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A hale and hearty hello!

I know, I know. I fell off the earth and have not been heard from for years. Right? Yes. Yes I did. But with good reason. I can't honestly say I am back either though I have not forgotten my stories or you.

Anyhow, in light of the titillating news in the form of a DMC 5 trailer, I decided to fix a few things in my last posted chapter of Here We Go Again. If you read that story, you know (or maybe remember) I left it right before a big reveal about Nero's past. Well, all things considered, I dropped that thread. If the new game rumors are true, then Capcom should be addressing this. If not, whadda gonna do? Aside from gnashing teeth.

Man, I am so hoping they do right by DMC. After seeing the trailer, I gotta admit, I did like what I saw - EXCEPT Dante's face. Please God. No. I want handsome Dante - not hag Dante. Alright, I'm shallow like that. I admit it.

In regards to picking up my stories, especially HWGA, this may be too tough of an assignment. Four years is a long time to lose touch with your characters. Not to mention my writing style has probably changed a bit. There is a definitive style in which HWGA is written and I was very conscious of the flow. Now, not so much. I mean, talk about a lot of balls in the air. Even if I have reread the story several times and have loads of material, I cannot promise I can pull off the closing chapters in a satisfactory manner.

All I can truthfully say is I am taking a look and am going to see how it goes.

Wish me luck! Night

Ack! It has already started - less than two hours after putting up my revised chapter!

Hey, listen guys, please, please, please do not throw the DMC4 novel or "Dante's storyline is DMC3, 1, 4 and 2" at me. (There's other stuff, but these two will do for now.)

Yes, I have read the novel's summary. No, I don't like it and can totally understand CAPCOM throwing it under the bus. Not only did it suck IMHO, but the writer got certain details completely wrong (like Nero losing Red Queen for instance). I mean, if you are part of the writing team, for God's sake, do your research, go back over the game, and get your facts straight. Also, Dante inherits everything from his dad, and then some, but ages like a human? No, Just no. Not in my DMC universe anyway. Ugh.

I know there was an "Official Announcement" about the correct order of the games (alongside what is canon and what isn't). I do not care and do not agree. That order makes no sense. A lot of people keep saying how depressed Dante is in DMC2 (l agree, the game is depressing lol) and he disappears into Hell, never to be seen again. This is a theory why he looks so bad in the trailer for DMC5 since he is escaping Hell. Uh. OK. Jeez. I seriously hope not. Or, if he is coming from Hell, clean him up please.

To my mind, I would think Dante would most depressed after DMC1 (thinks he killed Vergil) and after Trish goes off on her own, or even after DMC3 (lost Vergil). DMC2 makes no mention of Trish. In addition, Dante is alone, and, as a good friend told me, "My dog talks more than Dante in DMC2". This chronology does not make sense in what we have seen of Dante's development as a character. (And his style in DMC2? OMG. Yeah. UM. No.) They could have put the game after any game but 4 (as Dante is on point, fun loving and has Trish back in 4) and it would make OK sense to me.

Thanks for listening.

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