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Greetings, fools!! I am the your queen, your supreme overlord, your digital ruler, Lexi!! Bow down to me! Muahahahaha!! (Just kidding!! ...or am I? XD)

Now, a few things about me...

Let me say this right off the bat: I'm short, and I have tiny feet. But I'm perfectly okay with that and it doesn't bother me at all! I actually kind of like being short because, let's face it, one day all you tall people are gonna have to crawl through a ventilation system or something to save your lives and guess what? You won't fit!! But me? Muahahaha, I will happily crawl to safety and laugh at you tall people! Ahaha aha ha ha ha HA ha ha!

I'm crazy and I am strongly against the fact that humans caused global warming (it's a natural phenomenon of the world, people; we only sped it up) and I am on strike against Pepsi and I prefer to shout random thoughts and just be plain out random 24/7 and did any of you notice that this is a major run on sentence? Cuz I did...


My current obsession: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club anime! (Come on, ladies, a bunch of attractive anime males swimming around half-naked practically the entire time? Hello! What's NOT to like there?!?! By the way...RinxHaru FTW!!! XD)


These are a few of my faaaavorite things...! (in no particular order ;D)

The Chronicles of Narnia (movies)

Lord of the Rings

AnImE cOnVeNtIoNs!!!! They're SOOOOOOO much fun!!!! XD XD XD

Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged!

Maximum Ride (it would be my life's dream to play in the movie as really would be AMAZING!!)

Making fun of Harry Potter/changing the HP storyline so I actually LIKE it somewhat!! (OH MY GOSH! Lexi HATES Harry Potter! Whoops! Secret's out!)

(while we're on the topic) A Very Potter Musical and Sequel!

Star Wars

Writing (duh!)

Musicals! Acting is the SHIZ!

Halloween!! Costumes! YAY YAY YAY!

Making Moooovies (with my friends!)


Playing video games!

Muuuuuuuusic! XD

Dancing at random times

Making people laugh


Playing my violin and cello

Animation (stop motion)

Yaaaaaaaaoi XD


Pride and Prejudice (what would my sister and I DO without making fun of Mr. Darcy?!)

A shit ton of anime! (Including Pokemon, BLEACH, Ouran High School Host Club, Naruto, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Shugo Chara!, Death Note, and many, many more!)

Politics/Debating/Sharing my opinions...

;;;;;; RAIN!! ;;;;;;; It might be raining right now...

Passing notes during class (especially out in the open where teachers can plainly see but just don't care ;D)

Samuel L. Jackson (Dude, he's Mace Windu! AND badass Nick Fury! AND he's just badass in general!)

Liam Neeson (He's in Batman, Star Wars, AND Narnia!)

Old English writing (I'm currently learning how to write it with my new quill! And yes! I have a quill!)



;;;;;; Singing in the rain... ;;;;;;

Subway (Eat fresh!)

the Geico Gecko

The old commerical with the goat chewing up all the paper and saying 'nah'...that was cute...but I forget what it was for...

Forensic science!! (Yes! Dead people!!)

The terrible therapist/drill sergent on the Geico commercials! Ya jackwagon!

Soda!! (Coca-Cola especially!!)




peanut butter...PEANUT BUTTER!!

(Please note that this authoress has a strange obsession with peanut butter and is going on a frenzy due to the peanut crisis going around right now and causing her to pretty much lose her mind because she cannot have her peanut butter.)


These are a few of the thiiiiiiings I despise...

Hunger Games--well okay I should just say Mockingjay because I liked books 1 and 2...BUT THEN SHE HAD TO COMPLETELY RUIN IT IN MOCKINGJAY!!! DON'T READ IT!! You'll become hooked and completely interested after the first two books, only to have your pretty little hearts crushed when you read the third one! It didn't even make any SENSE!! It's TOTALLY SAPPY! I absolutely HATED it and thought it was some of the worst writing (when it comes to a trilogy) that I EVER! DID! READ! And I'm NOT being overdramatic here, people! I'm SO FREAKIN' MAD ABOUT IT THAT IT AIN'T EVEN FUNNY!!!!! GRRRRR!!!! >:( ...and just because I can GALE AND KATNISS FTW!!

Twilight (with a burning passion)--I absolutely HATE those books for a multiple different reasons (I mean COME ON people?! Vampires that SPARKLE?! They might as well be fairies!)...and WTF was Breaking Dawn, anyway? Worst book I've EVER read. And I've red A LOT of books. And another reason is I absolutely DESPISE the pairings. Edward/Bella sucks ass and so does Jacob/Renesmee. The drama is totally unrealistic and unrelatable, I rolled my eyes at all the "romantic" parts, and died of laughter when the final conflict turned out to be nothing more than a spit fight of words. Serious LACK of plot advancement and character development, people. Open your eyes!

