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Poll: In my story "Naruto: Thousand Soul Phrases", who else should I add in the harem if its going to be a harem? Note: Sakura will be IN the harem, like it or not. Not all of them will be Persona Users Vote Now!
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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, Fate/stay night, and Persona Series.

Pen Name: Sky Zephyrus

DOB: 18-04-1992

Favorite Anime/Manga:

Gundam series
Code Geass
Yu-Gi-Oh! series
Anything that contains Magic and/or Mecha

Favorite Game:

Persona 3 Portable
Persona 4
Kingdom Hearts series
Ar Tonelico series (haven't played AT 3 though...)
.hack//G.U. vol. 1, 2, and 3
Disgaea series (haven't played Disgaea 3, again...)
Pokemon Series (I'm not that keen on the anime, but the game is a whole different thing)

Favorite TV Shows:

Kamen Rider series (Henshin!! That part never gone too old for me...heheheheh)

Favorite Pairings:

Naruto: Naruto/Sakura (My most favorite pairings all the time. Not gonna budge for anything. Do you need to ask how much Naruto cares for Sakura? And Sakura is slowly returning that feeling he has to her even if she didn't realized it. Besides, Kushina already gave the green light), Naruto/Harem (As long as Sakura included or she is the focus of the harem, I don't care), Naruto/Ino (Blue-eyed Blonds? Why not?) Naruto/Anko (They were alike in many ways than one. Anko reminds me of Senna anyway...), Minato/Kushina (They were Naruto's parents...let's just drop the subject), SasuHina (I maybe hate that avenger wannabe, but I can be generous at times. Since I don't believe NaruHina (ewww...) will happen and down right despise SasuSaku (EWWW!!! *Pukes*), I'm fine with this pairing)

Bleach: Ichigo/Senna (The only pairing in Bleach that I thought reasonable for Ichigo. His reasons for saving her during 'The Memories of Nobody' isn't the same as the way he saved Rukia or Orihime. Not out of pride or friendship, it was something else...)

Code Geass: Lelouch/Kallen (Bittersweet love of the castaway Prince and his totally devoted Lady Knight...nothing is better than that. This my second favorite pairing next to Naruto/Sakura), Rai/Kallen (It was just too many sweet moment between them during the 'Lost Colors' game. Kallen even admitted that she didn't care anything that happened to Zero during the final event of the Black Knight route as long as Rai is alright), Lelouch/Harem (Come on now, a prince need his harem. Right?)

Yu-Gi-Oh! series: Jaden/Alexis (Granted, Jaden is too dense and a big idiot. Just what kind of person didn't understand what fiancee means?), Yusei/Akiza ('The Stardust decsends to save the Black Rose from the darkness'. I always wanted to say that)

Persona 3P and 4: Minato/Yukari (Do I have to comment on this?), Souji/Yukiko (Naoto is too macho for a girl and Rise is...meh, I don't like her that much) Shinjiro/Minako (A bubbly girl and a badass guy? Why not?), Akihiko/Minako (They look fine together)

Ar Tonelico series: Lyner/Aurica (Fell in love by the first sight. Me of course), Croix/Luca (Same as the previous)

.hack//G.U.: Haseo/Alkaid (They just look sweet together and Alkaid is way better for a girlfriend for Haseo than Atoli could be. "And just you know, I'm stubborn and I will never give up!". Third favorite pairing)

Pokemon: Ash/May (I know I'm not that keen on the anime, but at least I watched some of it and the movies and I like this pairings better)

Kingdom Hearts: Sora/Kairi (Hands down on this...), Roxas/Xion (After playing 358/2 Days, I like this pairing better than Roxas/Namine), Ventus/Aqua (I don't have any comment on this)

My favorite songs:

This Love Never Ends-Kouhei Takeda AKA Kurenai Otoya (Reminds me of Naruto's willingness to give anything he has for Sakura)

Anima Rossa-Porno Graffitti (Damn, that song was deep.Another song that reminds me with Naruto's willingness)

Sen no Yoru wo Koete-Aqua Timez (Another deep song, fitting the image for my top three favorite pairings + IchiSenna)

Sakurabito-Sunset Swish (Deep, deep song with deep meaning)

Things I hate:

Uchiha Sasuke (I just plain hate him. An emo bastard and asshole to the core. He is way beyond salvation...)

