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Hi ppls!

My name is Tiffany!
& I am an 'aristocat' according to one of my friends!!
(a new breed of cat with the pet name 'Tiffles' to go with it cute?! :S I don't know...)
P.S. Don't worry I am actually human ;)

I joined due to the persistence of my 2 close friends paying off... eventually! LOLZ!

I have many books that I would love to read, but at the moment I am into reading Paranormal romance. (Thx to Twilight by Stephenie Meyer - It rocks and, seriously, if you have not read it you have not lived, but that's my opinion so it may be a little biased!)
I have many fav. authors but I will only name a few on this; Stephenie Meyer, L.J. Smith, Karen Chance, Jenna Black, Patricia Briggs, Meg Cabot, P.C Cast & Kristin Cast (wrote the HON series if you have not read it I seriously recommend that you do!!) etc. You get the picture...
I am not going to mention my fav. movies because I don't really have any that stick in my very scatterbrained head lolz! But, I will mention that reviews will be very welcome, so long as they are appropriate.
(That includes both Laurelin, Abi, Ellie and Eddie, even though they are close friends and family too. See I'm trying to be fair - but they probably won't listen anyway... Oh well...)

1 of my most fav. music artists is Taylor Swift and I love her songs - she has an amazing voice which makes me kinda upset because I love singing too!Another point I've to add is listen to Yiruma's tracks if haven't already they are great to relax to and, in my opinion, can help with writer's block... sometimes.

Any way I have posted 1 of my stories (in full) and 2 other ideas which are work in process.
Read and give reviews! If you like them I may be motivated to write more and post them up, and btw more reviews on those ideas, the more motivation I will have so please review!
I want to know your ideas, thoughts and improvements that you think I could make. I am willing to hear any thing you have.
Also, I am hoping to post some more of my stories (if I ever get round to it that is!) on to this web so read and enjoy!
(I hope...)

Whenever I can I write about the various stories and plot lines I have in my head. Mainly all the things that I write are from my own creation, miniature worlds inside my head
(am I crazy?!... ummm, no at least I don't think so...), but most will still use the average everyday town or city depending on what story I write!
I play several musical instruments and I love to draw and design so I apologise in advance if it takes me an age do put up anything or if I just put up a load of random story ideas!!
I have a tendancy to forget to do things but I promise you this: if I get feedback, comments etc on whatever I put up then I will probably ditch the other project
and work on that particular one and post it up when I can! 'Cos I'd love to hear what people think about my ideas and stories!!

One of my favourite sayings atm is:

'Just wishing for something won't make it happen!
Go out there and do it! If it is risky then take the risk.
Don't live life regretting all the opportunites that you have missed.
Take life with both hands and savour the present.
Try not to dwell in the past but embrace both the present and future.
Enjoy life to the full!'

But obviously you have to take that saying with a bit of common sense. For excample don't go cliff diving for recreation when it is stormy!(That is from twilight for all of those who have not read yet!) LOLZ!

I have accounts on other websites like:
so if you see my user Cryserena it's only me!! so don't be afraid ;)

And if you have read to the end of my 'brief' bio then you obviously have nothing good to do so visit my friends pages:

Lycan Lover

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