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I became a bit obessed over Twilight (Yes, Twilight.) thanks to some friends of mine. We started a sort of spin-off thing that has somewhat evolved into a massive RP with alot of arcs, fillers, and no main plot so to speak. That's where I got my CC/Aro fantic that I started to write yesterday. Anyway.

I am not:

Team Edward.

I didn't like how he treated Bella at the beginning of Twilight. Not to mention that reading thoughts is just way freaking creepy, although I liked the idea of that type of power anyway. I also don't like his personality; it's to broody for my tastes, that and then there is the "I am a monster" complex that he has. But these are just my thoughts.

And no, I am not a guy. I am, in fact, a girl that is NOT smitten over him, thank you very much. X3

Team Bella.

I didn't like her personally either. I find her as a bit of a Mary Sue character, not to mention I hate when main characters (or just girls in supporting roles), can't seem to defend themselves. But, again, that's my thoughts on it as well.

Team Humans (Mike, Jessica, ect.)

Why like the humans when the vampires are the cool ones?

Team Renesmee/Jacob.

It's an dang odd pairing when Jacob is suppose to hate all vampires. But I didn't write the books.

However, I AM:

Team Jacob.

I am not going to pull out any of the corny lines out there from the internet. I like him because he actually does seem to love Bella/Renesmee (And I'm not saying that Edward doesn't, I'm just implying that Jacob just seems to show it more). That and he is a werewolf/shape-shifter, and I have always loved wolves anyway.

Team James.

Yes, I did think that he was hot in the moive. Besides that, he was the first "villain" in the books, and I think that it was stupid to kill him so early on into the series. I also loved his personality.

Team Aro.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm Team Aro. I guess it just be kinda my "Mia" side coming out. XP I wasn't on his team at first, but I've actually started to like his character more. XD

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