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Hey there people! My name's katxopixie, but you can call me Kat. My real name isn't Kathleen or Katelyn or anything with Kat in it, but a few years ago, my best friend (who hopefully will be getting published soon!) started an amazing story in which one of the characters was based off me. Her name was Kat, short for Katyenka (It's a fantasy novel, hence the weird name,) and her screen name was katxopixie. So instantly, I just HAD to borrow the name!

I like writing, but I doubt I'd ever try to get something published-published. I just mess around with the occasional fanfiction. My greatest writing weakness is my tendency to write fluff... which is a problem because I hate reading fluff. This causes me to start publishing things and then delete them (for those of you who wanted to read the end of 'Scarlet', I deleted it. What happens in the end was, Scarlet's dad was abusive and left her with a gash on her stomach that attracted the attention of the vampires when she went into the woods to see Caleb, he had to apologize to the rest of his pack and they helped him get her back, he eventually confessed that he was imprinted on her, she loved him back and it was a happy ending. I then went on to write TWO MORE sequels, which now preside in my Documents folder and will never be shown to the public.) (For those of you who didn't guess, that was a Twilight fanfic where I made up my own werewolves, made the vampires evil, and never mentioned Edward or anyone from Washington.)

Twilight. I used to love it. Like, I had a poster, a sweater, all the books, and LOVED it... but not to the sketchy extent you can see some people on that my-life-is-twilight website. And I was Team Jacob. But alas, the movies killed it for me, and I'm yet to see New Moon, despite this being April of 2010. I suppose I can tolerate it now, but it's not my cup of tea.

NCIS. Totally love it to death!! It's suuuuuch a good show, hahaha. I started watching it in season 3, the episode where Tony is framed for murder when they find those legs at the campsite. Since, I have seen pretty much all the episodes, even seasons 1 and 2. I am a strong believer in Tiva and McAbby, although I am not fond of combining names to make couple names... but alas, I just used them. I often find myself wishing Ducky wasn't cut off all the time because he has interesting things to say, and the following quote from this week's episode is the best thing ever, I laughed so hard:

Palmer: "It wasn't good sand, it was bad sand. Very bad sand. Made me break out in welts." Mallard: "It wasn't the sand, Mr. Palmer, but the sand mite." Palmer: "The sand might what?" Mallard: "The sand mite bit you." Palmer: "Sand bites?" Mallard: "Sand mites might bite." Palmer: "I'm grammatically lost." -NCIS

I wish Caf-Pow was real because to me, it looks like a caffeinated Slushie, and caffeine and Slushies happen to be two of my favorite things. The awful lawyer lady Gibbs kissed is annoying and I don't like her one bit. Season 7 is my favorite so far, and I didn't really like the whole Jeanne thing in season 5.

My favorite episode ever ever ever is Bloodbath, the one where Abby gets stalked- I have it on my iPod and watch it when there's nothing better to do like on plane rides, so I pretty much know all the words... for example, even though I've never seen The Shining, I have probably quoted "All we need is a kid on a Big Wheel and a man in a bear suit... come to think about it, what was that man doing in a bear suit?" more than twenty times.

I hope Mortimer comes back, that puppy was the cutest thing ever! No, wait, the cutest thing ever is how Tony and Ziva are constantly hiding their feelings for each other. But the problem is, I know they aren't going to get together until the last episode before one of them leaves the show, so for the sake of not killing Tony and Ziva, I hope they don't confess any time soon. And I am a firm believer that what happened in Paris was nothing and the two are still yet to admit their feelings for each other and share their first not-undercover kiss.

Harry Potter. So the best books ever! I have written fanfictions for it on the Harry Potter FanFiction website, but that was a long time ago. I like Harmony (that's Harry and Hermione... there I go with the celebrity couple names again, hahaha) and am willing to back that up with a list of reasons if anyone dares to challenge me. I also put Ron with Luna and Ginny with someone eventually, someone we know nothing about for the time being.

My favorite Harry book is the 3rd one, my least favorite is the 5th.

How I Met Your Mother. Best comedy show, hands-down. Barney Stinson is the funniest guy on the face of the Earth, and I think the musical number "Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit" isthe best thing ever, hahahhaa :) . I love Robin but I also love making fun of Canadians (not seriously, I'm not an ethnocentric jerk and I have a lot of Canadian friends, I just tease Canada for the fun of it). I kind of want Robin and Ted to be together, but they totally spoiled that possibility in the first episode... meh.

The Office. Jim and Pam took long enough to get together, but you know what the best part is? The show didn't end when they finally became a couple, neither of them left, and they've now had a baby! Giving the world hope that characters can get together without ending the series. Dwight is hilarious, I love the pranks Jim and Pam pull on him. I'm glad Andy has found someone. And I think Michael belonged with Holly, until she got transferred to Nashua.

Which, by the way, is a few towns over from where I live! Not gonna tell you exactly, but we have a mention in the parody song 'Granite State of Mind', which surprised me because I kind of live in the middle of nowhere. But heyyy, we're still cool... I live within biking distance of the creator of the Segway and my middle school French teacher was Seth Myers' mom...For those of you who have never been up here, this is what New Hampshire is like. In Fall, it's beautiful. We're within driving distance of Salem, Massachusetts, which is somewhere you definitely want to visit in October (but not on the 31st, that's actually kind of dangerous). The leaves are so nice and everything is picturesque. Too bad this doesn't last longer than November 1st. That's when winter hits.

If you've ever heard about New England winters, you've probably heard about sub-zero temperatures, six foot snowpiles in parking lots, traffic hazards, constant snow days, frozen pipes, and the possibility of getting beat up by the local Abominable Snowmen. Okay, that last one is fake, but all the rest of it? All too real. But what really put us in the light was... Dunn dunn dunnnnnnn! The Ice Storm of '08!! Let me tell you, it was hellish. School closed for a week and there were trees everywhere. No one had power, so no one had heat. When I saw the NCIS episode 'Power Down' and everyone was complaining, I yelled, 'Suck it up!' at the TV. And the wind storm in February of this year was no better, except it was at least less cold.

Winter ends usually in April, although this year we were blessed with an early end. Spring? Maybe a month or two, if you're lucky. Summer is nice- generally around the high 80s, enough to get a tan in but not so much you have to keep your pets in the basement for their own safety. And then back to fall in September. If you counted, that's 6 months of winter. Sounds crazy but it's true... we've had snow days in mid-April before.

Hmm, about me? I'm a high school junior who loves swimming, biking, volunteering with my Key Club and at my local middle school, and aspires to be a psychologist one day. I am trying to get a job (aren't we all?) and I get all As and Bs in my classes (except last year when my math teacher went on a hiatus and left us with seven awful substitutes, then I got a C). I used to have a cat and I spend my free time with my friends, online, volunteering, on this website, wasting my time on MLIA, or breaking local speed limits on my bicycle.

I have no set religion, but that does not mean I am a bad person. I try to be nice and help my fellow man even though I don't go to church. I have no set political party, but I am generally liberal, especially when it comes to things like gay rights and racial equality. I am not a devout tree-hugger but I do my part, recycling when I can and picking up trash on Earth Day. And if there's one thing I can't stand, it's people who try to force their beliefs on others, so if you disagree with any of the stuff I've said, please be nice about it and don't send me a hateful message. Live and let live.

I like swimming, riding my bike, playing the harmonica, and wasting my time on the computer. I don't like people who make grammar mistakes on professionally published things, snobs, running, ball-related sports, or the asshole class-clown types who make rude remarks. My bicycle is a green 7-speed beach cruiser with a basket and a bell (it's the best thing ever and it was really cheap!) and I am yet to get a car.

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