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February 11, 2013

It has come to my attention that people seem to like my stories. After receiving numerous emails every week for new reviews, favorites, or alerts, I finally decided to come back and look at my work. And thus, I have come to the decision to take my stories and do what I should've done back when I wrote them:

Revise them.

Let's be a little realistic: The writing is choppy and obviously unedited. The stories are flat. The characters are a little or a lot OOC. I get that this is fanfiction, but that doesn't mean it has to be complete shit.

So I removed the stories that greatly offended me and kept the stories that will be going under serious editing and revisions (all removed stories can be found on my deviantart account in their raw forms).

Please take note, though, that these revisions will take time. Once I am fully satisfied with a revision, I replace the old version with the new version. In the event that a notification is not sent out, then by the time I get caught up with each story and post a brand new chapter, a notification will be sent out then.

What stories will be revised first, you ask? That's a very good question. Actually, some stories are going to be entirely rewritten, so why don't we look at the stories I'm primarily going to focus on in depth, shall we?

Best Friends

100 themes Lea and Isa (Kingdom Hearts = Lulz.

But it needs a serious rewrite. Some themes are just plain bad, others are hilariously bad, and others should never have been written. It's that simple. While I've gone through and occasionally edited a few themes, I plan on doing a complete revision.

By that I mean: I'm going to take all the themes from that 100 themes list and attempt to write a 100 chapter coherent story about Lea and Isa.

Of course, comedy is probably my forte in writing, so I'm not going to abandon their silly adventures. My goal for this story to make it just that: a story. Not just random drabbles.

So still keeping the themes I've already written, I'm simply going to try and weave them into a story. I'll worry about completely rewriting incompatible themes as they come up.


Expect minor revisions. Just me polishing it up and making it more into a circular short story.

The Great Valor

Expect MAJOR revisions. Complete rewrite.

Why? Well, in terms of DGM, ol' Appocrapper has grown on me, so I want to weave him into the story. As for Kingdom Hearts, I finally played Dream Drop Distance, and so I have an entirely new direction I want to go with the story based off the ending of KH3D.

Spoilers? Yes. Lots. I recommend you either don't care about spoilers or catch yourself up for the first few chapters.

Also, I figured if I'm going to write a crossover story, I'm going to write it right

The Newb Test

Minor revisions and additional chapters. Because obviously this is only one chapter of maybe two or three. However, this story isn't the most popular, so it's not my highest priority.


This fanfiction is one of my deepest regrets. Honestly, I cannot bring myself to continue it in the state it's in.

One does not simply force Kingdom Hearts characters into Titanic's story.

It doesn't work and it's not working. It's just bad.

So instead of just writing this awkward story with awkwardly OOC characters, I'm completely rewriting it. Hopefully the rewrite will do both fandoms justice.


I'm going to rewrite Best Friends, The Great Valor, and Titanic.

The above mentioned stories are my top three priorities for fanfiction.

These revisions will not appear overnight. THEY WILL TAKE TIME.

I thank you for your patience and sincerely hope you will continue to enjoy my stories, and that the revisions will satisfy your reading pleasures

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