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Hey guys!
I'm Samantha, pen name Annabella Laurie. I'm 19, have lived in the beautiful Sunshine State my whole life and attend Florida Gulf Coast University. GO EAGLES!! Check out my creation Southern Skies. I've posted a link to the MySpace Southern Skies page... Check it out!!

My iTunes Right Now:

Random Facts About Me:
~I LoveLoveLove Reviews even more that cookies! Can you believe that?! Drop some Reviews guys!
~Got my first tattoo and almost cried... not from pain but from the thought of my daddy killing me! Ahh! I was so scared!
~Created a "Loner Table" at Estero High, but too many loners joined the table and it became the popular table... so I left... Fuck the popular table, even if I did create it with my loner buddy Ryan! I Love You Ryan!
~I'm seriously OCD... not joking... If something is out of place, I will freak!
~I constantly review and revise my chapters... if you get an alert saying I replaced a chapter, it's probably just me correcting minor mistakes that I missed durring the first 348 revisions before posting... sorry, I'm OCD!
~I have two black cats... they hate each other...
~I can't go a day without drinking Pepsi... I have serious meltdowns if I don't get my Pepsi!

Southern Skies:

I have been thinking about this story, Southern Skies for such a long time now. I promise it ties into the Twilight series, but not till later. I'm basing Ann's life off of my own and I am humbley asking for your patience. I promise everything ties together.
There is so much background I am craving to give on Annabella Laurie, but everything good happens in time. She isn't the type to spill her guts to just anyone. Give her space and she will reveal all.

I have decided that actor Eduardo Verastegui makes the perfect Javier. Pictures are posted below! Check 'em out!

I've created a myspace for Southern Skies. Check it out for pictures, playlists, and more...

You Know You're from Fort Myers, Florida When... ... (Very funny and so true!)

