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Author has written 16 stories for Justice League, Star Wars, Ace Combat, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Prince of Persia, Batman Beyond, and Watchmen.

"It is the tale, not he who tells it." - Stephen King

"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." - Tom Clancy

"The writer wants to be understood much more than he wants to be respected or praised or even loved. And that perhaps, is what makes him different from others." - Leo Rosten

"If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad." - Lord Byron

Pen Name Change: Knight Watcher

Six months of near void has left me with more than enough time to dabble with fiction writing again. I'm not entirely without things to do, but writing to a writer is like oxygen, you just need it (or as Lord Byron said it "If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad.").

Primarily I'm DCAU fan fiction writer. I have written in other 'verses, but then I grew watching DCAU shows (before I even heard the term DCAU). I have almost all of them on DVD (geek alert?). At times the various series take a story to new depths and higher levels through story content. Much of what I write tends to go in that direction too. Maybe its because those episodes that just resonate more than they used to or maybe its just top notch story telling (or a little of both).

Lately I think I have become drawn more to the Question/Huntress pairing than any of the others likely due to having them as main characters of a story begun as a retelling of the Cadmus Arc from Question's POV and some times from Huntress due to her dating the Question.

Writing is also a demanding art form if you take writing that seriously, which I tend to, even if there are errors that I somehow missed along the way, but that's what editing is for.

Watchmen has also had a stronger bearing on much of the recent stories. I have heard it termed the graphic novel that changed comics as we know it and after having read it more than once myself I can't disagree with that notion. What brought it more to my attention was when Bruce Timm mentioned how much it affected the Cadmus Arc in Justice League Unlimited aside from the implications brought on by the Justice Lords encounter. Justice Lords and Cadmus ultimately became the centerpiece of three stories I have written so far. Cadmus more so through a story focusing on Question and Huntress.

Essentially to me the mediums aren't purely for entertainment. Some us look for stories that are thought provoking (including me) and usually that's what I end up writing though I do lighter stuff (some call it fluff... I don't know what I would call it).

The basic principle is writing what I do, as to how well, that's not entirely up to me.

Favorite Quotes from JL/JLU

You know, I could let you go. You're a distraction now. And as the others who have the real problems. We're like insects to them. They step on us, ruin our lives. And they don't even realize it. But you're different. You don't have any special powers.

Oh, I have one, Johnny: I never give up. - Doctor Destiny and Batman, Only A Dream

Bird-nose help Grundy? But Bird-nose and her friends hate Grundy.

Grundy help Bird-nose, Bird-nose help Grundy, okay? Excuse me, Hawkgirl smash. - Solomon Grundy and Shayera Hol, The Terror Beyond

Do you think Grundy's soul is waiting for him?

Grundy, I don't believe... yes. Yes, it's waiting for you.

Then Grundy gets his reward. - Solomon Grundy and Shayera Hol, The Terror Beyond

Solomon Grundy's grave is empty.

Tell me where to find those responsible, then dig more graves. - Dr. Fate and Aquaman, Wake The Dead

The creature knows only rage and seeks only oblivion. Your mace may be the only object on Earth that can grant him peace.

What are you saying!?

Your favorite movie's Old Yeller. You know exactly what he's saying. - Dr. Fate, John and Shayera, Wake The Dead

You didn't think I'd come here without reinforcements, didja?

Wish I'd thought of that. (door blows in behind him, revealing the rest of the Justice League) Oh, wait. I did. - Clayface and Batman, Secret Society

I'm a little surprised to see you here. From what I've heard, this isn't really your kind of affair.
I've decided to get out more, have a little fun.
(twirls her) Enjoying yourself so far?
More than I expected. What about you? What brings you to the City of Lights?
I never miss a good party. I may also have to attend to some business while I'm in town. - Bruce and Diana, Maid of Honor

Who are you working for?
(in Kaznian) You can't understand a word I'm saying and I wouldn't tell you anything if you could.
(in Kaznian) I can... and you will. - Batman and a Kasnian Spec Ops soldier, Maid of Honor

Think about it - a world where there's no crimes. No victims. No pain.
And no choice! Who elected you, anyway?
Who elected you? The problem with democracy is, it doesn't keep you very safe.
It has other virtues. But you seem to have forgotten that.
I didn't forget! I just chose peace and security instead.
You grabbed power!
And with that power, we've made a world where no eight-year-old boy will ever lose his parents because of some punk with a gun!
You win.- Lorder Batman and Batman, A Better World

I'm not afraid of you. I know what it's like to frighten people. That's why I'm not afraid of you. I'm the only one.- Ace, Wild Cards