Fruits (I don't why I'm sick by just looking at them...and that's why I never eat them for years. Weird enough, I enjoyed anything that tastes like Orange)

NaruSaku haters

Some of my teachers

Smokers (Cause I'm not smoking...)

And a whole lot of things that I'm too lazy to mention...It won't fit here if I listed 'em all...

About me:

A usual teenager with a dull life. I strictly read fics that features my favorite pairings. Sue me, it's my style. I Love the song 'This Love Never Ends' by Takeda Kouhei, image song for Kamen Rider IXA-Otoya. The lyrics fits to Naruto's love to Sakura and his willingness to sacrifcing himself for her happiness. You don't know about that song? Look up on YouTube. Anima Rossa by Porno Grafitti also a damn good one and very deep. Same goes for Sen no Yoru wo Koete by Aqua Timez, the theme for the first Bleach Movie--which is my favorite all time. I never eat fruits for as long as I remember because I'm sick by just looking at them, but I enjoyed anything that tastes like orange. Weird, huh? I love Kamen Rider series and I planned to write Naruto/Kamen Rider X-Over soon. Gotta love the Persona series...Damn, it has a good number of cool OST.

Challenge to all author who read this!

Now I challenge to the bravest author out there to write a story inspired by my story 'NaruSaku and Hinata's Revenge'. Conditions for challenge:

1. The main pairing must be NaruSaku. Several side pairings that does not disturb the main pairing is permitted.

2. Hinata must be an obsessive girl to Naruto with bitchy attitude OR you can make Hinata as a Yandere.

3. Bashing of another character aside of Hinata, except Sakura, is permitted.

4. Bonus point if Sakura is a Tsundere.

PM me if you're up to my challenge. I'll be waiting. Mwahahahahahahaha...

Now I also commenced my second challenge!! Conditions of challenge:

1. It features one of my favorite pairings (NaruSaku, IchiSenna, Haseo/Alkaid, KaLulu, or anyone else--NaruSaku and MinaKushi prefered if a Naruto story)

2. It must be based on following song: Anima Rossa, Sen no Yoru wo Koete, Sakurabito, and This Love Never Ends.

3. Sets on the Canon universe or AU universe AKA high school universe if a Naruto story

4. Bashing another character you deem appropiate is allowed

PM me if you're interested

Another lists of challenges I had in my mind and its general rules:

General rules:

1. Must be NaruSaku pairing, unless specified otherwise.

2. Character bashing is allowed, but no bashing Sakura. Seriously, too many people bashed her. Poor Sakura-chan…

3. OOC-ness is allowed.

List of challenges:

1. Naruto with Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

As the title says, Naruto has one of many powers from Nasuverse which is Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. Naruto gains them when he was almost killed in his youth, how is up to you but please refrain from the fandom stereotype-ness of his youth. His MEoDP is similar to Tohno Shiki, meaning he can’t turn them off unless he wears Mystic Eyes Killer Glasses (Naruto + eyeglasses = Lady Killer XD). Ability wise, his MEoDP is similar to Ryougi Shiki (the strongest type of MEoDP, second to ‘Void’ Shiki’s), but he has time limit. At first, using more than three minutes will cause severe headache and after five minutes usage, Naruto will be unconscious due to the strain MEoDP caused. The time limit grows longer as the story progresses and he gets stronger. Orochimaru will also want him because of his unique eyes when he learned about them. *Shudder*. General rules apply for this story. Addition note, Sakura’s Inner Sakura can be categorized as Demonic Bloodline.

2. Dragon Blood Naruto.

Inspired by the game ‘Breath of Fire’. Uzumaki clan aside of their expertise as Fuuinjutsu masters, they also carried dragon blood inside their body from the ancient age. With the dragon blood, they can transform into half dragon or a full dragon. Only a handful that can awaken them, even less that can actually control them without going berserk. After Orochimaru used his Five Element Seal on Naruto during the survival part of Chuunin Exam, the dragon blood inside Naruto also awakened. He then went berserk and killed Dosu and Zaku before Sakura stopped him (something that I really wanted to see instead of Sakura stopped that stupid emo teme…) from killing everyone else. His one month training before the Chuunin Exam Finals with Jiraiya is to control his dragon blood as the main focus. Authors may take him to the ruins of Uzushiogakure for training. When he returns to Konoha to face Neji, he already can control his Half-Dragon form and forced to use his less controllable Innate Full Dragon form to fight Gaara and Shukaku. Naruto can have multiple Full Dragon form aside of his Innate Full Dragon form. How he gets them is up to you. Also, Orochimaru will have his eyes on Naruto as he learned his draconic bloodline…*Shudder*. General Rules are applied.