Negativity (I'm very optimistic, people!!)

Harry Potter (Good idea, good series...up until the fourth book started throwing everything into the crazy bin)


Tests and Homework (biggests wastes of my time ever)

Cheap (I'm talking quality here!) food :( :( :(

Sappy movies

People who think they're better than you...

Whores/sluts/people cheating on their loved ones--there's no reason to do it so don't try to justify that awful crime

What's "in" ... ... ... I mean WHO THE HELL follows that anyway?! I'm my own style BABY! And if you can't handle it, you're loss! I'M A NON-CONFORMIST PEOPLE!!


A note to everyone out there: Don't EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER say "what could happen?" cuz usually, it will...Trust me on that one...


Personal Quotes

"There's always hope for those who want to take over the world--LIKE ME!" -- me to my bestest friends Drew and Dyna

"Your life is your notebook, your mind is your pencil, and your enemies are the little annoying eraser shavings" -- me to my friend Sora


Pairings I support: I've been really into yaoi lately so, yeah...hehehehe...oh! And I'm perfectly cool with OC pairings AS LONG AS IT'S WRITTEN WELL! If it sucks, then I'm not cool with it.

Avengers = Clint/Natasha (WHOO! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! That kind of partnership where they can understand each other so well...I'm so jealous! I wish I had that with someone...), Tony/Pepper (of course!)

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club = Rin/Haruka (all the way!! Ship them so hard right now!!), Nagisa/Rei

Bleach = Ichigo/Rukia, Hitsugaya/Hinamori (YEAH! I AM THE BIGGEST HITSUHINA SHIPPER EVER!! WHOOO!!), Uryu/Orihime (though I don't much like her...), Rangiku/Gin (SO ADORABLE! It's almost PAINFUL!), Ulquiorra/Dyna (technically that's a OC, but she's my bestest buddy! He's her fav! ;D), Byakuya/Hisana (kinda have to since they're married XD), Ulquiorra/Grimmjow (Yaoi!! :D), Neliel/Nnoitora (their pairing makes me want to cry!), Kisuke/Yoruichi (c'mon, it's cute!)

Vampire Knight = Yuuki/Zero (HATE Kaname! >:P), Ruka/Akatsuki, Rima/Senri (SO cute! :3)

Pokemon = Drew/May (Contestshipping), Gary/Dawn (Cavaliershipping = LOVE IT!), Ash/Misty (Yeah! Old school Pokeshipping...!), White/N (Ferriswheelshipping FTW! Though I do suppose Cheren/White is acceptable in some situations...), Kate/Keith (Yes for Vatonageshipping too!), Lunick/Solana (Rangershipping! Yay!) ...(oh, and for those of you that asked, NO! Ambivalenceshipping is NOT going on this list!)

Ouran High School Host Club = Tamaki/Haruhi

Shugo Chara = Amu/Ikuto (FTW! SO! ADORABLE!), Nagihiko/Rima, Kairi/Yaya, and I guess I'm okay with Kukai/Utau...not really, though (sorry fans! But that's probably because I freakin' LOVE Kukai! He's so adorable! ;3) ...oh! And Yuu Nikaidou x Yukari Sanjou is adorable, too!

Yu-Gi-Oh! (or perhaps more YGOTAS...) = Marik/Bakura (Thiefshipping FTW!)

Kuroshitsuji = Ciel/Sebastian (SO AWESOME!)

NCIS = Tony/Ziva, McGee/Abby

White Collar = Peter/Elizabeth, Neal/Alex (C'mon! Kate is just overrated! And I absolutely HATE that Sara chic or however you spell her name!)

Maximum Ride = Fang/Max

Teen Titans = Beast Boy/Raven, Robin/Starfire

Harry Potter (just because I don't like it doesn't mean I don't have shippings) = Draco/Hermione (my fav), Harry/Ginny, Harry/Hermione (anything's better than Ron/Hermione)

Hunger Games = Katniss/Gale (Peeta can die. He SHOULD have died in the Games. Period.)

Avatar the Last Airbender = Aang/Katara, Toph/Sokka, Sokka/Suki, Zuko/OC, Zuko/Katara (yeah, it's cute...)