Don't you ever wish you were down there?
I'm down there all I need to be.
Yes, but it's just a job to you. I'm talking about going down there and having some fun. Maybe... maybe with someone special.
No. No dating for the Batman. It might cut into your brooding time.
One: Dating within the team always leads to disaster. Two: You're a princess from a society of immortal warriors. I'm a rich kid with issues... lots of issues. And three: If my enemies knew I had someone special, they wouldn't rest until they'd gotten to me through her.
(for an answer, Diana crushes the head of a gargoyle with her hand)
(an alarm sounds from an alley across the street)
There! (fires his bat rope and swings away)
Saved by the bell.- Batman and Wonder Woman, This Little Piggy

I don't have time to pursue a relationship. My work is too important to allow another distractions. Diana's a remarkable woman, she's a valued friend. She's... standing right behind me, isn't she?
Don't let that stop you. (leans over him, flirtatiously)
Keep digging. - Batman and Wonder Woman, The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales

Surprised to see me?
A little. I'm more surprised I lived so long.
Batman, Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne, Batman. Or have you met?
(At the same time) : Not now!
Great. What did they used to call it? Stereo? - Bruce Wayne, Batman and Batman II, The Once And Future Thing: Time, Warped

This whole trip might just prove the kid shouldn't eat nachos before bed.
Peanut butter sandwiches.
How did - What, do you go through my trash?
Please. pause I go through everyone's trash. - Green Arrow, Supergirl, and Question, Fearful Symmetry

Ow! What was that for?
All that crazy mystery man mojo, and you couldn't even pick up a clue without being seen?
The key wasn't the clue. The key was mine. Now, this list of container ship arrivals I palmed while they were yelling at you — that's the clue. - Question and Huntress, Double Date

But you saw it all, Helena. Steven Mandragora killed your parents while you watched helplessly. Isn't that what happened?
(wipes away a tear) If you knew all that, then you probably know what I'm gonna do to Mandragora when I catch him. So why help me?
That... is the question. - Question and Huntress, Double Date

I'm not even in the Justice League anymore. You're lucky to have me along!
Hardly. You're drawn to my eccentric charm. - Huntress and Question, Question Authority

You get what you came for?
I believe so. If there's a link between Luthor and Cadmus, I'll find it here.
Which leaves the rest of our evening tantalizingly free.
There are three terabytes of data here. I'll be busy for days...
(she snatches the hard drive away and glares)
Uh... dinner and a movie?
It's a start. - Huntress and Question, Question Authority

You were right. I am the ugliest guy of all time.
Not in my eyes. - Question and Huntress, Flashpoint

So, what are you wearing?
Blue overcoat, fedora...
You really stink at this. socks? - Huntress and Question, Grudge Match

Batman: Gotham Knight quotes, from Working Through Pain and Deadshot segments.

"Pain exists in two forms: Exterior, that which is caused by forces we can't control... and interior which we can. Both, though can be managed through will."

"I know, I've researched the techniques. Breathing control, hypnosis."

"What of the spiritual nature? Have you researched that as well?"(pause)"The interior is something you deny."

"No. It’s something that I manage."

"Do you?"(another pause, she is standing on hot coals)

"Does that hurt, Cassandra?"

"It feels like being caught in the rain. An annoyance."

"Does it scar?"

"Bruce…what pain doesn’t?" - Bruce & Cassandra, B:GK Working Through Pain

"Pain can’t be overcome."

"No, but it can be put in its place."

"That place is where pain can work for you."

"Pain doesn’t work for you. You work through pain. Bruce after all these months, haven’t you learned?" - Bruce & Cassandra


"Yes, Bruce?"

"How did you-?"

"Ah, the question that has hung in the air since you arrived. My knowledge was gained through deceit. I came to the fakirs seeking enlightenment, masquerading as a boy. I have no doubt they saw me for what I really was… but they agreed to show me the path.""Why?""So I would fail. It became a game for them. But I didn’t fail. And after many years, they tired of their little game… cast me out and I was exposed. They said I had tricked them. I was branded a witch. My family turned their back to me, as I had caused them great shame. In the village, I am either feared or hated, take your pick."

"Why don’t you leave?"

"Why? Because this is where I belong. In your life… isn’t there such a place?" - Bruce & Cassandra, B:GK Working Through Pain

"You have to know your enemy, Alfred. I'd never use one, but even I can appreciate the attraction of a gun. The heft. The sleekness. The cool steel. The precision. And the power. The power to change lives, history. The power of God."- Bruce to Alfred, B:GK Deadshot.