3. Naruto/Nanoha X-Over (1)

A crossover story of Naruto and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. This is the first version. Somehow after Kyuubi was sealed inside the baby Naruto, he was transported to Uminari City of Japan in Unadministrated World #97 aka Earth. Yeah, the world of Shinobi is also an Unadministrated World by the TSAB categorizing method, but not discovered yet until sometimes later. Naruto grows up as Nanoha’s adopted older brother and was there during Nanoha’s first fight as a Magical Girl. Later on after scuffles with Fate, Naruto found an ancient book which turned to be a powerful Unison Device, referred as the Tome of Twilight, a Lost Logia from Al-Hazard. After re-naming the Tome’s Avatar as Abend (Which looked like Kushina by the way) and established a link with her, he helped Nanoha on the Jewel Seed incident and dealing with Precia. By the time of A’s, Naruto already mastered the spells recorded inside of Abend (since he mastered Rasengan in a week and then perfected it into Rasenshuriken in less than a week, I don’t see that impossible to learn spells in six months)and established a link with his Foxy resident, becoming strong enough to worry the Wolkenritter. He also played a big role in the fight against the corrupted defense program and comes with a solution so Reinforce didn’t get sealed. Of course, when Reinforce didn’t get sealed means the Materials are up to the stage (these girls really needs more screen time. Refer them as Seikou, Rai, and Yami—as how Epsilon Zeta refers them). After Befriending Them the Takamachi Way (read: Blasting Them with Powerful Spells, later on it will be a famous word in TSAB), mainly by Naruto, the Materials become the permanent members of the cast. He also stopped Nanoha’s reckless training method and leading to Nanoha never get her almost crippling injury. After Naruto is twelve years old and already made a name in the TSAB as a contract mage, he visits the Shinobi World when he learned where he came from. He and his friends stay there for a while as ambassadors (As in real Naruto timeline, after the mission in Wave until Tsunade retrieval arc) while also leaving quite an impression there. When they left, Sakura follows them to Earth with the reason she wanted to learn about magic and quit as a ninja since she felt it didn’t suit her. You may add someone else to follow Naruto and co to Earth. The story goes on until Strikers where Naruto leads his own task force (He was at least the same rank as Hayate) and cooperated with Nanoha and the Riot Force Six members during the Kaiser Incident. Naruto’s squad member will be Seikou, Rai, Yami, and Sakura. General rules apply here and as an addition note, you can make this a Harem fic for Naruto with Hayate, Signum, Reinforce, the Materials, and of course Sakura as the member. You may add anyone else you see fits as Naruto’s harem, but Nanoha and Fate excluded since they are already a couple. You can also make comic reliefs with the Harem members by putting them in the situation you like. The nicknames for Naruto as a mage are somewhere along the color of red, like the Red Devil (since he is Nanoha’s brother), Red Comet (he is a blonde and wears red. A clone of Char alright), Crimson Flash, Vermillion Destroyer, Scarlet Terror, or something like that since his Barrier Jacket is red, his magic color is also red, and like his sister: he often spam Red Beams of Death to anyone who gets in his way. This one is a very long fic. I also expect this as a semi-crack story.

