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Author has written 4 stories for Prince of Tennis, and Naruto.

Hey guys I changed my Pen Name!

Previous Pen name: RikkaiIsAWESOME

Previous Previous Pen Name: xMyAmythestEyesx

Current Pen name: angelluck14

So yeah! Sorry if if ya couldn't find my original Pen Name(s)!

Hey what's up I'm angelluck14 (DUH!!)I'm looking foward to writing stories and entertaining everyone!! My favorite PoT school is Rikkaidai and my OC's name is Kurone Asuna so don't use her without crediting me first!! You can call me Asuna/Asuna-chan/Kuro-chan/Kurone. Whatever rolls off yer tongue for ya.

Favorite Anime(s):

Prince of Tennis


Vampire Knight

Ouran High School Host Club

Special A


Code Geass

I like more but I'm too lazy too list them all, also cause I don't remember them all. But that's pretty much the majority.

Favorite Video Games:

Final Fantasy X/X-2/ VII/VIII

Tekken 3/4/5/6

Soul Calibur 2/3

Tomb Raider 3/Legend/Anniversary/Underwold

Guitar Hero 1/2/3/World Tour

I've seen on YouTube/got/played too many games in my life to remember them all

Favorite Pairings:

Prince of Tennis (TOP 5) :

1. Trick Pair (Trick-or-Treat Pair comes REALLY close though...)

2. Trick-or-Treat Pair

3. Diabolic Pair

4. Platinum Pair

5. Silver Pair




2. KibaSaku

3. NaruHina

4. ShikaTem

5. NejiTen

(Least Favorite)

1. SasuSaku (Oh hell to the no!)

2. SasuANYONE!

3. NaruSaku (I think of them more as siblings than a couple)

4. KibaHina (Same reason for #3)

5. ShikaIno

6. GaaOC

7. GaaHina

8. GaaMatsu (...WTF)

Damn I didn't realize I hate so many couples in Naruto X_X

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If You Say, I Say:

If you say Hannah Montana, I say Avril Lavigne

If you say Jonas Brothers, I say 'Screw the Jonas Brothers!'

If you say chick flicks, I say action movies

If you say Three Days Grace, I say Linkin Park

If you say Danity Kane, I say Pussycat Dolls

If you say Math, I say Literature

If you say Death Note, I say Code Geass

If you say anime sucks, I say 'run before I kill you with my fellow anime fans!'

If you say skirts, high heels and make-up, I say comfy jeans, tennis shoes and a cool radical shirt

If you say Twilight, I say 'what's that?' (lol)

If you say Robert Pattinson, I say Taylor Lautner

Readers: Asuna-chan you're weird!

Asuna: So what else is new?

Readers: You have problems!

Asuna: Having problems is fun!

Readers: Until you end up going to rehab!! didn't have to go I feel crazy

Readers: kinda are

Asuna:...(sarcastically) gee that was nice of you guys, I feel soooo much better

Here ya go, ladies...the comebacks you've always needed

Man: Where have you been all my life?
Woman: Hiding from you.

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16. Get several bouncy balls and throw them down an aisle shouting "pikachu, I choose you!"

Repost this if you laughed...
Or are planning to do any of these things


Final Fantasy X/X-2

I LOVE Final Fantasy X/X-2! They both rock! Although X was way better, mainly because the story and plot was better. But OMG I was so sad when Tidus "died"! UWAH!! I cried for like two hours! I ain't kidding I seriously did! But seriously am I the only one who hated that Seymore bastard? I mean c'mon you had to fight him like four times! The first time I beat him I was like, "Yay! I never liked him anyway." But you had to fight him again when you were running from Bevelle! I was pissed, but then you had to fight him at Mt. Gagazet I just yelled, "Dang it! When will this dude go away and quit stalking Yuna?!" But nooooo. He had to come back for a fourth time, and I just cursed again and flipped him off, even though he couldn't see me XD. But yeah.

