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Konnichiwa! Minna-san!

First and for most, i'd like to thank the people who supports my recent finished and unfinished fition! It's crazy writing tons of story at the same time. Anyways, i'll introduce myself now!

My name is Queenie Diane, i'm 14 years of age and will be 15 his year, 2010.

As you can see a series of list over here are my nicknames and most of them are Japanese:

Nakamura Chiaki (my japanese name), Sakura, Sakura-Natsu, Minori, Queen, Diane, Dumb Blonde (which is supppose to be Dumb Brunette, but my Blonde besty want's to be the brunnette, that's why i ended up like this!) Yuuki. And lot's more, you'll get tired to read it.

Shall i proceed to my top 5 favorite manga: (This is ridiculous, for a manga addict like me to like Manwah...I'll just list my top 5 from all of the manga books i've read! Just ask me some manga ya know, maybe i know it!:)) )

1. Gakuen Alice

2. Kaichou wa Maid-sama

3. Kimi ni Todonke

4. Strobe Edge

5. Mekakushi no Kuni

Iv'e seen tons of Anime's too, so i wouldn't list my favorites, since i love them all! But the anime that i really want to see the sequence is Gakuen alice! It's a real Cliff Hanger! In Movies, i like Twilight, New Moon and more different movies! And i'm Planning to make a fiction for the Twilight saga too! Love it!

Hmmmm...Um...i was born orriginally in the Philippines, which I am Proud of! But now i'm currently residing in the United States to Study. I've learned a lot and for sure my English and the way i write my stories really Improved! I'm glad i came here!

I wan't to be a Doctor someday, but i really want to be an Author too!(I am born with such a Soaring mind :P). I'm good at Drawing which i think i inherited from my Mom and Uncle! Lucky me!

That's it for now! But i wish you'll all like my Fictions! Don't forget to leave a Review when you read one! it would really be a Pleausre for me to read you comments and suggestions, and apply them to my fictions too! Arigatou Gozaimasu! Bows

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A Treacherous Competition reviews
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