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Hello... Uh... Obviously, you can see that I am I.Have.An.Angel. Ihaa for short. Or Angel. Or Ia. Iaa. Iaa. I like that. Let's call me Iaa.

Well, um... About me...

Name: -Unknown-

PenName: I.Have.An.Angel

Nickname for PenName: Iaa Angel. Or just Iaa)

Birthdate: -Secret-

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: Caucasian/Native American

Sexual Orientation(Not that it matters): Bisexual

Likes: I like slash couples, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Naruto, Death Note, Bleach, Fruits Basket, (occasionally) Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cobra Straship's ""I Kissed a Boy"", and Cobra Starship in general. OH! And Llamas.

dislikes: Anti-Llama people, Obama, McCain, people who get pissy because I hate McCain and Obama, Anti-Kiraists, people who hate on my style, haters, YOUR MOM!! (Jk), and Het/Straight couples.

Fave Couples from Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Harry/Ron, Harry/Seamus, Ron/Blaise, Blaise/Draco, Draco/Pansy, Harry/Severus, Blaise/Pansy, Severus/Lucius, Lucius/James, James/Severus, Salazar Slytherin/Godric Gryffindor

Fave Couples fom Lord of the Rings: Legolas/ Aragorn, Legolas/Frodo, Aragorn/Frodo, Samwise/Frodo, Samwise/Gimli, Legolas/Gimli, Galadriel/Celeborn, Celeborn/ME (Jk), Boromir/Aragorn, Frodo/Boromir, Sauran/Frodo.

Fave Couples from Naruto: Ooooh... Ouch... Uh... Namely: SasuNaru, NaruNeji, NaruSai, InoSasu, InoSaku, NejiGaa, NaruGaa, NaruIta, KisaIta, SasuIta, InoNeji.

Fave Couples from Death Note: L/Light, Matt/Mello, Mello/Near, Mello/L, Matsuda/L, Matsuda/Light, Roger/Watari, Watari/Soichirou, Misa/Takada, Matt/Light.

Fave Couples from Bleach: Toshirou/Gin, Rangiku/Gin, Renji/Ichigo, Renji/Byakuya, Byakuya/Ichigo, Kenpachi/Yachiru(friendship/Father-Daughter Family), Izuru(SQUEEEE)/Shuuhei.

Fave couples from Twilight: Jasper/Bella, Jacob/Bella, Alice/Bella, Rosalie/Bella, Edward/Jasper, Edward/Seth, Jacob/Seth, Jacob/Leah, Jasper/Jacob. (I'm pretty much Anti-Edward on the whole shebang. I HATE Edward. And I DESPISE Edward Fangirls!!) And, of course, Taylor Lautner/ME (it's up to you to decide if I TRULY like Taylor or not... Hehee.)

Fave Pirates of the Caribbean Couples: Will/Jack, Jack/Barbossa, Jack Sparrow/Cutler Beckett HARD CORE ALL NIGHT LONG BABY, Will/Beckett, James/Jack, Beckett/James, Davy Jones/Tia Dalma HARD CORE ALL NIGHT LONG BABY, Jack/Tia Dalma HARD CORE ALL NIGHT LONG BABY!!

Fave Couples from Fruits Basket: YukiTohru, KyoKagura, ShigureAkito, AyameMine, HatoriMayu, HaruRin, HiroKisa, KurenoArisa, KazumaHanajima, YukiHaru, YukiKyo, RitsuMitsu, KakeruKomaki, NaohitoMotoko, RenAkira, KatsuyaKyoko, MomijixNO ONE

Fave Cross-Overs: (Cross-Overs make me laugh) Harry Potter/Death Note, Naruto/Death Note, Twilight/Death Note, Harry Potter/Inu Yasha, Inu Yasha/Naruto, Bleach/Naruto, Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter, Harry Potter/ Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings/Pirates of the Caribbean, LotR/HP/PotC

Fave HP/DN Couples: Draco/Light, Draco/Matt, Harry/Light, Ronald/Light, Mello/Blaise, Seamus/Near, -insert DN couples here minus the Matsuda pairings-

Fave Naru/DN Couples: Any and all slash.

Fave Twili/DN Couples: Uh, EW. N/A

Fave HP/IY Couples: Harry/Inu, Draco/Sesshomau, Draco/Haku, Draco/Hakudoshi, Draco/Bankotsu.

