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6/28- Nearly a month later... I'm a horrible author guys, I'm so bad at updating! Go ahead and hate me, I deserve it! The most recent chapter of Carly's Story is up, and the playlist is updated. I'm going to start alloting time for writing specifically, so PLEASE GOD let me get the next update up within the week! Might have another new story up soon too, if I get the guts to post it...

About me:

Hi! I'm a musician/writer, and I'm basically addicted to music at all hours of day. I joined fanfiction to post my story This Is Fact, Not Fiction, which is sortof my way to cope with the finale of the series (no! I want more books! boo hoo...) My favorite books at the moment are the Twilight books, but I'm also a HUGE fan of all things Meg Cabot, and I have a pretty extensive collection of all her books too... I read a lot, we'll just leave it at that. I just finished reading Wuthering Heights which was AMAZING, Bella wasn't exaggerating :)

I'm a senior in highschool, I play the French Horn and sing soprano, I've been taking French classes for six years, but I wouldn't say I'm fluent, I sleep with my music on, I can only drink flavored coffee, and I love playing frisbee and board games. Could I be more random?

Favorite Books:

Twilight Saga, anything by Meg Cabot, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, everything else Sarah Dessen's ever written, Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and a lot more. I really do read a lot!

Favorite Bands:

Dashboard Confessional, Third Eye Blind, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, All Time Low, Death Cab For Cutie, blink-182, Boys Like Girls, Coldplay, Copeland, Damien Rice, The Decemberists, Dispatch, A Fine Frenzy, The Goo Goo Dolls, Hit the Lights, The Hush Sound, Imogen Heap, Regina Spektor, Iron & Wine, Jack's Manequin, Keane, The Killers, Lifehouse, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Our Lady Peace, Paramore, Panic at the Disco, Roark, The Rocket Summer, Secondhand Serenade, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, and too many more to mention...

Favorite TV Shows:

Ok, I rarely watch TV, but when I do, it's American Idol, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, and Lie To Me. THAT'S IT. And the sadly cancelled Moonlight!! Thankyou Youtube... AND GLEE!!

Favorite Movies:

Elizabeth Town (!!), In the Land of Women, August Rush, Stick It, When Harry Met Sally, The Chronicles of Narnia, Across the Universe, Beauty and the Beast, Love Acutally, She's the Man, Closer, Brokeback Mountain, School of Rock, Pride and Prejudice, The Princess Diaries, Mr. Holland's Opus, Finding Forrester, Remember the Titans, Highschool Musical, and more I'm sure.

Complete Stories are This is Fact, Not Fiction, which is a full length novel, and The Day Bella Got A Cold, a oneshot I wrotewhen I myself was stuck home with the worst cold I'll have this year, I'm sure.

This Is Fact, Not Fiction is about Tessa, a normal girl who plays the French Horn, loves her dog, and just finished reading the Twilight books. However, her very normal life is turned upsdie down when a family of vampires moves to her hometown, and she discovers that the plot of her favorite fiction books is, in fact, more fact than fiction. Mostly OC's, but the original characters do make an appearance. Meet Tessa, Sean, Lisa, Carly, and many other exciting characters!

The Day Bella Got A Cold is about... well, the day Bella got a cold. And, true to form, Edward and the entire Cullen clan overreacts. BIG TIME. Comedy, steryotypes at their finest, and dengue fever, all in one! Read it, and if you don't laugh, then clearly I'm doing something wrong...

Current Projects are A Walk at TWILIGHT to Remember and If Only This WAS Fiction: Carly's Story, the sequel to Fact/Fiction.

A Walk At TWILIGHT To Remember, which is a cross between Twilight and the Nicholas Sparks story (based off my knowlege of the movie, NOT the book). After an accident one night at La Push, the popular Edward Masen is forced to pay for his actions with the quiet and unpopular Bella Swan. The two don't think there's any way they can be friends, but they both learn more about each than they bargined for. Enough that the most unlikely (or not?) pairing in history falls in love :)

If Only This WAS Fiction: Carly's Story is the sequel to Fact/Fiction, written from Carly's POV. After the unbelievable events in Tessa's life that introduced Carly to the supernatural, Carly has to deal with the reprecautions of living in a a world full of vampires, and she's not happy about it! To make things worse, her wonderful boyfriend Mike leaves her, and vampires seem to be the only ones around to help her through hard times. What is the solution to this mad equation? Running away, of course.

Coming Soon is my newest story with an original character, titled Ethan Uley. It's a story about Sam Uley's son, who has his own set of problems that mainly revolve around his own immaturity. The outlien is still a little sketchy, but I think I have some good ideas!

A Walk at TWILIGHT to Remember Playlist

1. Spotlight (Twlight Mix)- Mute Math

2. I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me- Fall Out Boy

3. From the Inside- Linkin Park

4. Answer Me- Fighterpilot

5. Hurt- Johnny Cash

6. Ordinary Day- Vanessa Carlton

7. First Date- Blink-182

8. Broken- Lifehouse

9. Question- Rhett Miller

10. Love Story- Taylor Swift

11. White Flag- Dido

Incomplete Playlist For Carly's Story:

1. Cellphone- Jack's Manequin

2. Torn- Natalie Imbruglia

3. Friend of a Friend- Foo Fighters

4. The Fourth Drink Instinct- Cute Is What We Aim For

5. Twilight- Elliot Smith

6. Monsters- Matchbook Romance

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