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Author has written 17 stories for Naruto, To Love-Ru, Haruhi Suzumiya series, Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, Future Diary/未来日記, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, and Sekirei.

Hey, I'm Asha'man of Fire, 21, male.

Favourite shows:

Naruto, Negima(manga), Bleach and To-Love-Ru. plus lots of others.


NaruHina. Overdone, yes but still my fav.


Don't really have one for Negima.


Touma/Mikoto. or the Sisters. a harem that has over 9000 haremettes is just made of win.

Mirai Nikki: Yuno/Yukki. she may be crazy(the bad kind), but I'm still happy she got her Happy End. (In more ways than one)

I'm not averse to any other pairings, but they are my favourite in each fandom.

I tell a lie there is one pairing I cant stand, NaruSaku. Not that there is anything wrong with Sakura, but the idea of them together makes my skin crawl.

I don't really like Yaoi pairings either, but eh, I've become a little used to them, at least to the point that as long as its not explicit or the focus of the story i dont mind it. Much. I only really get annoyed otherwise if you turn one of my fav characters gay, especially if they are very much straight and show obsolutly no sign of homosexuality in story.

For example, I dont mind Sasuke or Sai gay, but I hate it if you turn Naruto himself gay.

Story ideas that I think are overused and annoying:

Making Naruto half-demon. As in the ears and tail. It gets to me no end, especially when it is used for the exclusive purpose of making him cuter. I don't mind it as much, or at all, if it serves a plot purpose i.e banishment, high tension in team ect, but most tend to give him the tail and ears and have nothing happen with it.

Kyuubi messing with Narutos body, dreams ect. The seal is there for a reason you know, although good writers can circumnavigate this problem i.e. has to have Narutos permission, can enter but not control dreams, stuff like that.

Character bashing: I don't mind it in comedy where its purpose is to make you laugh, or in moderation where all the negatives mentioned are true, but when you take it to far and change the characters into someone horrible with no reason is just terrible writing. Sakura is the worst victim of this, but other characters suffer from it as well.

Making him hate orange. Lots of authors seem to hate the fact he wears orange and deem it fit to completely change his outfit first chance they get. Changing his outfit is fine, but when he starts talking about his old clothes as a monstrosity it just seems wrong.

Naruto being abused when he was young. They ignored him, not beat him. Although I do agree with the idea of him being overcharged, denied access to shops, that kind of indirect attack. That is completly possible.

Changing Narutos personallity completly, saying that he's faking his stupidity or his happiness, and that he is basically an emotional wreck on the inside.

Naruto revealing Kyuubi quickly, especially when he has no reason to. This is a pet peeve of mine, but when he starts angsting, saying the person he has told will hate him, and that he is a demon, and then having the people he has told have to reassure him that he isn't really pisses me off. It just ruins his character. I mean, come on, he's frankly insulted when someone calls him a Jincuuriki. Don't you think it's a little out of place calling himself a demon and usually (but not always) trying to convince the people he's telling that he is. Epic Fail, and quite a story killer.

Making Naruto uber tall. Like 6 1/2 foot. I don't mind much, but still kind of grating. Did you know Naruto is 5'5'' in canon shippuden, at least at first. yeah. a few inches added is fine but he's inevitablt massive in fanfic.

The Banishment fic in general. Because apparently Konoha, a military nation, would banish the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, one of their most powerful assets, simply for harming the Uchiha boy, or other such nonsense. It was never really acceptable, but becomes even less so as time goes on and more is revealed about Konoha as a whole, including the Uchiha massacre.

I mean, true, it is fan fic, but when you purposely ignore past motivizations because you need Naruto to leave, you should really think of a better reason he has to leave. Danzo in particular is the mastermind in getting rid of Naruto, nevermind the fact he wants to keep Konoha as powerful as possible and getting rid of Naruto would counter act that. Also, please ignore the fact that he is in control of Root, and would be perfectly capable of assassinating Naruto if he thought he was too much of a problem. He'd just get rid of him and let their enemies subvert him against Konoha, which he now has a greivance against. Smart thinking there for the mastermind.

While we are on the subject of Danzo, the council in general. I imagine the person who first thought up the council (A good concept if nothing else) was doing it to explain the strange lack of government. Someone saw this and thought, 'What a great idea, I'll use it myself to explain such and such.' After that it spiralled out of control to where it is more often than not now; a group of wild animals that think of nothing but ruining Naruto's life in whatever way they can, even if it seriously hurts them in the long run. The most beliveable council of this nature I read was in 'THe Book Of Naruto' where it was basically a cover for Danzo, and he had to guide the morons in everything. A tiresome task, but a useful one.