Fave IY/Naru Couples: Sesshomaru/Naruto, 3rd Hokage/Sesshomaru, Jakken/Naruto, Jakken/Sasuke, Jakken/Neji -ASK NO QUESTIONS-

Fave Blea/Naru Couples: Any and all slash.

Fave LotR/HP Couples: Any and all slash.

Fave HP/PotC Couples: Draco/Beckett, Draco/Jack, Harry/Jack, Harry/Will, Harry/Beckett, Draco/Barbossa.

Fave LotR/PotC Couples: Legolas/Beckett, Legolas/Jack, Legolas/Will (O.o Orlando/Orlando?! NOOOO, the CHARACTERS, SILLY!)

Fave LotR/HP/PotC Couples: Erm... Never really thought about it... Just like the cross-over. I guess no pairings, just adventure and fooling around with multiple pairings.

NORMAL things about Iaa NOW:

Fave Color: Pink

Fave Food: Debatable. Depends on the day.

Fave TV show: NCIS!! GIBBS!! ABBS!! DUCKY!! McGEE!! Screw Tony, Kate, Ziva, and Jimmy.

Fave Thing to Do: Good question...

Fave Person: Erm... Me and myself?

Guilty Pleasure: WHY WOULD I SPILL IT?! If you MUST know, Twincest. -drools-

Least Fave Commercial: Hulu Commercial with Alec Baldwin or whateve.

Fave Commercial: ANY FreeCredit commercial.

Fave Song: -purses lips- Hum... I don't have one.


Anything else...? Well, just ask me questions, my sweets.

OH!! I am VERY hardcore AGAINST OCs, but I DO enjoy writing OCs. They're my home-shizzle-ticks.

Request any story from the above things I like, or with an OC. Knock yourself out.

Lots of




Silim, the White Light: Harry James Potter and Ellil Harrison Potter were the only two of triplets left alive when "Voldemort" attacked. Ellil is supposed to fulfill the prophecy and Harry is supposed to just sit there. How is it, then, that Harry gets Tom Riddle's opposite wand? Hints of Slash, hints of incest - Harry/Luna, Hermione/Blaise, Draco/Pansy, Theodore/Panda, Harry/Ellil, Lavender/Ron -Chapters: 24 ~~COMPLETED~~

The Fox and The Lion- Death Note One-Shot. Light's thoughts about his birthday. Chapters: 1 ~~COMPLETED~~

Serpentine – Maesaeloli, si Aestaesaur Kaes- Sequal to Silim, the White Light. Years have passed and Silim controls the Wizarding World. But when news reaches the Elders of Si Jhol'm Pael, the Wizarding World will never be the same again. War breaks out, Silim sees visions of the war, and he might lose his number one beloved person; the one being he is not willing to sacrifice: Percifuld Avery. He will do anything to save Avery, but will he be willing to give up Ellil Harrison Potter, his twin and the only man he ever loved like a lover to do it? ~~In Progress~~

One-Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit- Owen Cauldwell is your average Hufflepuff Wizard. He’s shy, he’s cocky, he’s tainted, he hates ‘The-Boy-Who-Lived’, he hates the Dark Side and the Light Side, he likes to argue, and he’s gay. Just your average Hufflepuff Wizard. He begins his relationship with Zacharias Smith simply: Yule Ball. So how did it turn into this?! Slash, some slight het- Owen/Zacharias, Owen/Benny, Owen/Cedric, Owen/Harry, Justin/Susan, Ernie/Hannah, Cedric/Cho -Hufflepuff Centric- ~~In Progress~~

Story Ideas:

Bound in Silence : Naruto/Pokemon X-Over - Naruto and Sasuke decide to go back in time to redo their lives with a Jutsu the Kyuubi taught them. There's just one eensy weensy problem: They've gone to the wrong world. Now, Uzumaki Naruto -A.K.A. Usuratonkachi- and Uchiha Sasuke -A.K.A. Teme- must work together to somehow defeat the Elite Four and champion of the Pokemon Sinnoh League -Cynthia. How will they get home? And who is that mysterious Pokemon Naruto dreams of? HEAVY Slash- SasuNaru, NarutoAsh, SasukeAsh, Ash/Brock, Naruto/Brock NaruKyuu, NarutoLucas, SasukeLucas ((Lucas from Pearl and Diamond)), Ash/Dawn

