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NOTE: The above names have helped me Beta in the past. Thank you!

'Coolbeans23' Australia

NOTE: The above reader helped give me ideas and locations to use in the Australian segment of the story.

The story has a long way to go and additonal help and reviews helps me in writing the story.

Anyone that would like to help Beta, all you need to do is ask. All I ask is that you are proficient in the use of American or UK English grammar. This story is written purposely in a mix of both.

LOCATION: I grew up in the High Plains. I have very little writing experience so I have appreciated the many nice reviews and direct E-mails that I have received from many of you. For me, I do the best I can in proofing and appreciate everyone that points out mistakes to be fixed.

WHY: Again as I mentioned in the Prologue, that I have read many stories but never found one that reached close to a conclusion that I liked. So I have decided to write my own story about the life of Harry Potter. It is slow for some at the begining but it is written in a way that doesn't jump over much to give closure to most of the readers questions.

TIMELINE: This set of stories will start at the at the end of Deathly Hallows and will incorporate 'Nineteen years later,' as its own chapter in the third story. This story will be taking place all over the world, so that is one reason, far more Muggle interaction will be involved. I want to deliver it to the reader in a way that both worlds do separately exist, but slowly the worlds are starting to overlap more in the proceeding years of the storyline. This is the only real variance that I feel I am doing from what I consider is JKR Canon. JKR story was when Harry was growing up as a boy and this story is meant to tell what happened after Chapter 36 in Deathly Hallows.

THE RULES OF THIS STORYLINE FOR ME: The following is my basic set of rules that I am staying within.

1. Follow J. K. Rowlings time-line and Canon as something I cannot change. No time travel allowed to change her storyline ect.

Major exceptions to the above Canon.

1. I have taken Snapes worse memory and taken the route that the movie used instead of Harry looking into Snape's Pensleeve in OOTP. I feel that Harry reflecting Snapes Curse in this story make sense here in the storyline. Sorry about any misunderstandings to you the reader.

2. This is to be presented in a real time atmosphere and is meant to be seen in Harry's eyes. Each character at times may have side events or stories that may divert attention from Harry and for a good story this must happen. But the story is still presented around him and Ginny has become the second most important character in this story. Ron and Hermione will now have to move behind Ginny but still are very important and will have almost as much time as the prior books had with them. At this time, I am not sure how much the future story will include the impact of his children. They have a fair amount of time as they appear in the last book. It is possible, but not probable, that book three may become a lot longer and could be split as the overall main plot continues to build through these stories.

3. Stay the course in the rules that J. K. Rowling set up. I have had a number of characters that may appear to have a change of attitude in the first thirty chapters. This is something that some may like and others may not but I assure you, I thought this out and decided that this was the best way to write this story. If I know of any Canon or outside information that she has said in interviews then I consider that as Canon. I have expanded the World, let us say in Muggle cooperation and new magical events and possibilities, but still I feel all of these fit nicely within J. K. Rowlings World. Nothing new is just copying her novels and to me would just be a total plagiarism of her writings. If it is not different then it is J. K. Rowlings story and then only she should be writing it.

4. Harry is still the Harry we all love and I plan on no real changes to his attitude and character except what life with Ginny and his children will make him need to change. He goes forward as a young man who has fallen in love in this story. He will change in time as any teenager does as they grow up and have a family and learn additional responsibilities of life.

5. I plan on writing a story that I can be proud of and in the end to deliver a continuous saga that most Harry Potters enthusiast should love to read. I know my first chapter may cause some to quit before they even get to the start of them leaving the Headmaster's office, but the story is now expanding around the entire world now and not just mainly at Hogwarts. I felt this was a good way to start this series of stories. It starts somewhat like the beginning of Half-Blood Prince, so it is reasonable to begin the story like this.

6. This is still written as if both worlds do exist together. Expanding out into other countries was just going to creates more Muggle interactions.

7. The first book (8) has been broken into two parts. The very long first half tells the story of when Harry returned. I have made it long with lots of filler purposely. Some have not liked it this way because of all of this but this is how I decided to write the first part of this story. Part two will begin the new adventure for him and will more a lot faster in the stories progression.

8. The final thought is this. I have taken J. K. Rowling's main plot of her story and built upon it. I saw her stories as Harry growing up as a boy with much adversity around him. He cared about his fellow man and was only a normal wizard with a Prophecy of having him destroy a very powerful dark wizard. I have quickly introduced into the story who wrote the Prophecies in the first place. So now the story is about why Harry was chosen in the first place.

J. K. Rowling has developed and owns the rights to the world that Harry lives in. She spent over fifteen years of her life doing this and we all owe her so much for creating this world to write in.

WHY SO BIG: I have now broken down the story into three different novels. The first story has been broken into two parts. The first and rather long one is what happened to Harry after the final battle and has much filler. My own feelings are, that Harry's life would be quite busy that first few weeks after the battle, and many of you reading would want to know what happened. Each one will tell a story and together will tell a much larger story.

HOW DO YOU HANDLE ERRORS: As time allows, I am going back and fixing the mistakes and grammar errors as I can find them and apologize to everyone that read the first group of chapters and think to bring up this concern. Since this is a non-printed book, I can and do go back and fix a typo or add something if I think that it is better for the future reader. Generally this has not something I want to do to you the reader, but sometimes I realize that either I forgot about something in the books, or find out about something that JKR has said, and need to correct that to stay within Canon. If I make any changes to the story that would cause any real change to the reader, I will do a Author's Note at the beginning of the next release so the reader can understand what I have done.

CURRENT WRITING NOTE: Currently on April 19, 2009, I have written 34 chapters and have finished detailed summaries on most of the next 24 chapters for the first into the second book of the story. I am currently finishing the last two chapters of the first half of Book (8). The second part of this book will move a lot quicker and begins as something that Hermione is needing to do. Future chapters are going though the Beta staff are being released at about 1 month intervals now. Additional help is needed and appreciated by me and the Beta staff.

OTHER AUTHORS NOTES:Besides what J. K. Rowling has given us, a few ideas came from several stories that I have read from over the years from Fanfiction and other sites. Only two items come to mind that I can remember I have used and only in the general ideal that I've used them. I would list credit here but I honestly cannot remember the sites, stories or authors. I feel credit is due to who wrote them and will give credit if I can remember them. The one idea that comes to mind at this moment is Arthur reading Ginny the story of 'the Boy who lived.' I needed to use this because it really fit into my plot and I think it has been at least maybe seven years since the first time I read this. I have seen this theme used on at least two other stories. So for someone out there, I owe you one.

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