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What's up everyone, this is yeti of me. Basically, yeti of me means Yeti of Mount Everest. It's actually a roller coaster called Expedition Everest. That was the BEST ride I have ever experienced in my life. So far.

Thank you to everyone for the support and encouragement. Do continue to read whatever I've published. But if you're here looking for any 'Harry Potter', 'Twilight', or 'Hunger Games' fanfics, I suggest you click 'back' and look for another author. That's because I ONLY write High School Musical fanfics.

Anyway, do continue to review as well, whether to pinpoint my mistakes, or to compliment me, ALL reviews are appreciated. Thank you all so much.

Here are the stories I've written so far:

1. A Troyella Fairytale [completed] (My first online; I previously wrote scripts)

2. That Should Be Me [completed] (Coupling JB and Troyella was probably one of the best things I've ever done)

3. Speak Now [completed] (The sequel to That Should Be Me)

4. Last Friday Night [completed] (I think this was bad, so I'm either going to rewrite or remove it...)

5. It Will Rain [completed] (My current favourite heartbreak song)

6. The Unborn Child [completed] (This was something different I ventured into and I hope it turned out well. This is also an early birthday tribute/dedication to Zac as of the year 2012 :D)

7. Life's Never Easy [completed] (This is a tribute/dedication to Zac again, for his birthday on the exact day and also to a friend of mine, aka sweetlemonrain: Basically, she wrote the first part, while I continued the rest. Our first co-op ;) Hey dude, if you're reading this, I never forgot this story you sent me and I hope that we can do more of this co-op together) This will be a two-shot.

8. 14 Days to Christmas [still in-progress] (I'm really busy so I'm apologizing first in case I fail you guys!)

9. Once and Never Again [still in-progress, but now on hiatus because I have to re-plan the entire plot] (suddenly I have developed a keen interest in Greek Gods, legends and myths... But this is nowhere close T.T)


I will try to reply to everyone who has left a review, even though I'm lagging a few years behind! Apologies! Hope you all understand, that I am still grateful for your comments, praises or critics.

Plus, if anyone ever wondered... I'm just your average 16-year-old girl (as of 2012), living on a tiny red dot. Yes, I'm Asian. From Singapore, too, so famous for the 'Broken English' language, Singlish. I'm already trying so hard not to unconsciously type in Singlish. See, doing it again. Kinda. But no one is perfect. So I guess that's all you need to know, minus that super LONG profile I used to adopt. And the work I'm most proud of is 'It Will Rain', because that's kind of my mood right now. Also, all you enthusiastic readers are encouraged to leave your suggestions to me, either PM me or write them in the reviews section, on what you would like to read in the near future. Yes, I CAN make that happen, the only problem is how good I can make it! :D I will also remember to leave a shout out to whoever sends an idea :) Also, all of you should know that I only write HSM fanfics, so I can only accept HSM ideas, because I am a HUGE Zanessa/Troyella fan and still refuses to believe that they have broken up! (Damn that Butler kid...) I know that one day they'd be back together! Don't give up on Zanessa yet, if you are/were true fans of them because they are truly the BEST COUPLE EVER.

This is the important part:

I'm currently on hiatus, not from writing, but from this website, so I don't know when I'll be back... So, I just want to thank everyone for your support and everything. Really, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Love, peace,

ET :)

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Waiting For Forever reviews
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Life's Never Easy reviews
This is a tribute/dedication to Zac Efron, for his birthday is... TODAY! Happy birthday, Zac! This will be a two-shot. Enjoy and R&R! Also, big thank you to sweetlemonrain as well! This was only possible because of you!
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The Unborn Child reviews
This will be an early tribute/dedication to Zac Efron! Happy birthay, Zac! Enjoy and R&R! P.S. I changed the ending to a happier one.
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This is a songfic to Bruno Mars' It Will Rain.
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This is a songfic for Justin Bieber's That Should Be Me (Read 'Speak Now' for sequel)
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