I.T.C.M. -the Institute for Training Criminal Minds: Naruto - -Plot modeled after the plot of H.I.V.E. (Book One) by Mark Walden- Naruto is abducted and taken to an unknown place for unknown reasons. He and his new friend Gaara soon learn that their location is on a deserted island and the school they are now forced to attend for Seven Years (in H.I.V.E. it's only six years, but I'm meaner than that) and you cannot leave and no contact with the outside world is permitted. The school is called the Institute for Training Criminal Minds, I.T.C.M. or I.M. for short. The new batch of children are forced to split into groups after soon becoming friends or -at least- allies. Black for the Alpha or "strategical planning" group, blue for the "henchmen" group, grey for the "political/financial" group, and white for the "technological and computer smart" group. But, what's this about a new coloured group arising? Gold for... What? Gold for all four groups and only a select few are found wearing gold? And what, exactly, did they do to get into I.M.? -As always: HEAVY Slash and a few straight couples- Main Pairings: SasuNaru, NaruGaa, NejiTenTen, ShikaIno

Bitten by a Werewolf : The Twilight Cast- A girl goes to a party for the movie 'New Moon' (set when New Moon comes out), but no willingly. Two of her friends have dragged her along, even though they know she hates Taylor Lautner and -most importantly- Robert Pattinson. Sadly, both are there. The party, though, is rather small, just Kirsten, Robert, Taylor, Billy, Ashley, Rachelle, and Edi are there along with Paul Weitz, the director. The girl, Tiffany Jonathan, and her friends, Lucille Thomas and Kyle Rowan, paid around five hundred dollars just to get into this mini-party, though Tiffany didn't know what she was getting in to. Now, sitting as an outcast of the party, Tiffany watches Kyle chatter up a storm with Kristen, Rachelle, and Ashley while Lucille converses with Billy and Edi. That would leave Taylor, Robert, and Tiffany alone, glancing nervously at each other - well, Robert and Taylor are nervously watching Tiffany who seems to be on her third glass of fruit punch. Finally, Taylor gives up and goes to sit by her. That, unbeknownst them, is the start of a ridiculously long adventure that neither are prepared for nor expecting. What does fate have in store for Tiffany, Robert, and Taylor? Pairings: NO SLASH, Tiffany/Robert, Tiffany/Taylor, Kyle/Kristen, Lucille/Billy

How the Beast was Tamed : Naruto- How did they meet, their friends wonder. How did they fall in love? They wondered this too. And what on Earth possessed them to get married? They pondered this the most. Well, this is how the beast was tamed, told by the beast himself. So how was the beast tamed, you ask. Well... PAIRINGS: Take a wild guess. C'mon, it won't hurt you. It's slash, I can tell you that much.

The Effects of Our Choices : Naruto/HP- Instead of being raised in Konoha, Hiruzen Sarutobi thought it best Naruto grow up in Sunagakure with his fellow Jinchuuriki, Sabaku no Gaara. Twelve years later, Naruto has become a Master of the Elements and Master over the Kyuubi and Gaara Master of the Sands. Their siblings, Temari and Kankuro, are Mistress and Master of the Winds and Puppets, respectively of course. Temari and Kankuro practically raised Naruto and Gaara and together, the four make up the feared Sabaku Siblings (original, I know!). The world knows only one face of the Sabaku Siblings, their murderous and spiteful face -the Symbol of Death. Then, the Sandaime Kazekage and the Sandaime Hokage come to them with two missions: they must choose ONE. Both are appealing, but which mission do the Sabaku Siblings pick? The easy one that is like child's play, or the hard one that tests their skills and willpower? Either way, they're in for a ride of a lifetime. Naruto/Harry Potter Crossover, Slash/Yaoi, Incest

I Open At the Close : Naruto/HP- MY Naruto, MY Gaara, MY Sasori, and MY Deidara (see below) are summoned on accident to the Potter-verse. Naruto and Gaara (both age fifteen) are taken from training right before Temari's and Kankuro's eyes. Sasori and Deidara (both fifteen) are taken from a mission to retrieve a Jinchuuriki. Together, the four embark on a long journey to find themselves and a way home. What else do they find? Naruto and Gaara find that there is more to the Akatsuki Pair than just hunting Jinchuuriki and, in turn, Sasori and Deidara find out what was always hidden, because Sabaku no Naruto and Sabaku no Gaara open at the close. Naruto/Harry Potter Crossover, Slash/Yaoi, Incest


Communication Matters
Communication is often the favorite activity of Geminis. They tend to be very eloquent and witty conversationalists; this is a good thing because they are usually quite talkative individuals. Geminis are known for having outstanding communication skills, and they get along with most people. On the downside, because Geminis enjoy talking and are very people oriented, they sometimes engage in more gossip than they should.