Final Fantasy X-2 was good, but it wasn't as good as Final Fantasy X. Rikku looked different too in X-2. She actually looked better. And Paine was pretty too, she just had that Auron/Lulu attitude goin' on. She was still cool though. Shuyin had issues though, to me he was a dark Tidus, like the Dark Aeons. But dang Yuna changed so much! In my opnion, she was prettier in X, I was just happy I didn't have to deal with Seymore in X-2. He was a pain if you ask me. >_

Prince of Tennis

I love Prince of Tennis! Enough said. But my favorite school is Rikkaidai mainly because they're hard working, they have unique tennis styles (I'm ain't sayin' that other schools don't have unique play styles) and pretty much all of them are hot. I was beyond pissed when Seigaku won the Nationals. Cause Rikkai works hard by practicing a LOT and Seigaku goes off and eat yakiniku with some other schools. TARUNDARU!! (XD) But yeah my favorite character from Rikkai and in the entire show is um...well I don't know they're all awesome. But it's a three-way tie between Niou, Akaya, and Yukimura. Those three have unique tennis styles and they cute/adorable/hot/sexy/beautiful/drop-dead-gorgeous/smexilicious! XD hehe. I like Hyotei too, they're in-fact my second favorite school. I love Atobe Keigo! I mean c'mon, who doesn't love him? At first when I first started watching the anime I couldn't stand him. But now I love him. He may be a narcissist bastard, but he's awesome anyway. :) Seigaku sucks. There. End of story.


OMG OMG OMG!! I freakin' love Naruto! I haven't read the manga nor have I finished watching the series. I don't even know if the series if completed yet...hmm...that's sad now that I think about it...anyhoo! My favorite character is...(drumroll) GAARA!! He's hot, he's the new Kazekage, he's got that "Bitch with me and I will bitch with you back, only ten times worse" kind of aura goin' on, he totally PWNS! He's mega sexy! He looked sooo fizine in Shippudden though. I personally think he and Sakura should hook up and have babies XD. The babies would look so cute! But man oh man do I hate Sasugay! He's a dense emotard, egotistical, self-centered, narcissist, homosexual, "the world revolves around me" Itachi killer wannabe, Orochimaru fanGIRL! Hehe that felt great to say, or write. Copy and paste what I just said about Sasugay if you feel the same way about him while smiling evilly. GAARA PWNS PEOPLE! And those who say otherwise can go screw Orochimaru for all I care. (evil laugh)

Ouran High School Host Club

This anime is so cute! Tamaki never fails to crack me up! He is so hilarious, and I love it when he says he's Haruhi's father. But Kaoru and Hikaru are so funny! I love them! But they can get a little too close with each other if you know what I mean. I'm not a fan of any incest pairings, so don't go ape shit on me. My favorite host club member would have to be Kyouya. He's funny and hot! I love the friendship he has with Tamaki. But he kinda reminds me of Yagyuu Hiroshi and Yanagi Renji from Prince of Tennis. Yagyuu because of his appearance a bit, and Yanagi because he's always writing in his notebook or typing in his computer, taking some data about some host club funds and stuff like that. He's funny when he becomes a "Low Blood Pressure Evil Lord" XD. They called him that, not me. But you better give that guy some sleep or fear his wrath :D. I think Haruhi goes great with either Kyouya or Hikaru. But when Kyouya's dad mentioned in the last episode about having Haruhi as Kyouya's bride, I nearly squealed from the mental of Haruhi walking up the aisle up to the altar in a fancy wedding. Then they kiss as husband and wife...KYAA!! XD

Code Geass

That was an awesome series, although I got confused at some parts and I still am. but still cool nonetheless. I was pissed when Rolo killed Shirley, I was "DIE MAN DIE!". But when he died I was like "-sniff sniff- Poor Rolo!" But damn Lelouch sure was the ladies man., He had like three chicks kiss him. But I ain't too sure if I like LelouchxKallen, or LelouchxC.C more. But man oh man when Suzaku sold Lelouch out to the Emperor I wanted to rip that jerk's arms out of their sockets and feed it to my pet crocodile. Kidding. I don't have a crocodile but that would be pretty sweet though. But seriously he sold him out, for a freakin' PROMOTION?? WTF kinda best friend is that? But when Lulu died, I literally cried for two hours. And hearing Nunnally (sp?) cry over her brother's death made me even more gloomy. That was pretty much the reason why I was crying! I'm an only child, but I have cousins and best friends that are like siblings to me!

Please enjoy my stories and review! I would really appreciate it.

Stories I'm working on:

"Sapphire Tears"- Fandom: Naruto, Pairing: GaaSaku

"Rough Beginning"- Fandom: Prince of Tennis, Pairing: MaruixOC, NiouxOC

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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