1) When people tell you to meet them at McDonalds you know which one they are talking about.
2) You can name eight High Schools in a 30 minute radius from yours.
3) There was a time when you bought liquor without an ID at Nueve Mexico until some kid screwed it up for all of us.
4) You dislike all Lani Kai employees (especially on New Years).
5) There are only four things to do:
1. Smoke
2. Drink
3. The movies
4. or the beach
6) You are completely fine with doing absolutely nothing, you are used to it.
7) You have figured out which lane to stay in while heading to The Beach in Spring Break traffic.
8) You know at least 10 people who have been arrested, or have been to ALC.
9) When people ask where you're from, you most always have say that you are either about 3 hours from Miami or 2 from Boca.
10) You wear flip flops year round, who doesn't?
11) All your friends are either die hard UF, or UM fans but will most likely never go their.
12) You used to play on the swings at Rustenburg Park late at night... before they put up fences.
13) You have never seen snow.
14) You have partied in a Robb and Stucky's parking lot many a nights.
15) If you've ever been stuck at 2am behind Sun harvest.
16) If you've ever gone drunk bowling at Gator Lanes.
17) When you know that on any given weekend night you will pass trough Bell Tower at least once.
18) Despite living in Cape Coral, Lehigh, No Fo, Estero, Pine Island or Bonita... you still go to school in Fort Myers.
19) You know who to call when you need any type of drug, and where to get it.
20) You miss Iguana Mia's, Jalapenos', Jason's Deli, Rita’s Italian Ice and occasionally Juicy Lucy's.
21) You've paid the toll to Sanibel in all nickels and dimes just for a party.
22) You've never met a person who couldn't swim.
23) Your school year is longer than everyone else’s due to hurricane make up days.
24) You can't spell thanks to Lee Countie Skool Sistemes.
25) Down South means the Keys.
26) You laugh when a game show's "Grand Prize" trip is to Florida.
27) You measure distance in minutes.
28) You only own one sweatshirt.
29) You don't own an umbrella because you know the rain will be over in a few minutes.
30) When you wear your only hoodie it's because it's under 70... No matter what anyone says that is chilly.
31) You or someone you know has hosted a hurricane party.
32) No one is offended by a confederate flag bumper sticker, that's just the usual.
33) It is completely normal to wear shorts and use the Air conditioning in December.
34) You think a six-foot alligator is actually pretty average.
35) No other grocery store compares to Publix, especially if a friend works there because everyone who works at Publix steals shit.
36) You know that anything under a Category 3 is just an excuse to throw a party, miss school, and play in the puddles at Rustenburg.
37) Charley, Frances and Ivan aren't just names of people they are Hurricanes...but you already knew that.
38) You know what a snowbird is and you pretty much hate them.
39) You make fun of the kids who hang outside Barnes and Nobles.
40) No matter where you go you see someone you know.
41) You know everybody and if you don't know them personally you know at least 10 people who do.
42) You use land marks like Bell tower, Edison Mall and restaurants to tell directions.
example 1 : So the street past Edison Mall turn right and then you'll see the Burger King, turn left pass the Rita's Italian Ice and keep going till you see an alligator and a fake palm tree and then you are there.
43) When it takes 20 minuets to describe where you live.
44)If it's the usual to wait at a light for over five minutes more than three times a day.
45) You’ve almost rear-ended someone who suddenly stopped to let a bird or turtle cross the street.
46) If you really understand why it's important for bridges to be built well.
47) You know that living 10 miles from the beach doesn't necessarily mean you can get there in within an hour.
48) You know that it is not at all unusual for the same road to have three different names.
49) You have a love/hate relationship with 41.
50) You have seashells all over your house.
51) You say you are from Fo Town and no one has any idea what you are talking about.
52) You speed on McGregor, Summerlin and 75 because you know the cops don't really give a shit.
53)When Senior year you counted down the days until you left the supposed "Fort Misery''... and then you moved away and found that you missed it oh so very much.
54) You drive around town drinking and make a night out of it.
55) You parking lot hop, but never bar hop.
56) The opening of Sonic is the best thing that has happened in the last six months, and you know about it even if you live hours and hours away.
57)If you have ever been confused about which lane stay in while construction is underway.
58) You can remember when we had a Kash n’ Kerry and what it is.
59) If you can recall not having: Starbucks, Super Target, Jason’s Deli, McCallisters, Coldstone or Moe’s.
60) If you can remember the old school Lakes Park and how awesome it was to have birthday parties their.
61) You graduated with a 3.5 gpa, never studied and slept in class.
62) The resource officer let you go off campus for lunch; as long as you brought him fries back.
63) You remember what it was like not to have gates and cameras surrounding your High School.
64) If you can remember when Summerlin (towards the beach), was all trees and woods... not apartment complexes, beach stores and confusing overpasses.
65) When "sight seeing" for out of towners meant: the golden Happy Buddha on McGregor, The glass pyramid houses, The Giant Beethoven head in San Carlos and Thomas Edison's pad.
66) If you have told people you went to Dunbar High and they replied with "Oh...I'm sorry".
67) You've lived there for 18 years and you still can't navigate Cape Coral without calling someone.
68) You pass at least one 7-11 every time you drive.
69) You've seen or been involved in an accident involving a palm tree.
70) You know that English is most everybody’s second language.
71) You'd rather skim board than surf.
72) You think that sand dollars are legal currency.
73) You know that B103.9 and 105.5 play the same song, at the same time, quite often...
74) Beer pong is pretty much a sport.
75) You tell people you’re having a party and automatically expect them to come with 7 other people.
76) Friday night football games are just another reason to get drunk.
77) You know what Neptune's was, and you've been there.
78) You remember when Gladiolus was a two-lane road.
79) When see old wrinkled men in Speedos.
80) You know people who still go to the beach even if its red tide.
81) Laugh when you see the Escalades & Hummers coming out of Pine Manor (red flag I'm a drug dealer or I just bought drug LOL).
82) You wonder what’s so great about the Edison & Ford homes and why people feel a need to go every single Christmas.
83) When your Mom makes you do lame Beach pictures for you Christmas cards for the family "up North".
84) You wonder what the hell are the snowbirds thinking when they wear shorts and tank tops and it's 60 degrees or under.
85) You can't wait for Spring break and Summer so you can see the few friends who made it out of Fort Myers.
86) It feels like anytime you’re in a hurry you get stuck behind an old person that has their directional on the entire time.
87) You know exactly where the God Is Love sign is.
88) You remember when Winkler extension had no neighborhoods... and was only the weekend party spot.
89) You can remember when Alico was only a two lane road had no construction and trees ran along side of it the entire way.
90) You know a few people who failed the FCAT...multiple times.
91) You have been to Health Park at least two times for a field trip.
92) You have driven atleast 20 minutes past Bell Tower to The Gulf Coast Movie Theater or The Coconut Point Movie Theater so you're not surrounded by 12 year old chain smokers.
93) When they say a road will be done in a year, you know it will take three.
94) You're a pro at weaving through snowbirds on 41.
95) You frequently see rednecks driving huge lifted trucks… but still have systems with a huge bass that plays 105.5.
96) You thought Sun Splash was a great water park...until you went to a real one.
97) You can remember the old airport and when Treeline didn't exist.
98) Friends come to visit and freak out when they see low flying planes or helicopters thinking that it's terrorist ... and you can easily explain the plains because of Paige Fields Landing Strip or the helicopters I mean they're just spraying for mosquitoes.
99) You've been to Marco Island MAYBE once.
100) You think about driving to Naples and realize you might as well drive to Miami.
101) You remember when Treeline was a 1/8 mi. long dirt road that ended at a gated cow pasture-ideal for bonfires and keg parties.
102) You don't wash your car in love bug season...ever
103) You remember what downtown was like before they started the gentrification, oops, beautification project, and you prefer the old way, even though cops harassed you and your hoodlum friends for loitering.
104) You remember going to the Generations Skating Rink behind the Chysler/Jeep dealership for school skates.
105) You remember when our area code was 941 not 239!!

~Lily Allen
~Drowning Pool
~The Game
~Lil' Wayne
~Smile Empty Soul
~Hurricane Chris
~Linkin Park

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