High Tolerance for Change
Geminis thrive on change. They thrive on novel experiences and constantly seek opportunities to try new things. The perfect quote to sum up how Geminis view change is "variety is the spice of life". The versatility aspect of typical Gemini traits means that people born under this sign are usually adept at multi-tasking. They thrive on juggling numerous priorities and projects, and they really aren't happy unless they're working on several things simultaneously.

On the downside, Geminis can easily become bored, and aren't great at concentrating on a single project for a long period of time. They become restless when there isn't enough change and excitement, and there's nothing a Gemini hates more than feeling stuck in a rut. When Geminis get bored with a project, they're known to just stop working on it so they can focus on something else that catches their attention.

Geminis tend to be very intelligent, and their minds work in a rational and logical manner. With varied interests, their high level of curiosity often drives those with Gemini traits to become knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects. They learn quickly and easily, and seek out opportunities to acquire new knowledge. However, they don't always do well in traditional educational settings, simply because they get bored very easily.

Geminis aren't always the most reliable of individuals. Because they tend to get restless and bored when there isn't enough excitement, they change their minds quite frequently. Since they thrive on change and excitement, finishing projects once begun isn't a strong suit of Gemini individuals.

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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,140 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 158 - Follows: 28 - Published: 9/28/2005 - Harry P., Blaise Z. - Complete
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Serpentine – Maesaeloli, si Aestaesaur Kaes reviews
Sequal to Silim, the White Light. -Years have passed and Silim controls the Wizarding World. But when news reaches the Elders of Si Jhol'm Pael, the Wizarding World will never be the same again. War breaks out, Silim sees visions, and he might lose Avery.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 7,145 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 9/13/2009 - Published: 7/28/2009 - Harry P., Avery
OneHundred Degrees Fahrenheit reviews
Owen Cauldwell is your average Hufflepuff Wizard. He’s shy, he’s cocky, he’s tainted, he hates ‘The-Boy-Who-Lived’, he hates the Dark Side and the Light Side, he likes to argue, and he’s gay. Just your average Hufflepuff Wizard. OwenxZacharias. SLASH
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 3,371 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 9/8/2009 - Published: 8/30/2009 - Zacharias S., Owen C.
Akatsuki the Musical reviews
Leader-Sama sends each of his teams on missions where they must sing their opponents to death. What songs befall these teams? ItaKisa, SasoDei, HidaKaku, ZetTobi, PeinKonan. Please review? -Iaa
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It's Not Me, It's You reviews
DISCONTINUED! If you want to read the story, go read it on loversrose profile. She's rewriting it since I have NO motivation. I repeat: IF YOU WANT THIS STORY, GO READ LOVERSROSE VERSION!
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Story inspired by the song 'Heros' by Superchick. Naruto, Kiba, and Chouji want revenge. They first need proof that they are justified in their doings. And they ARE justified. RATED M FOR A REASON.
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Peter's death and confession from Peter's Point of View. Slash, Pedophilia -from both Peter and Hook.
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Instead of Wendy saving Peter, Hook manages to kill Peter, but is what happens when Peter is crossing enough of a turn for Hook to realize his mistakes? One of Two, next is Peter's POV. Slash, Pedophilia.
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Harry and Viktor have a talk. Post DH, AU. Slash. HP/VK, hints of HG/VK
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Whispers of Love
Cancelled, cuz seriously, no one likes it.
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Silim, the White Light reviews
Harry James Potter and Ellil Harrison Potter were the only two of triplets left alive when "Voldemort" attacked. Ellil is supposed to fulfill the prophecy and Harry is supposed to just sit there. How is it, then, that Harry gets Tom Riddle's opposite wand
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The Fox and The Lion
The Eve before Light's birthday, Light has a dream. He is the poor fox kit and Kira is the predator, hungry for the fox kit. When like wakes, he realizes... He will have the WORST birthday. -Second FanFic. R&R please? XoxOxoXoxOxoX- Iaa Angel
Death Note - Rated: T - English - Mystery - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,332 - Published: 3/3/2009 - Light Y. - Complete