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Hello. Do not panic. I plan to continue writing this story. It still niggles in my brain. Unfortunately time has moved on, and life in law school means I have quite a hectic schedule now. I also need to get my confidence back in terms of writing stories - I'm not the enthusiastic teen in love with Twilight who started writing that story anymore.

But - it will soon come. Be patient. And thank you for your continuous reviews, follows and favourites. It's been years but I still get something in my inbox every day. Thank you! xx

Name's Sasa. I'm a student from the UK, and love to read and write... so love fanfiction!


I love the stories where there are vampires, a Bella that is more confident or has powers of some kind. (Massive hint about my story then...) ,

- I mainly ship Bella and Edward, of course. Cannot stand Jacob/Bella pairings, sorry. Although I do like the ones that make Jacob a genuine friend, who doesn't have feelings for Bella. Those stories make me smile.

- I have a weakness for Bella and Jasper stories, but not Jasper and Alice stories... odd...I know...

Currently writing Illusions , which did take a brief (*coughs*) hiatus. But I plan to be back July 2013 after my exams. Please stay tuned and get reading! You'll love it!

Shout out to Lyxa, my beta. You're the man! Or... erm... woman. You know what I mean...

Harry Potter:

Decided to check out some other fanfics and Harry Potter came to mind.

- My main ship is Draco and Hermoine. Not in canon though. Hermoine and Ron deserve to be together in canon. But, I can't get into Hermoine/Ron fiction. I know it's probably my deep seated desire for bad boy Draco (or Tom Felton...) and my love of star-crossed tales but, hey, what's fanfiction without a bit of indulgence...

- My weakness - (smut only, really) - Hermoine/Snape and Hermoine/Lucius Malfoy. Or sometimes the three of them... *blushes*

- Cannot read: Harry with anyone. Sorry, but he takes a back seat for me. Want other characters to get some spot light. Any Ron bashing in Hermoine/Draco stories - he's adorable, leave him alone!

The Big Bang Theory:

My favourite sitcom at the moment (though, I definitely prefer Series 1-4... they've changed the characters too much in Series 5...)

- I only read Sheldon/Penny. Because, I'm sorry, but canon needs to get on that. Leonard/Penny is a lost cause - move on. They've both outgrown each other (and, seriously, if the end of Series 5 is the start of what I think is going to happen in their relationship - no spoilers - I might lose it)... and Sheldon and Penny had chemistry from day one.. just saying.

- How do I feel about the Shamy (Sheldon/Amy)? At first, I didn't think it would work. But, Amy's slowly starting to challenge Sheldon, which is partly why I love to ship Shenny - Dr Cooper needs a challenge! The last couple of episodes of Series 5 shows that (even though, she did obviously get some of those ideas from Penny...) so I have nothing against the couple. That's why I prefer my Sheldon and Penny stories to start from the pilot, or before Amy gets involved. Just easier that way for me :)

- Leonard bashing - this is a toughie. Mostly, I don't like it. I think Leonard can be whiny and self-centred and kind of only wants to be with Penny because she's the ultimate woman. And I haven't really forgiven him for making Sheldon believe he won the Nobel Prize (there are some really good fanfictions that deal with that). But, he can also be sweet, a really good friend to Sheldon, and come on - all the guys have their bad points. (Sheldon, guys... I mean, I love the wackadoodle, but he's called that for a reason...) So... it does make me uncomfortable, but I tolerate it a lot more than Ron bashing...

The Vampire Diaries:

This is my guilty pleasure. This show constantly has me rolling my eyes and forever vowing to stop watching. But then a really good episode happens and drags me back in...

So, before I read fanfiction I was all about Damon/Elena and Klaus/Caroline. But, y'all know fanfiction. You'll find an AU pairing and you'll wonder why you never saw that pairing before. And as Elena slowly drives me crazy and Bonnie is taken more and more for granted I am completely for all Bonniepairings. So it's all about the Bamon (Bonnie/Damon) - but I have a soft spot for Klonnie (Bonnie/Klaus).

Maybe, I'll leave Twilight and move to a new fandom.. but right now, I'm enjoying the ride...

If you read all that, you're a saint!

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