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Hi I'm Callay1981. The Callay is actually my middle name that my parents chose after reading the poem The Jabberwocky, interestingly enough. The 1981 is the year I was born, so you guessed it, I'm 27. I've been writing and making up little scenarios in my head since as far back as I can remember. When I was in third grade my dad bought me an easy reader version of Bram Stoker's Dracula and that was the beginning. The really serious writing started after Interview with the Vampire the movie came out. I read the entire Vampire Chronicle series by Anne Rice in a matter of months, which was pretty impressive for a seventh grader if I do say so myself. I loved them so much that I decided to write my own. 615 pages later it really was a piece of crap. But it was my piece of crap and I was proud of it. I always wondered what the dynamics of a human/vampire relationship would be like and it was my own personal little fantasy from middle school through college. When I read the Twilight series I quickly found out what the dynamics of such a relationship would be and fell hard. Even harder than I did for my Anne Rice books I'm afraid.

I think the Fan Fiction website is such a great resource and outlet for people of all ages all over the world. It, to me, is the essence of creativity; finding different ways to format a story and being able to exchange ideas and discuss with people sharing a common interest with you. I had never really let anyone read anything I wrote until now and it is so therapeutic, I'm really, really enjoying myself. As I'm sure all of you can relate, having someone read your story even if it's just one person is so validating and uplifting it makes it all worthwhile and for all of you who have been reading and reviewing I just want to thank you so much. Your time and interest is so much appreciated, you don't even know...

I don't have any children or anything like that; I'd like to someday, I love cooking and exercising and drawing, and have a professional career in the medical field.

I don't know what else to say. I hope to continue to participate on the Fan Fiction website both as a reader and a writer. I don't think I'll ever go Beta though, but who knows? I never thought I would be doing this either but look at me now! Amazing.

I love reading anything Twilighty, particularly in Edward's perspective because I admire his character so much. Most women my age or younger would be fantasizing about being with him, which, don't get me wrong, would be a dream come true, but in general, I just like him. I love how articulate he is and that even though he has a great deal of confidence, there are many situations that make him uncomfortable and awkward, to the point at which it becomes a joke. There's actually a really great one shot called Edward Cullen and The Human Experience by Adrenalinerush that is absolutely hillarious and illustrates this characteristic of his perfectly. I admire his patience and discipline and the simplicity of his innocence and purity when it comes to Bella, but I love how he can easily take control of a situation and put somebody in their place without raising his voice an iota.

So, that's me, kind of, I suppose. Thank you all again so much for reading and the encouragement and I wish everyone the same positive feedback and love of their craft that I have had since joining this website. Keep reading!

P.S speaking of EPOV, if anyone has any recommendations of stories they've liked, please let me know, I love new things to read!

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Halfbreed reviews
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