Pairings I STRONGLY dislike and will not suffice to read:

Bleach = I'm actually quite open about Bleach pairings but there is a small list of ones I will NOT read, and they stand as follows: Ichigo/Orihime (I just really don't like Orihime...), Renji/Rukia (friends only), Ulquiorra/Orihime (it's not cute, people), and Karin/Hitsugaya (Come ON people! Of COURSE this can't happen! They do ONE filler episode where he plays soccer with her ONE time and suddenly there's people thinking they should be married! WHAT THE FREAKIN HELL?! Besides, he was thinking about Momo during that ONE espisode he spent with Karin anyway! GRR! I HATE this pairing! IT. ISN'T. GONNA. HAPPEN. But maybe it's cuz I don't much like Karin...and Aizen...HATE him. And I don't hate a lot of people...)

Vampire Knight = Yuuki/Kaname

Pokemon = Paul/Dawn (no...absolutely no Ikarishipping! Just no), Gary/Leaf (Gary is NOT from the games. Sorry people, not gonna happen. Get over it. Don't get me wrong, I support the game shipping totally, but it's just not Gary), Dawn/Kenny (No...just no...)

White Collar = Neal/Peter (absolutely not), Neal/Kate (too much work for the poor guy...), Neal/Sara (DESPISE HER!)

Maximum Ride = Fang/Lisa (God, I hate that name...), Max/Sam, Fang/that professor lady I hate so much but who's name I cannot recall

Teen Titans = Beast Boy/Terra (I REALLY REALLY DON'T LIKE Terra!), Robin/Raven, Beast Boy/anyone but Raven basically (and vise versa)

Harry Potter = Ron/Hermione (absolutely NOT! Ron can be with frickin' Lavender.)

Hunger Games = Katniss/Peeta (Die Peete. Die >:/)

Avatar the Last Airbender = Zuko/Mai (HATE her!)

Fruits Basket = I'm mostly indifferent towards the shippings in this EXCEPT Kyo/Tohru. I DESPISE this pairing! I prefer Tohru with Yuki or Momiji. (But I really don't like Tohru anyway so...yeah...)


The Random Adventures of Lexi and Her Crazy Bunch of Friends!

Chad: --leans on me and Dyna's computers trying to get the teacher's attention--

Me: --darkly-- Don't lean on the computers.

Chad: Why?

Me: Because I said so.

Chad: --backs off, holding hands up in the air--

Me: --smirks--

Dyna: --looks at me-- Woah, Lexi. That was pretty terrifying actually...

Me: I am feeling devious today. And I have a pink cape, which makes me feel like supreme overlord. (Yes, I really was wearing a bright pink cape that day)


Me: I like apples.

Dyna: Well that was random.

Me: I wish it would rain apples.

Dyna: And that was even MORE random.

Sora: But wouldn't that hurt...?


Me: --reading my history textbook-- Ooh! A famine!

Rae: --staring at me incredulously-- 'Ooh, a famine?!' What the hell, Lex?

Dyna: --laughing and shaking her head--

Me: What? What'd I say?!

Rae: People don't just read about famines and say 'ooh!'

Me: ...should I say 'ah' then?

Rae: You are hopeless.


Drew: Look! Thigh bone and spine of some animal!

Derek: I wouldn't touch that.

Me: Why not?

Derek: Because it probably has all kinds of diseases like rabies and--


Derek: Yes! It could have RAIDS!

Me: Oh no! The deadly Rabies/AIDS combo!

Drew: Ridiculous. You're both ridiculous.


Rae: --to me-- Can you get my bag?

Me: No.

Rae: It's right there!

Me: --fingers only like 2 inches away-- It's out of my reach...

Rae: ...I swear to God, Lex, I am going to hit you.


Rae: See! I could write my notes if your damn drawing wasn't in the way!

Me: It's not in the way! You have space UNDER it!

Rae: Well what if I wanted to write on that line!

Me: You'll get over it!


Me: I'm speaking in a British accent!

Beana: America!

Me: With a Canadian twist!

Beana: Why Canada?

Me: --shrugs-- They never get any love.


(In a lovely restaurant with my second family...)

Dad #2: So, daughter, on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the waiter?

Me: Huh? Oh! 10. 20. No, 50.

Dad #2: Really? Is it the whole mysterious, darker persona going on or...

Drew: --nodding in agreement-- Girls do seem to like that...

Me: Woah! You mean in THAT way?! I thought we were rating him on SERVICE!

Dad #2/Drew: --pretty sure they would've face-palmed if it had been an anime-world--


JD: --sitting in the backseat of my car-- Augh! I've gotta pee REALLY bad!

--just then we happen to drive into a downpour--

Me: --evil smirk-- Oh really? So what if I did this...? --rolls down driver window so the rain can be heard clearly--

Manda: --sitting in the passenger seat-- Lexi! You're so mean!

JD: --squirming-- I hate you...

