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Inspiration for 'Alice & Jasper's Untold Tales'- Chapter 31 'Traditions' by nami86 found on i felt

Inspiration for 'Alice & Jasper's Untold Tales'- Chapter 30 'Meyer's Bridge/Afterword' by nami86 found from nami's myspace profile (go there! if you enjoy her work there's some never before seen works there that are amazing!!) Ignore that Jasper has his wedding ring on already...if you've read the story it wouldn't make sense but whatever... ;)

Inspiration for "I Always Obeyed' Finale by Nami86 from (which is awesome)

Songs from 'Where Love is Found'. It will be updated prior to each new song in the progressing story!

Hello, hello, hello!

There are a few stories, a few movies that really reach out and grab me, and i can't remember how i stumbled upon this site, but i was amazed when i did. It has people with amazing talent and using my favorite characters and extending them. i've written my little thoughts of what else happened in the background of my favorite tales, and havent had anyone to share them with. after a few months of simply being an observer to this site, i decided to see how people would take my own stories. My storiesare Twilight ones, and i almost fainted when i got my first crop of reviews. I'd always read my favorite fic's reviews and smile for the authors and how happy they must feel reading them.

So--i am a pop culture FREAK! My friends always give me weird looks when i quote some random 80's movie they have never heard of. My faves: Say anything, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (if you haven't seen it go out and rent it right now. It will change your life!) Juno, she's the man, Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet, Ferris Buller's day off, Corpse Bride, Stand by me, Coraline, Grease, Hairspray, Mean Girls, Dark Knight, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, TWILIGHT, and any other movie any Twilight Cast member has been in (Except Senior Skip Day--Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper's oddest work. But i still love the little Disney 411 reporter!)

I am one of those crazy Twilighters that watched a whole hour of E! News in hope for a Robert interview (And surprisingly, there were alot on the week of opening) and stashes into Hot Topic to check out the new mercahndise. YES, i have an Edward/Bella shirt that i bought like three months early for the premiere. BUT it was fun to have strangers stop me and tell me how much they love Twilight. Get a shirt! I want a Jasper one... :D

New News: On the nite of the midnight release, mission accomplished! My Jasper shirt is hanging in my closet for the new moon premiere now.

So my favorite music consists alot of Stephenie's playlist. Muse, Muse, Muse...lil' bit of Blue October, and anything else i can spin a Twilight scene out of. I Love the Ting Tings, Jack's Mannequin, Katy Perry, David Cook...

Pst! I am actually watching American Idol now--season 8 hey! I have fallen in love w/ Adam Lambert--did anyone else hear that Simon said he was a mix of Robert Pattinson and My Chemical Romance (whom i also love)?? I was actually not annoyed when Seacrest blabbed. He said, "So you got some Edward Cullen in ya?" And Adam said he loved the books and movie! Who don't love a guy like that! He's got my vote!

So ya...shows: America's Next Top Model (I am anti-MTV) American Idol, obviously; Make me a Supermodel, US Open, Project Runway, Ugly Betty :D

I am the type of crazed fan that screamed when Twilight had TV spots. I tore out my hair when my dad asked what twilight WAS! I'm the girl that checks for updates. I was horrified that Robert was chosen as Edward--because they put up the worst pic of him! Then i felt bad becasue i rewatched Harry Potter and saw his GORGEOUSNESS. i'm the type of girl that launches into debate at the mutter of anti-twilight. My best friends and i's first few words to eachother were: Have you read Twilight? We are both not too loud, but we talked for hours about Edward Cullen's beauty together. :D

I watch YouTube vids of Convention Meetings and wish i was there. All in all, i am a HARDCORE Twi-hard.

My mom always gets me random books from the library and i pick and chose. When Twilight was just a little baby to the public, My mom said that she heard they were popular. I rolled my eyes. Teenage Vampire Story? So lame. I was a true Blood and Gore horror fan, though. I would read nothing but. Finally, she gave it to me, and i gave it a shot to make her happy.

Some teenage girl angst-ridden about her moving? Gah.

When i turned to the page where she saw the Cullens, I was HOOKED. Line and sinker, i was under,and the thing was glued to my hands.

You can guess what happened next. I was asking friends to read it, but no onewould consider. Then i met my Best Friend, and you can say Twilight bonded us!

I am soooooo in love with the Twi-Guys. Taylor Launter, too--even though i am anti-Jacob. I hafta say...Jackson Rathbone is totally my dream man. I LOVE to draw and paint--GOOD things like colorful sunsets and lovers. Pstt: Secretly, i put in a wavy and blonde-haired guy in there and secretly call him Jasper.

Premiere Night is something I won't soon forget. SO AWESOME! We had stoped at a restaurant beforehand, and my best friend and i were so excited we could hardly eat! In came a flock of girls, all wearing Twilight Gear! It is so cool that a book can cause you to strike up conversation with total strangers. We swooned over the premiere. Our whole table was decked out, too, and we even had some guys! We rock.

So we sat in the Theatre Lobby, nodding off and complaining when the movie was delayed by a half hour. Finally we were let in, and i stuck my candy corns to my incisor teeth and hissed at my Twiligh-clad friends. We were so pumped! The lights dimmed. We squealed. The title came on. We tried to contain ourselves. My best friend and i had been waiting for years for this!!

The BEST PART was the Cullen Intro Scene. Eye candy galore! Hah. It was amazing to see Stephenie's Characters be brought to life on the huge screen. We all squealed "EMMETT!" and "JASPER!" as they walked on, and the theater went into uproar at Edward's arrival. I smiled to myself and clapped heartily. My group was by far the loudest and most objective when Bella and Edward wouldn't kiss in the first two minutes.

Can't wait for New Moon!

Especially since Jasper has a bigger part!

Side note: I totally own two Posters and that Illustrated Movie Companion.

Edward is on my ceiling and the Cast is above my headboard!

Please give me reviews. I probably am pleading the same thing you've always heard, but i always wait for a couple reviews before putting up a new chapter just to know people are still reading it. If you become a recurring reviewer, expect me for sure to pop in your twilight story reviews, too! I will return the favor and read your works and give you my own critique. Thanks to all that have already, you seriously make my days so much better.

:D Team Jalice!

Here's a link to a picture i drew with one of my favorite fanfics in mind (under my favorites if you woudl like to take a look) called 'Tie me Down to Theis World' by Struck Upon a Star. It's a fabulous story--hopefully my drawing gives it a little justice.

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