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~Public Information about Airimal Nailo~

The Picture: The picture to the left I did take, guess what it is.

Name: You can call me Airimal Nailo

Race: Disclosed ( I am not an Alien) (Or am I?)

Age: Disclosed (Because I am an Alien, I mean...)

Ethnicity: Uhhh... (Vulcan, I mean uhhh...) I mean American, although I am 5 percent Native American, 50 percent Irish, 25 percent German, and uhhhhh... I will update later...

Location: ( In a secret Vulcan base on Earth I mean...) Some place in North America, Uhhhh... Spock where are we??

Weight: Why should I tell you??

Hair: Blond, longish,

Ears: Pointed, I mean...

Hobby's: Playing Dungeons and Dragons, Reading,

Friends I know Personally: Centurion Tiberis, Dr. Watashi

Favorite Animal: Cats, they are awesome so deal with it!!

Stories I may do: Pendragon, Warrior's, Harry Potter,

Currently working on: Nothing

Currently Reading: Artemis Fowl All 5

Books I recomend Reading: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Pendragon Series, Warriors, Artemis Fowl

~Favorite Quotes~

"Opptomists find a glass half full, and pessimists half empty, while an engineer thinks it is twice as big as it needs to be"

"Some people say the pen is mighter than the sword, but in the case of Percy Jackson the pen is the sword"

"Don't worry its not the end of the world today, its already tommorow in Alstraliuia"


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Daniel's Charge by Centurion Tiberis reviews
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