And where is the hokage in all this? Completely powerless for no reason at all, despite being in absolute command of the military forces. Ever heard of a coup. The Uchiha apparently have.

The most common form of the Banishment fic is just after the Sasuke retreavial. Tsunade is powerless for no reason at all. When there is a reason, it is usually a bad one.

Also, the advisors. I've read a lot that they can do whatever they want. How someone got this view from all the times Tsunade basically told them to stuff it and threw them out is beyond me. People are quick to use the Uchiha massacre as an example of them over-ruling the Hokage, despite the fact that their was a specific line that states his plan failed, and they only moved after that.

The phenomenon known as Draco in Leather Pants, or Ron the Death Eater. It is called this on TvTropes, and I don't really have an alternate name. The former is when a character's (almost always evil) flaws are all forgotten, sympathy is heaped on and he is absolved of all sin, just beacuse. The latter is the opposite: its when a good character turns evil or at least antagonistic. Both concepts I find disgusting and disrespectful.

DiLP because it subverts the character so much it is no longer that charater; yes, many of their backgrounds are sympathetic, but it does not excuse their actions.

RtDE because it makes them so shallow, that they would turn evil for such stupid reasons.

Not to say that it can't be done well, but most writers don't have that skill.

Stuff I like:

Giving Naruto a clever and original reason to wear orange. two of my favourite reasons I've seen so far are to piss off the villagers and that he is sub-Consciously immitating the Kyuubi.

Stalker/pervy Hinata: Pure Gold, makes for a good story/laugh everytime.

About the acadamy, this one is slightly intresting, as some authors have his deficency in skills due to being sabotaged at the acadamy. I'm not sure where I stand on that issue. I don't think they activly sabotaged him, but I do think they may of ignored him when they could get away with it, or refuse to take the time to answer a question or help him, that kind of thing. One thing I am sure of though, is that the acadamy held him back, whether on purpose or not is for you to decide, but with the cirriculum as it was, with them learning techniques suited to the childrens developing(low) Chakra, with only the leaf exercise to teach chakra control(I think) Naruto, the chakra power house that he is, didn't stand a chance. Set him up with a couple chakra intensive techniques and he's fighting oppenents much higher than his skill level would suggest. This extends to any tai-jutsu training spars they had, whch would have had restrictions placed on them, for example, first to land ten punches, time limit. this undercuts some of Narutos main strenghths, his natural toughness, and his stamina.

Kitsune on Campus. not best title, but it fits. mostly.

Naruto/Negima cross.

When I state chapters, I mean the actual chapter. I.e. the prologue is 0 and the next is chapter one.

Chapter 25 posted. Chapter 26 6,499 words.

I'd also like to note that there are snippets posted on TFF.

Couple people asked about time line.

Naruto: Few few months after Pains attack.

Negima: Prologue takes place the night of the blackout.

Naruto's height in this story is about 5'8''. That's 173-5 cm.

I got one review telling/saying Eva's eyes weren't blue, and in one of the animes this is true. However i will only use an anime hair/eye colour if I can't find the manga equivilent. Just so you know.


http:///#/d2t1wd1 - This was done by a friend of mine at my request, showing Naruto and Eva in chapter 14: Pranks and the Beach.

To-Love-Ru fic completed. It did not turn out as I had planned, at all. but I actually prefer this to my original plan. oh well.

I do have another story though and the third chapter is posted. It's called The Sleep Over.

I also have about a dozen various idea's for this series, including a Riko story and a different type of Rito.

My Sekirei/Naruti cross has been started, and I have the first three chapters posted.

Might try my hand at an To aru/Naruto cross, but its just an idea at the moment so don't expect much from it.

I have a few ideas about a pure To Aru fic as well, including Accel and Touma in Judgement, the first 6 chapters of which are posted. I also have a plot bunny in my head for a KurukoxMisaka Imuoto story and another story with MisakaxTouma. Ah, the fun I could have.

I also have two other ToAru stories going, 'Shiro and Kuro', where Touma and Accelerator meet as children, and 'Level 5 Conversion' where a plot is being formed. A few chapters of each are out

I may also do a couple of Haruhi fics; one set in the genderflip verse and the other in the canon verse.

Though at the moment, most of my attention is focused on Kitsune on Campus.

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