tophrocker

"Sssssshhhhhppppp! Says the sheep!" -tophrocker

"Sheep say BAA, now shut up!"-Lela



"I do enjoy hottubs."-tophrocker

"If Jack likes me, then every guy in class likes me, & if thats the case, thats creepy. But flattering, wait, I don't care."-my mind, when I was like, eleven and took a summer hiphop class.


"Yellow Socks! Why does Aang have yellow socks? It looks like he's wearing footie pajamas! No, sorry, I thought I saw yellow socks." -tophrocker

"Random Song."-tophrocker

"She has awesome friends who have lots of issues just like tophrocker. she can kill if she wants to, but she's a pacifist. She is our Crazy Cat Lady who loves laffy taffy and jolly ranchers and reeses.
She is more smarterer than her friends, Sophita,Lela, and Ray, who typed all of this random crap.
SOPHITA, RAY, AND LELA LOVE KITTY!!" -tophrocker's weird friends attacking her facebook profile.

"We send u unicorns!"-Lela, talking to a french person

"we're off to destroy things!"-tophrocker

"Don't break anything too expensive."-that french dude.

"It tastes like a liquid laffy taffy and ice cream I LOVE IT!" -lela

"Is Slumdog Millionaire HAUNTING YOUR MIND?"-tophrocker

"I am confused."-ViolotQ

"I don't like candles!"-tophrocker

"Nice LIE, Jette!" -tophrocker

"What's the shipping name for Hakoda and Ursa? Whatever it is, I'm all for it!" -tophrocker

"Your'e taking a bath with a chicken?" -my sister

"We should riot!" -tophrocker, when we heard that avatar was ending after only 3 seasons! :(

"I found 25 bucks! They were just lying there in Home Depot, calling my name! I got lunch for a whole week!" -my dad, he found 25 bucks.

"The lake looks heathy!" -me

"Wasn't she the one who ditched him?" -tophrocker, watching The Old Masters, the Pakku part.

"You flipped George Washington?!" -My teacher

"People make life so much harder than it needs to be." -a jerk from my algebra class

"OH, MY SPOON!"-tophrocker, she MELTED a spoon in caramel sauce!

"Your school is weird and horrible." -tophrocker

"I wonder if there's professional Jenga." -Andrew

"I got my guitar back. Now to learn it and become famous!" -tophrocker, I need a left-handed guitar! :(

"Missy, you fell into a wall, & I ran into a wall. That's worse. And falling while dancing in front of a big audience is even worse." -me, I fell at my recital. Me=SAD!

"I was on an epic journey to buy socks. Then there were these balooga whales with someone we used to know's head." -tophrocker, I personally think she was on drugs when she dreamt this, but whatever.

"I can't do that slide thing. I'm gonna trip on my feet and fall off the stage and die!" "I like plants." -Me & my friend Krissa, in that order.

"I couldn't get my toe in! It was being a retarded toe!" -my cousin, putting a flipflop on so we could go buy PIE!

"If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything nice." -my sister, attempting to quote Thumper very late at night.

"Now, where the hell did we park? I'm lost!" -my dad, we parked next to a BMW!

"This is the end. Of Sid." -Sid the Sloth, Ice Age 3, one of the very few enjoyable moments in the movie. (I was just cracking up.)

"The Gandhi people are all just peaceful, and the police are just like, 'Rawr! We have sticks!'" -Me, while watching Gandhi with Missy, we enjoy Gandhi, okay?

"What is America coming to? Cloning, abortion, and fat people." -tophrocker, she has nothing against fat ppl.

"Alright, when you find a way to get pregnant without a man, then come talk to me." -A guy on Facebook, when some chick argued he didn't have a right to argue about abortion because he was a guy. (I thought it was just hilarious.)

"Oh, no, It's ZUTARA WEEK." -me, in my mind, who then ran from the house screaming and met Bigfoot, who gave me a brownie, even though Bigfoot has never beens sighted where I live.

"I'm Super Pimp!" -My cousin, he's an idiot.

