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Author has written 2 stories for Pokémon, and Big Time Rush.

'Riddle Me This' Chapter 4 is about 0% complete. WRITERS BLOCKKKKK! ARGHH *bangs head against keyboard*

ABOUT ME: I'm an eighteen year old high school student living on Long Island, New York. I'm not allowed to say what city I live in; mothers rule. My name is Nicole. I'm a Christian. I will be graduating high school in June and I'm still deciding what college I will be going to in the fall. Yes, I'm a girl, in case that wasn't obvious. I'm a down to earth person and I'm a nice person for the most part. I also can be a little bitchy too if you piss me off. I'm always up to meeting new people and making friends so feel free to PM/E-Mail me, if you'd like.

MY INTERESTS: I don't really have much of social life outside here and that's perfectly okay with me. I never really had many friends in school and it doesn't bother me. Being popular isn't on top of my list. I love reading and I especially love writing. I do watch TV occasionally. The only TV shows I watch are Big Time Rush, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, and Make It or Break It. I do watch baseball games occasionally if there's nothing on but I'm not a huge fan of baseball to begin with. If I had to pick a favorite team, it would definitely be the Philadelphia Phillies. I don't like either NY Teams; I hate the Yankees with a passion and the Mets just suck in general. I'm an anime freak. I've watched tons of animes but my favorite ones are Shugo Chara, Air, Clannad, Pokemon, Digimon: Digital Monsters, Teen Titans, Fruit Baskets, and Angel Beats.

POKEMON: When it comes to Pokemon, I've owned every single Pokemon game there is. The games are so much fun to play. But the Pokemon shippings are the main reason why I'm here. When it comes to Ash-shippings, most people usually support Poke (Ash/Misty), Advance (Ash/May), Pearl (Ash/Dawn), and Negai (Ash/Iris) but I often to pair him with Lyra. They look so cute together and Lyra clearly had a crush on Ash. When it comes to shipping Dawn, I support Cavalier. That's been my OTP for as long as I can remember. It's so cute and I totally think Dawn had a crush on Gary. Look at the way she was fangirling over him. So cute. I also support Contest, Teencare, Orange, Quest, and Lagomorph. To a lesser extent, I support Pearl, Poke, Ego, Twinleaf, Baseball, and Vine. But you will never see Penguin, Advance, Morpheus, and Heattag make their way into the list of shipping I support.

BIG TIME RUSH: You may be here a while reading this. I love Big Time Rush; their great singers and actors. When it comes to like and dislike, I'd rank them as: Carlos, James, Logan, Kendall. My favorite character is Carlos; you seriously can't get anymore epic then Carlos, IMO. His character never ceases to make me laugh and he's hot as hell. It used to go as: Carlos, Logan, Kendall, James. I used to hate James in the first season cause of how shallow he was. But since season two, he's really grown on me. I find both Kendall and Logan boring; Kendall not so much as Logan in season two. When it comes to singing, I'd rank them as: Carlos, Kendall, Logan, James. Don't get me wrong, they're all talented singers but IMO, Carlos is the best singer. He has such an amazing voice but he doesn't get to sing as much as he should. I hate how he doesn't sing as much as Kendall and James do and he's just as good as them, if not better. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Carlos and Logan, ESPECIALLY Carlos, the two most underrated singers in BTR? They always take a backseat to James and Kendall and I hate that. That's just me though. When it comes to couples, I'm a big of Kendall/Jo and have been since Jo's debut and ever since Big Time Beach Party, I've also grown to like James/Annie. For Carlos and Logan, my friend, Karen (BattleWithYourHeart) and I made up our own characters, Jessica Edwards and Laura Shah. So, in my stories, they'll be Carlos' and Logan's girlfriends. I'm not the biggest Camille fan so she will be non-existent in my stories. Sorry Camille fans. I love bromance fics. My favorite bromance is Kenlos (Kendall/Carlos) and Jagan (James/Logan) and to a lesser extent, Cargan (Carlos/Logan) and Kames (Kendall/James). I'm a really sucker for friendship fics between the guys but I'm not a fan of slash. It's not my cup of tea.