Me: Muahahaha! Hey look, JD! Sprinklers! Look at them happily watering the lawns!


Me/Manda: --laughing in the front seat--


Me: --playing a game with cousins-- Okay! Body part starting with "P" is next.

Rena: --loudly-- OOH! PENI--!

Me: --covering our younger cousin's ears-- Cover the ears of the children!!

Rena: --begins cackling madly--


Me: --reading questions for a trivia game (I was the "teacher")-- Ooh! I like this question! JD! On your next turn, roll a red four, black one, and white two!

JD: --rolls eyes-- Yeah, whatever, Lex.

--finally, it turns to JD's turn--

JD: --rolls the die and blinks, staring at the numbers--

Everyone else: --stares at the die--

Miko: No way...

Dyna: Are those seriously...?!

JD: --freaking out--

Me: Oh my GOD! JD! You actually rolled a red four, black one, and white two!

Beana: Wow. That is REALLY freaky...

Me: --laughing (because that's what I do during unbelievably odd coincidences)-- Hey, do ya think you can roll a red two, white one, and black three?

JD: --still silently freaking out--

(sadly, no, he did not roll the other set I wanted...but it's okay because the first set freaked us all out enough! XD)


While on the subject of my friends, here are some important people in my real life (aka NOT having to do with all the time I spend on here _) who have gotten FanFiction accounts! I give them much love (even though none of them have written a thing yet...):

TheWonderOfWonderland = my bestest buddy, Dyna!

bina-bri = another awesome friend (actually Dyna's sister, too) of mine, Bri!



11/10/2013 - Well...hi guys! What's going on? Guess I have to apologize for my hiatus there...sorry...again...please, see my Pokechats update for details. (lolz, maybe). Um, yeah. Hopefully you guys don't all want to kill me. Maybe you do. But, yeah, so hopefully I'll never be gone for this long again. Hopefully is my keyword for the day, in case you guys weren't getting the drift...yeah...I probably shouldn't say that I'm currently working on some new material as well (since it'll probably be awhile before it gets up), but I figured I should leave you guys with at least something extra after the wait. So, yeah, see you in again in the near future! :)


Poll Results...

1. Who should Ash end up with in Pokechats? Misty (Pokeshipping for the win! XD)

2. Which shipping would you like to see more of in Pokechats? Pokeshipping (Good, then you all might just be in luck! ;D)

3. My lovely readers! If I were to write a new anime story or just a one-shot, which would you prefer it to be about? (You may choose up to three selections)




A bit of a story I wrote after watching the movie so many times. I love the relationship between Clint and Natasha and wanted to delve into it a little bit. Story takes place after the movie and just goes a little bit into the mind of Natasha and how recent events are effecting her.

Of All Places: (Complete)

A one-shot I wrote based on my own experience with a group of my friends at the zoo! We had such a blast I got the inspiration and decided to Bleach-ify it! So, this is the outcome (my apologies if anyone acted OOC, but since this was based on real events, it was extremely hard not to)...I did my best...and yes, just so you know, the turtle experience really DID happen. In fact, we caught it on video! XD

Journey in Johto: (currently undergoing revisions, though I'm almost 99% sure I'm going to scrap it and completely start over...sorry everyone...)

Dresses for the dance in Chapters 2 and 3: Ella's dress, Bailey and Lola's dresses (Bailey's is the pink, and Lola's is the green), and May's dress (I finally got a link for it! Yay! XD)


It's back! Haha, this is just an ongoing chat series I created randomly one day and decided, with some encouragement from my sisters, to post it here. I didn't really know where it was going, but enough people liked it that I decided to keep it. (Now I'm really glad I did because I'm having loads of fun!) I'm not completely serious about it (which is why most of it is focused around jokes and laughs and even the more serious parts have underlying humorous hints ;D), and I also don't think it's some of my best work. BUT, as I said, it's loads of fun to write and I'm having a good time. Thus, it will continue until it has run its course! :)

NCIS: Relative Twist: (currently undergoing revisions)

I'm really having issues with this story, so I'm sorry to report that I'm considering either taking a break from it until I find some kind of muse to help me along, or taking a little while to rewrite what I have until I like it. My apologies, but at least I'm not completely deleting it! So, until next time, I guess...

My Biggest Mistake: (Complete)

A one-shot (that turned into a little series) I wrote based on a real event that occured to me in my life. I wasn't looking for any sympathy, hatred, anger, or anything else you could possibly be feeling because of it. All I wanted was to vent. Seriously. And as a result of those who took the time to read it, feel free to vent to me about your troubles, if you need it. I've already recieved PMs from several people. I'm here for ya! _

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