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hi everyone!!! OK I'm tried to make this like 3 three times but the computer keep freezes (-_-'). ok i am like 15, black, short black hair, a girl ummm and i don't know what else to put. i always act hyper but around people i don't know i be shy. ok i love rock, pop and r&b. i like some rap like "you a jerk" and stuff like that. my fav rock song is "dirty little secret" by AAR. fav r&b is "when i see you".

ok now to anime!!!!

ok the only fanfiction anime i read i naruto. i like the show but its not all that. so why will i keep going to it you ask? well because of my favorite person is in it. She is cute, she is shy, she is nice now give a round of applause for hinata!!! Most of *cough* all of *cough* the fanfiction i read has hinata in there.

ok so my favorite (made sense) parings are:

hinataXnaruto (ok i cant pick between naruto and kiba some days kiba wins some days naruto wins *shrugs*)

hinataXkiba(read the top one)


now for the parings that people would call "crack" parings but i love with all my heart but i still dont know how they are going to get together (in order) :

hinataXshikamaru (she is not troubled some at all to him)

hinataXgaara (she will stick with him through thin and thick and he need someone sweet like hinata to soften him up)

hinataXChouji(oh i wish people will write more about them two the are so cute and to me they both are kind and sweet (but dont talk about chouji's size LOL) so i think they are great together)

hinataXtobi(hey i know he is old lbut i pictured him young =P)

hinataXKankuro(weird but cute)

my fav cross over parings are:

KaoruXhinataXHikaru *ouran crossover* (now that is so cute!! oh and if anybody love me plez write a good fic about them and tell me when you do!!!!)

hinata X L *death note* (ok i read one and i fell in love with them and i was laughing hard!)

hinataXHitsugaya *bleach* (i think that he could fall for her hard)

hinataXjacob *twilight and all the way down to seth* (ok i kinda don't like them because JACOB IS MINE WAHAHAHA!)

hinataXedward (I think it is cute i just people will write more stories about them *hint hint*

hinataXseth (now that is so cute min-jacob and hinata soooo cute!!!!!)

ok trust me there is alot more couples i like but i cant think right now. so read my stories and tell me what should happens next in the stories (yes i planning on more) cause i really dont know what is going to happen next. oh and you think that you got a good story that you think i might like i dont mind reading them so tell me k? :-> ok random stuff!!!

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