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Author has written 7 stories for Pokémon, Total Drama series, Digimon, Tales of Symphonia, Lion King, Avengers, and Book of Life.

Was introduced to this site back in 2009 and all the credit goes to my friend and her showing me one of her favorite stories, one she literally printed out, and that story was a "Oban Star-Racers" fanfiction. I probably didn't start writing till two years later, and by that point i created my first fanfiction based off Pokemon. While i started off poorly with my writing, i have increased in talent as i read and picked up different things from all the stories i have read from other authors/authoresses and it is thanks to them that i have reached the point i am at now. While i update very slowly, i have promised myself and my readers that even though it will take awhile, i will complete each and every story i read.

OCs Details

Name: Lyrikos Astralla

Age: 1,000 years old

Sexuality: Gender Blind (Only focuses on personality, not if the person has the equipment for male/female); In homosexual relationships he is Pitch-hitter/Versatile.

Family: Aleksios Astralla (Brother-figure)

Eryca Astralla (Sister-figure)

Role: Gray (Neither good/bad; Follows what he believes)

Abilities: Can control plushies/dolls; Plays an ocarina to support attacks or allies; Controls water/wind and combined, ice (can use fire and earth but chooses not to); Knows many styles of martial arts/weapons, but primarily uses ice feathers floating behind the calf of the leg; Has a few angel skills.

Signature Skill: "I call upon Undine's gentle waters, Volt's quick lighting, Sylph's untamed wind, Gnome's destructive earth, Ifrit's heated flames, Celsius's cold ice, Luna's and Aska's holy light, and Shadow's darkness to come to my aid! Fill thy body with your powers and grant me the ability to protect those i love!...Elemental Dome Summon!"

Forms elemental spheres that surround him before chasing the enemies and creating a dome around them. Inside, they are attacked with all the elements from his home world (Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Light, Dark, Lighting, and Ice). Takes awhile to cast and, depending on how much magic used, may become bigger and stronger, but drains him more quickly.

Description: Before magical accident, had brown hair and eyes, but after, now has silver translucent hair (looks white in day, but under moonlight, glows silver) and now is heterochromia (two different colored eyes); left is emerald green and right is deep purple, both glow in certain situations. In both eyes are symbols that make others think of water/wind/ice, but can only be seen if close enough. Has a strong jawline and a square chin.

Outfit: Feet are wrapped in white bandages, black jeans, secured by a white belt and wrapped with a puffy white fabric, cover his lower half. His waist is also covered in the same bandages as his feet, but you can still see the outlines of his abs, he has no shirt on, but wears an open black hooded midriff jacket, this allowing anyone to see his chiseled chest; some type of white fuzz or fur traveled along the trimmings. Tracing along his clavicle is a beautiful golden accessory, one in the shape of wings that come together in the center, where a sphere is made; only the left-half of the circle is made out of jewel (the jewel seeming to look like it was broken in half) while the other half was part of the gold.

Heritage: Hybrid (Half-human, Half-angel)

Started out with only one wing (Left), but as time passed and he got stronger, he developed his other wing. Due to the long time span of it forming, he is more comfortable with only his left-wing out and only brings out both when he wants to fly. Wings are transparent and are mainly black with emerald green and deep purple flowing through; forming designs along the feathers/wings.

Has been re-birthed once. Travels through worlds, searching for a way home.

Personality: Starts off being heroic, brave,and silly, but becomes timid and shy later. When he makes friends/family, he becomes childish and hyper, while forming either a older brother or father role in certain relationships. Very oblivious and as a result, tends to form lovers without his knowing. Becomes very serious when one of his loved ones are in danger. Most of the time, he is laid-back and relaxed and usually just wants to have fun. Some of these are double-edged as these do lead to problems in certain situations.

Time-line: Work in progress. (Broken into stories)

Birth: "The New Journey", Tales of Symphonia fanfiction


*Note: He has been alive for years and as a result he has become powerful (OP), but he refuses to use said abilities, and when he does, he keeps them low-mid powered; only in dire and extreme situations will he use his full power, but that is very rare to happen (won't even use it when the world is gonna be destroyed). HE IS NOT PERFECT!! (and hopefully not a mary-sue type character).

Picture: Work in progress.

Name: Aleksios Astralla

Age: 327 years old

Sexuality: Homosexual (Top)

Family: Lyrikos Astralla (Brother-figure)

Eryca Astralla (Sister-figure)

Role: Gray (Neither good/bad; follows what he believes)

Abilities: Claws (Can cut through most materials); Fly; Seduce those he wants; Very intelligent; May turn human.

Description: A black-maned lion with black feathered wings upon his back and smaller wings protruding from his hind legs. Tail fluff is in the shape of a heart. While sheathed, claws poke out from paw, but when provoked, extend and become long and sharp. Sharp Teeth.

Travel companion to Lyrikos Astralla

Heritage: Hybrid (Half-lion, Half-demon/incubus)

Personality: Very prideful and quiet, will always stay next to Lyrikos and observe everything around and prepare for anything that may happen. Will get along with others, but will mostly ignore everyone. When siblings are in danger, will either join into fight or will obtain siblings and flee.

Time-line: Work in progress. (Broken into stories)

Birth: "Incubus Kovu", Lion King fanfiction


*Note: Originally, Aleksios was Kovu (Lion King), but upon sacrificing himself to bring back Mufasa, his demon half is ripped away and taken to a new world, where it is formed into a entirely new being.

Picture: Work in progress.

Name: Eryca Astralla

Age: ?

Sexuality: ?

Family: Lyrikos Astralla (Brother-figure)

Aleksios Astralla (Brother-figure)

Role: Gray (Neither good/bad; Follows what she believes)

Abilities: Changes from small to large and vice versa; Fly; Spits purple flames; Fast; May turn human.

Description: Sleep black scales. Long black feathered wings upon it's back and smaller wings behind those, while it's tail is long and whip-like (no wings). Deep purple eyes and sharp teeth. Usually stays small and spread out on top of Lyrikos's head.

Travel companion to Lyrkos Astralla.

Heritage: Dragon (Female Night Fury)

Personality: Hyper and child-like.

Time-line: Work in progress. (Broken into stories)



*Note: Usually stays small, but only when Aleksios and/or Lyrikos will she become larger and attack. Will turn large to fly as well.

Picture: Work in progress.

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