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Dear Readers,

I finally got around to do what I said I would do. Only I didn’t do it when I said I would do it. Confused enough yet? But enough of my verbal gobbledygook, let’s get on to things that really matter.

I owe another apology, for not updating my story. Yes, it is now officially singular, seeing as everything else was deleted or removed as I had said they would be. Nonetheless, I managed to put out my first chapter (despite my writer’s block). I also suffered from some sort of twisted nostalgia as I re-read the words which I had painstakingly written only to erase them and start anew. It was a very therapeutic experience to say the least.

Anyways, due to my writer’s block coupled with my notorious procrastination skills (and lack of time management skills), I missed the deadline by a little bit (okay fine, more than a little bit). As usual, I have no legitimate excuse, so feel free to cuss at me in reviews as you may see fit. I’m a 100% deserving of such messages, seeing as I’m an annoying little troll who is too lazy to post chapters that have already been written.

Without further ado, I’d also like to say that the time between updates will most likely be 2 weeks from now on. I need to set deadlines so I can start meeting them (seeing as internet is hard to come by under the bridge where I live). But have no worries, I will write for you all soon (which means, worry).


Nightmare Wishes (a.k.a. The Troll)

10/16/2011: All stories are now deleted (with the exception of "Ties That Bind, Ties That Break", which is currently under review).

10/16/2011: Revised chapter of "Ties That Bind, Ties That Break" posted.

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