Like many authors, I also have a bad case of FCMD-- Favorite Character Mutilation Disorder. When I start writing BTR stories, you can be sure that it will be Carlos who goes through heck. James too but he won't get it as bad as Carlos will. Carlos will be suffering in my fanfics.

Carlos: Why me? Why not Logan or James? Or even Kendall? Why me?
James: Wow, Carlos! Way to put your friends forward.
Me: Guys, enough! Let me finish. It's rude to interrupt a girl as she's speaking.


Yeah, I'm always on the computer and this is some of the social networking sites you can find me (:

Twitter (@MizzNikkii): I've really gotten into twitter so most of the time, you will find me there. If you have a twitter account, feel free to tweet me/follow me and if you ask me to follow back, I will.

Tumblr (HeartsUpForBTR): You can find stuff like, how my signing went down & my concert experience. That's really it. My ask box is also open so if you have something to ask me, don't be shy (: go ahead and ask me anything you like. Also any updates about my stories will be posted there too so go and follow my tumblr. Thank you in advance.

Ask FM (MizzNikki): If you have any questions about my stories and future ideas I may have, you can go ahead and ask me there. I'll do my best to answer. I can't always get to it right away as I am VERY busy. But feel free to ask me anything you like.

YouTube (Oceanus191): I don't really go on YouTube anymore. I'll go on occasionally to watch any videos that Carlos and James (aka Carlos Pena and James Maslow from Big Time Rush) post on their YouTube channels and like them, that's really it. I just can't stand YouTube now. It's really gone downhill and I can't stand it so that's why.

Instagram (mizznikki18): I do have an instagram account but since my iPod broke and I don't have a way to post pictures, I don't really use it. I'm hopefully going to get a new iPod for Christmas hopefully. Follow me there and I'll follow you as soon as I get a new iPod, I promise.

Formspring (MizzNikki19): Yeah, I do have one of those things. Follow me and as usual, my ask box is always open.


Is it sad how I have more friends on the internet then I do in real life? Cause yeah, I honestly do.

Erin (xEryChan) is like my best friend ever! She's my best friend in real life. She is one te nicest people I have EVER met and she keeps me entertained to. She also write FanFictions and she is one of the BEST authors ever! Read her stories. Trust me, you won't regret it. Love ya, Erin.

Karen (BattleWithYourHeart) is another great friend of mine. I love her and I don't know what I'd do without her. Read her Pokemon stories cause she's a great author too. Trust me, you won't regret it. Love ya, Karen :D.

Ashley (ReachingForTheStars) is like my little sister. I love her. She's such a nice person and I don't know what I'd do without her. Love ya, Ash! Like a sister :D.

Bolt (EarthBolt-Infinite) is seriously like the best friend I've ever had. I can't even tell you how much he's helped me with my stories. He's such a good guy and I don't know what I'd do without him. I love him like a brother.

Arpan (arpanbx23 from YouTube) has been another great friend to me. He's the like the first friend I made when I joined youtube and he has been ever since. I love him like a brother.

Brandon (SuperAwesomeBrandon2 from YouTube) is another awesome friend of mine. He's so nice and I enjoy talking to him. I don't know what I'd do without him. I love him like a brother and I always will.

Neha (@Fridgelos from Twitter) I know her from Twitter and she is seriously like one of the best friends I've EVER met. She's such a sweetheart and she's a HUGE fan of Big TimeRush like me. I really do enjoy talking to her. LOVE ya, Neha.

Nidhi (@polarbear8213 from Twitter) I also know her from Twitter and she's like one of the nicest people I've EVER met in my life. She's just so sweet and I really love talking to her too. She's a HUGE fan of Big Time Rush also. I LOVE ya, Nidhi :D

Thanks guys, for being some of the best friends I've EVER made. I LOVE you guys. :D

Rules and Regulation, Regarding My Stories

1. Feel Free To Read Them

I appreciate anyone who read this, my stories are just a figment of my imagination, but it feels nice to have loyal readers.

