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Jebus this is out of date.
In a nutshell, ignore below unless you want to peek into my pathetic past. I denounce my fics (hey, still copyrite) coz they are so so bad. If only NC-17 was back, then I could put on more of a show...

Welcome all.

My best friends name is Harlequinn (ironically, a precious form of opal). She's heterophobic (quote: 'hetero sex is festy'). So far, two of my other friends are fanfiction authors on ff.net. Queen of Vegetasei and Aureya (Aureya of Chocolate). Go visit them sometime.

Queen Of Vegetasei has a site, www.geocities.com/queenofvegetasei/index.html. Visit. She, Harlequinn and I are in the process of making the first English site dedicated to Beyblade yaoi (www.geocities.com/beyblade_yaoi). If you have a shounen ai, yaoi fic, or plotless yaoi of Beyblade, feel free to submit. My alter-ego there is Opal Black of the K44(K for kinetic), with the BeyBlade Phantasmagoria with the power of illusion.

I am an angst extremist. Sadistic, you might say. Here is a little sliver of my dark side, a length of blab my friends have tagged as my 'poem'. The first two lines themselves make my friends trace it right back to me...

Red and black.
The colours of evil.
The colours of Hell.
Where I belong.
I do not belong here.
I am unwanted.
In Hell, I have a place.
I will me second only to the Devil himself.
I will be his favorite pet.
His favorite toy.
No love exists here.
It is made and spent within minuits.
An hour if you're lucky.
Live your life to the fullest.
So when you die, you can go to hell.
To be with me.
To be ruled by me.
In Hell, I have a future.

If you like angst, read my first and so far unfinished fic, Downfall. Apparently, it's good... so... far... Chapter 7 up, and it only took what? half a year? It doesn't seem as popular as before though, my first 6 chapters averaged 17 2/3 reviews each, but chapter 7 only has 11. If the number doesn't go up, I might not continue. I've come up with a vague plot, but not near as extravagant as what I'm aiming for it to be.

I've got a one-shot plot-what-plot, Post Love Pain, up now as well... Some people are wondering why 'Post' is in the title... In case you're one of them, there is no mailman. The suffix 'post' means 'after'. My fave so far. Might continue, might not. People seem to like it, some the way it is, some want me to continue, but if I do, it'd lose its mystery. (What a load of BS, Opal.)
News on that... FF.net took it down coz it violated the guidelines. It had my best review count! 23 for one chapter! Aiyayai... I'm planning on making my own site to put it up on. Whoever complained about it, I'm not at all happy with you.

Another fic, Heartbreaker, is another one-shot but its got more plot than PLP... not my favorite but I've had no complaints. Probably won't continue.

My newest fic, A Mirror Never Lies, is also a work of this plotless wonder. But it's not just a plot what plot, it's a 'huh?'. I came up with it looking in the mirror & thinking of the quote 'A Mirror Never Lies'. Then it spun itself out into another of my lil plotlessnesses. (How sibilant.) Don't worry if you don't get it. You're not insane. Chapter 2 up, chapter 3 coming along when I finish the lemon... they're prolly gonna take that down... It's gonna be on my site. I'll post soon... (3 reviews for chapter 2... come on pplz! I'm beginning to like this story... Chapter 3 is up and it has plotishness this time.

YAOI ALL THE WAY!!! And I maintain my love of odd couples with my Kai/Rei/CHIEF double lemon fic. And guess what? It's PLOTLESS!!! My first lemon, unless you count what I do in chatrooms. Forget I said that. Shameless plug: go to the site, still in progress but we've got some stuff up. It's the first english beyblade yaoi site! I'm so proud =...)
Bad news... it's been taken down too. Too sexy for their liking.

Harry Potter
Who wouldn't love Harry Potter? Well in my ficlet 'Harry, Harry', it seems he really loves himself. Yaoi lemon tw/incest narcissism plotless pointless OOCish ficlet. Only 3 reviews =...( Help me people!
I'm gonna take this down before FF.net gets pissed off at me and cancels my account. Say bubye to narcissistic lovemaking...

I have a poem up as well. Don't read it. Dangerously sappy.

ALL THE FICS THAT'VE BEEN TAKEN DOWN WILL BE ON MY SITE: www.geocities.com/black_opal87

That fucking no NC-17 is driving me and all other hentai's insane. Whoever complained about it (in Harley's words: "I voluntarily went into an NC-17 fic and it offended me so you should take them all off") I will hunt down and slaughter torturously. IT TOOK DOWN MY FAVOURITE FICS!!!
It's kinda stupid, actually. Some NC-17 writers'll post under 'R', and there's no warning. How stupid can FF.net get? The main problem I have with that is that Klara in Flares (my fave P/V author) had half her fics taken down. All of which were my faves. FF.NET PPL YOU FUCKIN' SHITBITCHES!

Oh, and I have MSN messenger. Feel free to chat, but tell me you're from ff.net first, there's a lot of perverts contacting me through friends of friends of friends of friends of friends... Cheers.

P.S. I disclaim everything you can recognise from elsewhere. The plots and plot what plots AND the 'huh?' are mine.

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