4. Naruto/Nanoha X-Over (2)

An alternate version of the previous challenge. The clash of Naruto and Sasuke in the Valley of the End during Sasuke retrieval created a dimensional distortion and sent our hero to Mid-Childa. When he woke up, Naruto lost his memories and Nanoha lets him to stay with her, Fate, and Vivio until he recovers them. Somewhat, he become Vivio’s older brother during his stay. He then become a Mage (Belkan style with sword-gun hybrid Armed Device) and enlisted as an Enforcer for TSAB. Here the time skips for five years before he got a mission to Shinobi World. During the mission to the World of Shinobi, he encountered Sakura whom was also in a mission (rescue Gaara arc, fight against Sasori part) and the rest of Konoha ninja. He then slowly regained his memories and offered to stay there with reinforcements (Nanoha and others). General rules apply. Also, in this story you may make the relationship between Sakura and Hinata shaky at the best since it was presumed Naruto was dead and our usually shy heiress blames Sakura for it.

5. Naruto/Negima X-Over (1)

A crossover story of Naruto and Mahou Sensei Negima. Like the Naruto/Nanoha X-Over challenge, it splits into two versions. It’s pretty generic, with Naruto was given mission to Mahora with Sakura with him by the demand of mission or she managed to convince Tsunade to let her go with Naruto. It follows Negi’s adventure from the beginning until the end. General rules apply and it goes harem, with Sakura and Setsuna already pre-enlisted as Naruto’s harem.

6. Naruto/Negima X-Over (2)

The alternate version of the previous challenge. Instead trained by Jiraiya for the Chuunin Exam Finals, Naruto meets Negi who was visiting Konoha and trained by him instead. Yeah, Naruto is a ninja-mage hybrid here. Using Eva’s resort, he accelerated his training so he got almost two years worth training in one month time (I already calculated it, 24 x 30 = 720, it equals to two years roughly). His spells will be Fire, Lightning, and Wind spells and Naruto knows Magia Erebea. His Pactio partners will be Sakura (she is Naruto’s first partner) and other girls from Naruto (strictly Naruto’s girls) you seems fit. General rules apply here and it’s a Harem with the Naruto’s girls only and they who become his partners only (Sakura is the first member as she is Naruto’s first partner).

7. Naruto/Super Sentai X-Over

If you don’t know what a Super Sentai is, it’s a Japanese show known as Power Rangers in America. More like Power Rangers is the American adaptation of Super Sentai, so the Sentai series are the original ones. The theme is free, either technology based or myth based Sentai series, the already existed one or create an original one, ninja world or AU world (preferred myth based if in ninja world to make sense). The members should include Naruto and Sakura, which are Red and Pink (if there is no Pink Ranger, then its equivalent) respectively, with the rest of the members are up to you. Sasuke is portrayed as the member of the villain group. General rules applied. Additional note, if you’re making a Gekiranger (American: Power Rangers Jungle Fury) X-Over, Naruto should use both Gekijuuken and Rinjuuken with both of them based from Fox. He mainly used his Gekiranger form and only used his Rinki Gaiso form when he can’t handle his enemy using his Gekiranger form. Later, Naruto should be able to fuse his Gekiranger form and Rinki Gaiso form as a power up form.

8. Naruto/Kingdom Hearts X-Over

No actual story base here aside of Naruto uses Sync Blade with Light Keyblade and Darkness Keyblade in each hand and Xion makes appearance here. General rules apply here and as an addition, there will be Roxas/Xion moments.

9. Naruto/Disgaea X-Over

AU fic. Sakura is a Demon Hunter in training who was doing her final training. Somehow, she messed up her training and failed to become a full fledged demon hunter. Not long after that, she found a sealed coffin which was falling from the sky. Thinking for a remedial by fighting whoever inside the coffin, she without a second thought unsealed it. After a massive burst of mana that alerted the people of her village, it was revealed there was a young looking demon. That demon was Naruto and he couldn’t remember anything about himself save from his name. The characters here also have generic jobs like the game had, but with different titles. For example, Sakura is a Female Samurai with title “Demon Hunter Trainee”, Anko is a Lady Warrior with title “Demon Hunter Teacher”, Ino is a Gunslinger with title “Sakura’s Rival”, Tenten is a Female Brawler with title “insert a title here”, Hinata is a Magic Knight with title “insert a title here” and so on. Naruto has a unique job, so did Sasuke, Minato, Kushina, and other people of your choice. General rules apply here and Characters from previous Disgaea or NIS game must make an appearance. And let’s be lenient on Asagi by letting her to become one of the main characters. Poor Asagi…This story must have a lot of comedic scenes.

PM me if you are interested taking one of them. See you!

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