2. Feel Free to Review/Comment Them

But please, don't leave any nasty reviews. If you don't like my stories, then don't read them. Don't waste my time by making me read a nasty review and your time by typing a nasty review. No one is forcing you to read my stories.

Constructive Criticism is always welcome. I feel like if you tell me what I need to improve, then that will help me the most, and give you the best reading experience I can give you.

3. Don't Rush Me To Hurry With Updates

Please, this just really bothers me. I appreciate that you guys like my stories and you want me to write more, but you need to understand I have a life and I can't always update when you want to me to. So please, restrain yourselves from rushing me to update!


- Carlos & Logan Angst (Yeah, you can expect see tons of angst/whumpage centered around Carlos and Logan. I can't help it. It's my FCMD)
- Tons of Bromance (I love friendship fics. Always have. Expect to see lots of bromance in my stories.)
- Angst in general (Angst is my thing in all. So, a little heads up, like angst in all, you've definitely come to the right place.)
- Violence (I honestly just love reading violence fics in all so you will be seeing lots of violence in my stories.)
- Hospital Scenes (I'll just warn you straight up, most of my fics will have hospital scenes. Also, except Carlos or Logan to be the ones who is hurt/sick majority of the time.)
- Kidnapping/Hostage Situations (I love those kind of fics and I have no idea why no one writes them. I will be writing them.)


- Slash (I don't mind reading slash stories but I just can't ever see myself writing one. So, slash is something you won't be seeing here. Sorry guys)
- Language (Once in a while, I'll have the characters curse and stuff. But I'll always let you know a head of time. I just don't cuss.)
- Chat/Script (OK, these kind of stories are against the rules of the site and they're just highly annoying too. So you won't be seeing them here. Not now, not ever)
- Sexual Contest (The rating of my stories are usually T but once in a while, I may make it M, in case of extreme violence.)

Things About My Stories (And News about Updates)


Riddle Me This:
- This is my baby story at the moment and it's all I can think about. I've got this whole story planned. I've got so many ideas and I just can't wait to start writing them
- This is an idea that my cousin gave me, which I just totally loved so I just had to write it.
- Should be around 15 to 20 chapters, give or take.
- Carlos is my favorite character and yet, I have him getting abducted :o I know.
- Just so everyone knows, Camille will not be in this story. I may mention her a couple of times but that's it. Sorry Camille fans but I just don't like her.
- I made a reference to Pokemon in chapter 2. If you can guess which episode, I'll give you a cookie.
- When I originally planned the outline for chapter 2, I had some scenes planned that I deciding against posting. The chapter would have been way too long if I did. But don't worry, they'll be in chapter 3 instead. I promise.
- I did say Camille wouldn't be in this story, didn't I? Well, I lied. It's only this one chapter, I assure you. I felt it necessary to include her in C3. I don't know why either.


Return to Houen:
- Came up with this idea while I was in the shower. xDD I always seem to come up with story ideas in the weirdest places O.O
- The first chapter was heavily inspired by DP191 so it may seem familiar.
- Kotone (Lyra) was my favorite character from the anime and I miss her. She will be a main character in this story
- I originally planned to have Kazunari travel with Satoshi, Hikari, and Kotone in this story but Shigeru is my favorite (besides Kotone) and I have a huge crush on him. Plus, Cavaliershipping is my Pokemon OTP so I just couldn't leave him out.
- This an adventure story, which means that Satoshi, Hikari, Shigeru, and Kotone will be traveling the Houen region together.
- I'm not sure how many chapters this story will have. I'm planning around 20 to 25 chapters so we'll see. Could be longer then I had planned.
- I have so many idea planned for this story. I've even created my own villainous team for this story, Team Omega. I'll be referring to them as the Omega Gang. In the Japanese version of the anime, the teams are referred to as gangs (i.e. Galaxy Gang, Rocket Gang, Magma Gang, Plasma Gang and Aqua Gang. You get the point) so my villainous team will be no different.

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