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Author has written 3 stories for Kung Fu Panda, and Gregory Horror Show.

Update if you're checking my Profile:
I've been reading a few reviews on other stories and so far I'm disappointed. The most common part of the review I've seen is "Update Plz", "Update Soon", or any variety of the word UPDATE . It is very annoying that readers believe that they have control or some sort of control over the author, his/her writing, and his/her schedule. Yes I do appreciate the reads and the reviews that you give, but please put it out of your mind and your actions that you have control over the author. If you use that whole "but the author is nothing without the reader" thing then I call bull#*%&. It's the other way around: An author can write and write, but a reader can't read what is not written.

Update 2:
Going to be less inactive once more.

Stories Style: Over here I'll be focusing on 'jump-starts'. I want my stories to be as different as possible from other stories while still being as interesting as possible. I'll be doing jump-starts in between chapters, meaning that there will be a few time jumps in between. I'll also put some sort of summary in each chapter that relates back to the previous chapter so they'll have connectivity.
Also, as you dudes have noticed in THE BYSTANDER, I will be switching point-of-views between the Main Characters, Secondary Characters, and Other Characters. This is actually helping me during Writer's Block. For example, I don't know how to push the story forward in the point of view of Shu Ai, so I switch to Shu Ping.

I've believed in the 'appearance is deceiving' since around High School. Don't ask what I used to believe before High School because I do not remember much.

I love Sparrows and Ravens.They are probably my favorite species of birds. Although I've seen more ravens than sparrows.

I'm also a fan of music. I listen mostly to Queen, but I also listen to Led Zeppelin (Personal Fave: Thank You), Guns N'Roses (Personal Fave: Paradise City), The Beatles (Personal Faves: Let It Be and And I Love Her), Nirvana (Personal Faves: Come As You Are, Lake of Fire), and other bands of the same genre. I am open to any kind of music as well. I did listen to Beethoven and Mozart during the last year of High School.

John Deacon's (Former Bassist of Queen, now retired I think) style of Bass Play is my inspiration for my own bass playing.

I'm a full-blooded Filipino and proud of it. We only have two seasons I believe: Hot and Rain. Awesum, right? Correct me if I'm wrong though yeah. I was born in the Year of the Dragon. What year? I'm not telling.

Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Zhang Liao, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee. Awesum.

McDonalds, Jolibee, KFC. Interesting.

Tomorrow? I'm just happy I'm lucky to be able to sleep and still wake up.

I'm right-handed yet I use both hands.

MOVIES LIKED: Kung Fu Panda, The Lord of the Rings, Beowulf, 300.

BOOKS READ/LIKED: Falcondance, Wolfcry, Wyvernhail, Promise of the Wolves, The Eragon Series. (I need more books)
FAVORITE QUOTES: "Among Men, Lu Bu, Among Horses, Red Hare"
"Give them NOTHING, but take from them EVERYTHING!" - King Leonidas, 300
"Your culture and mine can share many things." King Xerxes of the Persians to Leonidas.
"If you haven't noticed, we've been sharing our culture with yours all morning." Leonidas' reply. (Leonidas and the 300 Spartans have been killing Persians all morning)
"We'll fight in the shade." A Spartan replies to a Persoan about Arrows that cover the sun.
"If they assassinate me all of Sparta goes to war. Pray that they're that stupid. Pray that we're lucky." Leonidas before meeting with Xerxes.
"Besides, there's no reason we can't be civil. No reason at all." (Second Hand to Leonidas Kills a dying Persian) "Aye, sir."

RANDOM QUOTE: "If cats would rule the world, I wouldn't mind. The only thing I'd probably hate would be the sudden rise in fish."

I'll put something else here I promise. Astig? Astig!


M'kay so I decided to get with the fun. COPY AND PASTE!! My best friend in school. Literally.

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If you hate Writer's Block, copy, paste, and sue WRITER'S BLOCK!

1. Guan Yu
2. Zhang Fei
3. Ma Chao
4. Huang Zhong
5. Zhao Yun

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. He was a great contributor to music and one of the ones I consider a genius in music. I wish he never went this early as he could have contributed more. He now joins the other people I consider geniuses in music. I will name Farrokh Bulsara more well-known as FREDDIE MERCURY, John Lennon, and George Harrison.

Hi there! I just signed up for FictionPress.com just for the fun of it. I can't be doing FanFictions forever now can I? Mwaha! Anyways, It's under the same name and shares a lot of similarities to this one. Anyway, I have huge writer's block over there so I'm usually either here or over at deviantArt.

AND If you want to bother me at deviantArt, which I don't really mind, the link is isangkapatid.deviantart.com

Alright dearies, I'm getting back on. Please ignore my FictionPress account until I finish my current story here. And with the coming of Kung Fu Panda 2, I may have to one again delete my fanfic sequel of The Bystander.


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