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"To be or not to be."



Welcome, my friend. I do hope you enjoy your visit to my humble page.

I suppose I shall start by introducing myself so you can get to know me a bit.


My name is Jane Brooklyn. Please keep in mind that this is not my actual name and only a pen name

used to keep my true identity private.

A little about me?

I'm quite the musical person, being a classically trained vocalist with a range of four octaves, and I have been taking voice lessons for several years. I am a self-taught pianist, playing everything by ear. I also play the trumpet.

I'm very big on Academics, especially English, which is my best subject alongside Spanish. I love to write, especially fan-fiction. I've been writing since I was about three, and I've been writing fan-fiction since I was about eight.

I'm very right brained and I enjoy almost anything and everything creative. I'm an active role-player on Facebook, a failing artist who does have a deviantART, and an a typical YouTube user hoping to make it big by singing and editing videos. I'm also a cosplayer. ^^;

I love my friends and I love to socialize. I wouldn't be who I am today without them, so thanks guys.

Currently, my fandom obsession is Pokemon. So old school, right? I've always been an on and off Pokenerd, but HGSS swept me right back in. G/S/C were my favorite Pokemon games ever growing up, it was nice to see a remake, although I still do prefer the originals. Like my prior obsession with Resident Evil, I make videos of Pokemon, I write fan-fiction about Pokemon, and etc. HOWEVER, you won't find most of my Pokemon related work on this account, as I am trying to keep this directly linked to Resident Evil. I'll link you later to my alternate account.

I know I'm not perfect, and my writing may contain errors. I try my best to fix any that I see when I proofread, but there are

always some that I miss.

Additional Infortmation:

I would like to thank all of my mentors who have taught me everything I know. I'm still learning, and I hope to get better everyday. I need to pick up a book more often,

I admit it. I would like to thank my best friend in real life,who is known as ArtemisNyx on here, for everything. She beta reads my stories and we trade off advice. She's a spelling and format fanatic, whilst I'm the Grammar Nazi. She's into a lot of cool stuff, and she's a very good author, so please check her out; and be sure to review, just for me. ;)

->My alternate account can be found here: Or if it's easier, my pen name is ~mynameisanonymous.

Other games I enjoy:

Soul Calibur Series

Silent Hill Series

Dead Rising

Tekken Series

Pokemon games (1st & 2nd gen.)

Red Dead Redemption

When it comes to writing, these are the pairings I tend to write most about and absolutely adore.

Resident Evil:

Alexia Ashford/Albert Wesker: Ahh, Alexia and Wesker. I find this S&M packed pairing very adorable and entertaining to read and write about. It was my OTP for a good half a year.

Jill Valentine/Chris Redfield: I love this pairing to death, it's my anti-drug. Every day, some part of my life involves ChrisxJill. I play Lost In Nightmares repeatedly just to play as Jill and Chris with good graphics. Best of all, this pairing is canon and cute. Chris and Jill have known each other for over 13 years. Logical pairing? Yes!

Albert Wesker/William Birkin: My favorite Yaoi pairing.

Alexia Ashford/Alfred Ashford: The only incest I'll read. Alfred/Alexia is splendid when well written.

William Birkin/Annette Birkin: More canon goodness. What's not to love?

Pokemon (Warning: Some crack.):

NOTE: I truly, deeply HATE Ash/Generic female character of said region (Misty, May, DAWN.)

I also abhor this little piece of shit named Yellow from the manga. Can you say MARY SUE?

It has to be the most popular pairing of all time. Not my favorite though.

Clair/Lance [dragonshipping/blackthornshipping] CURRENT OTP: Incest, I know, but I enjoy it.

Whitney/Morty [resistanceshipping: Yum.

Morty/Falkner [honorshipping: Delicious Yaoi. Enough said.

Morty/Eusine [sacredshipping: " "

Gold/Crystal, Jimmy/Marina [questshipping: Absolute love.

Leaf/Blue, Gary/Leaf [oldrivalshipping: Adorable.

Silver/Gold [preciousmetalshipping: Need I explain?

Cynthia/Paul [whitetruthshipping: Cynthia is such a wonderful pedo. No really.

Cynthia/Lance [wikierrorshipping: What, I like champions together.

Cynthia/Cyrus [mizuhikishipping: Love/Hate relationship? Or a secret past, perhaps?

Cynthia/Steven Stone [lolishotashipping: Okay, I really enjoy making Cynthia a whore.

Erika/Surge: [cultureshockshipping: I really like this one!

Candice/Volkner: [toolazytolookupname: I don't know, it's kind of cute.

Falkner/Winona: [don'tknowthename: Flying gym leaders! Yay!

Flint/Volkner: [onceagaindon'tknowthename: Flint is so gay that he shits rainbows!


Will/Lucian: [psychiccrackshipping: ADORABLE.

Whitney/Ash [normalshipping: Crack. I enjoy it.

Bugsy/Aaron: [bugcrackshipping: ADORABLE.

Love triangles/threesomes:

Morty/Falkner/Whitney: Probably the best threesome ever.

Cynthia/Cyrus/Dawn: Complicated stuff, yo.

Green/Blue/Red: Predictable.

Silver/Gold/Kris: " "

Cynthia/Lance/Steven Stone: Hee.


IchiRuki: Logical pairing, but still so cute.

GinRuki: I blame my friend for getting me into this one, but non consensual can be yummy~

Soul Calibur:

Sophitia Alexandra/Siegfried Sctuaffen: This was my OTP from a million years ago, but I must admit it's a rather cute pairing.

Kilik/Maxi: They were the first Yaoi couple I read...of course I have love for them.

Seong Mina/Hwang: They are too cute together.

Silent Hill:

Lisa/Harry: I love Lisa and Harry, too bad she's a demon. It's a great angst filled pairing.

James/Mary: More husband and wife.


John/Bonnie: DAMNIT, why does he have to be married? OTL.

I do enjoy Yaoi at times, with certain pairings, but I do not like Yuri at all...with the exception of Girlpowershipping [Cynthia/Dawn]

Thank you for visiting and happy reading! I'll try and post more stories as soon as I can.

-Jane B.

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