"Why do we need to be quiet? Is the tornado gonna hear us?" -A guy in my class who has a disturbing crush on me.


Dad: "You're bordering on ethics."

Mom: "Ethics? She took a brownie."

Dad: "Well, you know, the first thing I do when I get up is make myself a cup of coffee and go out to your car and look for donuts, but you tell me you're not gonna be here in the morning, so I'll be wandering aimlessly around the garage-"

Mom: "I'm tempted just to leave a donut on a paper plate on the floor for you."

Dad: "A big bear claw! So I'll be eating and Angel will swoop in, and I'll offer him a breadcrust, and he'll look at me like, what the hell?"

-My Mom & my Dad, at a perfectly normal dinner.

Dad: "The one on the left is bigger."

Me: "Dad, they're the same size. It's an optical illusion."

Dad: "Well, FINE then. What about this one?"

Me: "They're the same size. It's another optical illusion."

Dad: "Okay, Miss Optical Illusion, you do the rest, then we get a bad score and we're outcasts for the rest of our lives!"

-My dad & I, taking an IQ test at 1 in the morning.

Alex-"Avatar, The Last Airbender." Kortney-"How do you know that?" Alex-"How do you NOT know that?" -My friends Alex & Kortney

AVATAR QUOTES! (Because Avatar is the best thing since the internet.)

I took away your firebending. You can’t use it to hurt or threaten anyone else ever again. -Aang, Episode 3:21, Avatar Aang, at the very awesome end. (My fav part in the whole show!)

"Drink Cactus Juice! It'll quench ya! Nothin's quenchier! It's the quenchiest!"-Sokka, episode 2:11, The Desert.

"It's a giant mushroom. Maybe it's friendly! Friendly mushroom! Giant mushy friend!" -Sokka, same episode.

"Aang! Thank goodness! Have you got any meat?" -Sokka

"Did the definition of 'genius; change in the last hundred years?" -Aang

"Oh, what, I'm not good enough to kidnap?" -Sokka

"I'm too young to die!" "I'm not, but I still don't wanna!" -Sokka & weird fisherman dude

"Take that, you rock." -Sokka

"Who lit Toph on fire?" -Sokka

"Yeah, let's break some rules!" -Toph, then breaks the house

"You've been hallucinating on cactus juice all day, and now you just lick something you find stuck to the wall of a cave?" "I have a natural curiousity for things." -Katara & Sokka


Why did Aang get shot in the back, Katara healed him with spirit water, and he was out for a few weeks & really weak afterwards, and Zuko got shot in the heart by the same person with more power, healed with regular water, & then was fine?

How the heck did this take place over a year? Stuff does'nt happen that fast.

Why is Aang hurt so much he can't glide in the Awakening, & then in the Headband he's fine?

So, at the beginning, if it's winter for us, it would be summer for Sokka & Katara, so why is it snowy the whole season?

Why does it take them a season to get from the South Pole to the North Pole, but then in the finale they get from Ember Island to Ba Sing Se in a few hours?

How did Aang shave with a rock?

Why is Aang's clothes always fine after he gets in a fight, but then is season three he has a new cool orange toga because his clothes got ripped?

What time period is this in??

Why is it so epic?


If you have seen the episode The Great Divide, & are very ticked with it, hate it to death, & want to burn it, crush it with a boulder, hit it with an air blast, & have Katara WATER WHIP IT, then throw it away, copy and paste!

If you HATEHATEHATE Haru's stupid mustache/gay gotee, copy/paste!

If you have ever done something really stupid & random for no other reason then you felt like it, copy/paste!

If you have screaming banshee's for friends, copy/paste!

if you are a pacifist, and have randomly violent/abusive friends, copy/paste!

If you wish you were a vampire and could join the Cullens for the rest of eternity, copy/paste!

If you have ever tried to bend something, copy/paste and put in your name and what you tried! ViolotQ- water & earth

Alright, you've reached the end of my extremely long profile. Feel free to read and review as you please.

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