"What makes a hero? Is he a man with super powers, who, when in costume, fearlessly seeks out dangers, daringly confronts all obstacles and performs great feats of bravery but then returns to his everyday life, living in helplessness and fear?...Afraid of what he says and how he acts for fear of revealing his secret identity, thus forcing himself to live unnaturally, stripped of the ability to face up to and act upon the everyday problems of life? His response to them may not be one of fearlessness, daring or bravery but one of a constant brooding about his inability to cope with them successfully! Is it a power or disguise that makes a hero or is a hero a man who faces up to the challenges and obstacles of life and acts on them in a manner that does credit to himself and the proper principles that have been proven to be true!? What makes a hero?" - Question

From Mysterious Suspense: Return of the Question by Ditko

The pioneers gave up their safety, their comfort, and sometimes their lives to build our new west. They were determined to make the new world strong and free - an example to the world. Some would say that those struggles are all over. That all the horizons have been explored. That all the battles have been won. That there is no longer an American frontier. And we stand today on the edge of a new frontier. The frontier of unknown opportunities and perils. Beyond that frontier are uncharted areas of science. Unsolved problems of peace and war. Unconquered pockets of ignorance and prejudice. I'm asking each of you to be pioneers towards that New Frontier. My call is to the young in heart, regardless of age. Can we carry through in an age where we will witness not only new breakthroughs in weapons of destruction, but also a race for mastery of the sky and the rain, the ocean and the tides, the far side of space, and the inside of men's minds? All mankind waits upon out decision. A whole world waits to see what we shall do. And we cannot fail that trust, and we cannot fail to try. - John F. Kennedy, Justice League: The New Frontier

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Flash bumps into Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman: Mind your head.
Flash: I can't believe you kept that thing.
Wonder Woman: Spoils of war. I like it.
Flash: What do you need a plane for anyway? You can fly.
Green Lantern: You drive a car.
Flash: That is so not the point.

Diana & J'onn about Rose Wilson

Wonder Woman: Maybe there's another one like her back on our Earth.
J'onn J'onzz: With my luck, she'll be evil.

Implications of Alternate Earths in the Multi-verse

Every decision we make is meaningless because somewhere, on a parallel Earth, we have already made the opposite choice. We're nothing. Less than nothing.
How can you say that? We're rich. We're conquerors.
And here we're poor. We're slaves. And here, our parents never met, so we were never born. Here, the world ended in nuclear war. Here, no fish was brave enough to crawl up on land and humans never evolved. And so on, ad infinitum. - Owlman & Superwoman

Stories So Far

Just Like You - A world without the Justice Lords is left to fend for itself, but even then old and new threats arise forcing the former Lords to don costumes once again. The war from the past begins anew as battle lines are drawn. Rewrite in Progress.

Never Say Never - sort of sequel to Just Like You, things seem well, perhaps too well, and of course as its been "Have I told you how much I hate time travel?". Again very couple centric especially with Bruce and Diana. Other couples appear as well as some characters not seen in DCAU shows plus a few somewhat original or alternate versions of comic book continuity characters. Time travel is only the beginning of the troubles in this story. WIP.

Under The Cowl- a retelling of Batman Beyond in the context of events from Justice League & JLU. Rotating perspectives as familiar episodes are told from different angles including Rogues past and present. WIP.

In The Shadows - The Savage Time is not what might have been, instead it is what happen when the Allies did lose the War. Now Bruce Wayne numbers among the generation living in the shadow of the Regime. He is not the only one fighting them and in time others will join him. - WIP.

Tangents- a Question/Huntress story - between JL & JLU then continues into the Cadmus Arc and later the enigmatic Illuminati. - Complete!

Bloodlines - a Huntress/Question story - Huntress is the prime suspect for murders connected to the mafia underworld. - WIP

Spirits Within - a Shayera Hol/Solomon Grundy story. Set during and after The Terror Beyond / Wake The Dead. - WIP.

Other segments include Things We Do For Others and Love Now, both set during events taking place in JL and JLU. WIP.

Scars of Pain/More Than Partners - stand alone stories based on segments in Batman: Gotham Knight. Complete!

Memento - Star Wars KOTOR story line based on my interpretation of game events. A bit of time compression on some events while also trying to draw in other P.O.V.s besides what one sees from just being in the 'driver's' seat as the main character. Borden is a edgy and enigmatic yet capable and compassionate smuggler turn soldier. Right off the bat he's got the wary Carth Onasi with him after both survive the destruction of the Endar Spire yet this is only the start of their wayward journey as they search for Bastila as well as a way to defeat Darth Malak. - Complete (for now)

Chrysalis - sequel to Memento, set during K2: The Sith Lords, The Exile is back, but nobody is happy to see her, yet happy is relative. Many factions have taken an interest in her least to say the Sith who want her dead. The Jedi in hiding don't trust her. The Exchange want to collect on her. This mysterious cryptic old lady wants to train, protect, and use her whereas T3 only wants her to save what his master is trying to save. As for those who join and follow her, each has their own cause to go yet she possesses a magnetism similar to Borden/Revan. WIP

Two Become One - the search has begun for the unnamed pilot call who went by the call sign Cipher. Flashback events based on the missions in the single player campaign. Present day events based around the interviews with the aces. WIP.

Not My Time - Prince of Persia- potentially AU story - My first attempt at a first person narrative through the eyes of Prince during the events of Sands of Time trilogy. What may make this AU is that somehow Farah will remember the other time lines though maybe not as clearly as the Prince does. WIP.

Ends Begins - Watchmen One Shots. - WIP

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