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Hi long time user first time uploader...

I'm very new at this so I guess I will start my introductions...

Name: Alias "Rikku" (Final Fantasy jailbait at it's best)

Age: 23 (Yes I'm old but i'm sure there are others older than me here.)

Sex: Female

I am very fond of anime and manga mainly shonen and senien at most but I do enjoy shojo and maho-shojo. I'm very opening to watch a series but only when it's not as popular anymore and I enjoy it more then.

My favorite series have to be;

Yu-Gi-Oh franchise: Was one of my gateway anime and it will always be my favorite and I will stay with it until the bitter end.

Digimon: Also another gateway anime and I enjoy it to this day. Enjoying Xros Wars alot and anything with a pair of tits is mai waifu. I am so lesbian...

Dance in the Vampire Bund: Pretty good story that has loli fanservice left and right but I enjoy it none the less.

Code Geass: Best series imo. Not because I think it's really good but just because of how trollrific it was.

Bleach: Only big three I read. Love the character designs and the fashion. Story, not so much. Freaking Kubo...

Ouran High School Host Club: Someone just recromended it to me a few years back and I found it hillarious. Pretty awesome how it just makes fun of itself.

Ah! My Goddess: Was recromended by a classmate in High School. Started out slow for me but as I kept reading I loved the romantic comedy story. It's basicly nothing happens the manga but I love it so much.

Princess Tutu: I HIGHLY recromend this show. It's badass ballet at it's best. All I can say is GUTAR NINJAS and this AMV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHZqxecCukg

I am a huge shipper. I ship anything and everything. I'm just going to list off my favorite shippings...and they are all from Yu-Gi-Oh...mostly.

Jack x Carly: OTP since episode 39 I belive and been a Carly fan since episode 37. Jack has had my respect since day one and has remained my favorite character since.

Yusei x Aki: Not too found of this coupling but if Aki is the dominat one in the relationship, i'm all for it. TENTACLE RAPE AT IT'S BEST!

Yusei x Sherry: Love calculater said it had a high chance at succeding than Yusei x Aki so can't go wrong with Love Calculator.

Kaiser x Asuka: For some reason I can see them having a weird and twisted on and off again relationship. Fics about that will be coming soon as well. We need more Kaiser x Asuka fics.

Nana x Hachi: This better happen to make Nana tolrelable because at this point, I can't stand the series but yet I can't stop watching. The lesbian overtones are too captivating to ignore.

Takeru x Hikari: My very first OTP. Shipped them (and their Digimon) for years now even after the 02 ending sunck it. Like the rest of the Digimon fandom, we ignore 02 in favor of Tamers as the second series.

I am also a collector of dolls. I have over 30 porcilen dolls, over 100 Barbies (Most are what I got when I was little) and 13 Monster High dolls so far.

Let's see... I enjoy gaming. Very found of RPGs and Fighting games.

I'm kinda perverted for a girl. Guess that's the real me, perverted and sarcastic. I have hidden behind the shy girl mask ever since I was 15 and I guess as you can say I became the mask so it's hard to remove that mask and return to my normal self. I guess that is it about me for now.

Comming Soon

One Last Night: Inspired by the LJ phenomenon 'Kink fics'. Jack decides to spend his final night in the city with Carly but Jack is in for a suprise at what Carly has in store for him. One shot. Explict with some BDSM.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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