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I'm 24green.roses, and I'm a retired fanfiction writer. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to anyone who has ever left me a bit of encouragement during my stay here, whether it was a favorite, follow, or review, you guys kept me going all these years. :)

My Writings/Facts you Don't Need to Know About them/My Opinions:


Those Grey Eyes: My first Harry Potter fanfic. :) And my most popular in terms of reviews. This is probably my favorite of my HP fics, but I don't quite know if that is because of the reviews, or the actual writing... but, Dramione reviewers are definetely the bestest! (love my grammar?)

If: More of a challenge fic than anything else, I don't actually support those two, but you know, it was a fluff story. I totally loved my epilogue for this fic though, I consider it a "genius" moment on my part. (Yes, self praise, we all need to be confident of ourselves yes?) The only thing about this fic that I don't understand is why the epilogue has more hits than the chapters before it, do you ppl read some of my chapters and not the others??

It's Not Over: James and Lily, whooo!! They should be Limes. See that?? I don't know, maybe just me. I really love the last chapter cause, I really don't think that Filch could have taken the map, seriously, it's Filch vs. the Marauders, and I firmly believe that the Marauders were two steps ahead of Filch, even if he didn't know it. :P

The Fat Lady: My only HP one-shot/drabble(?), well, it only has one chapter. But I really like the concept yes? I just wanted a reason why the Fat Lady would be the entrance to the common room, I mean come on, he could have used any picture, but the one of the Fat Lady? I just thought it was weird, so I made a reason. And, I was slightly inspired by the fact that there were no other stories in her filter, at the time, now there are others. :)

Flickering: I think this is the new direction I'm taking with my writing. I really hope someone besides me enjoyed it!

Behind the Veil: Now Complete! I've started writing this in June 2011, so for it to be finished, is amazing, and hard to believe. Out of all my fics, I think this is the one I'm most proud of. It's the first story of mine where the characters actually took over the direction of the story. A confusing concept for me, because I'm the writer. It's also my first fic (as opposed to fic-let). And I can tell you, when I started in 2009, I never really thought that I could stay focused on one story for that long. Anyway, I love this story from beginning to end, and I loved the journey of creating it perhaps even more. It's been fun while it lasted :)


I Fell in Love with a God: My favorite piece of writing. I love this story, and apparently to a lot of you guys :) And I feel really guilty when you all ask for another chapter or something, cause I can't come up with another chapter, I'm afraid of ruining what the story has. I'm probably acting weird, but it's how I feel. I know it's nice now, I don't want to destroy it, so no knew chapters or additions or anything. I apologize a thousand times :(

To Marry for Love: As stated in the authors note, written in retaliation of all Alanna/Jon fics. Jon belongs to Thayet, as George belongs to Alanna. FOREVER! Well, perhaps it's just cause I really love George as a character and I want him to be happy. xoxox for George! :)

Bouquets of Flowers: I seriously didn't think it was that creepy until it was stated in reviews. I thought it was sweet, but I see your pov, and you know, that is kind of scary. Just see it as sweet yes?? No? Please?? :)

Special Thanks:

Yuli: I realize that I don't properly thank you a lot in my fics, and I feel bad, so here I would like to thank you for all the things you've done for me concerning fanfiction. THANKS! And I mean for everything, since day one of fanfiction (concerning HP of course, :D) Oh and thanks for staying up with me to do our name searching, we seem to do that a lot...lol. And all the grammar lessons ;) Huzzah!

Yami: Hey Yami! You've been spending more time with me and my nagging and asking you random questions, and listening to my mind that makes absolutely no sense sometimes, and how I know you're probably looking at the computer (or me) sometimes and wondering what is flowing through my mind. Especially that time when I was happy Voldemort returned...but you still listen :D . THANKS! and thanks for all the help and the honest critics and killi- I mean... improving my stories, lol. :D You know I'm only kidding :)

My official disclaimer: I own nothing of the stories listed below. I am not JK Rowling, or Tamora Pierce. I do not own Harry Potter or the Tortall universes. I make no money from any of it.

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