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"Serenity is a moonlit garden"



Yes, I am a girl (As is the...let's say...99.9 percent of Sweeney writers). I do not really classify myself with the whole "goth, emo, prep" stuff. I like to think of myself as an indivudual with a bit of everything in me. Music is my life. I love all kinds from Death Metal where your ears drip blood to the peaceful piano songs that put you out like a light. I have a dark side to me and a good side. The dark being the "holy crap i love revenge" side and the good side being the "hug a tree" part of me. I'm not going to say my age because, let's face it, i really don't know to many fanfictioners to trust them with that information. (Here's a hint: less than one hundred and more than two.) I will say however that i am younger than a lot of people think. Hope i didn't crush someone's will to live because i did not tell my age. That would ruin my day.

I have saracasim level that can be spotted as easily as observing the Great Wall of China in space without a telescope. Haven't you noticed?

I'm enslaved by this current obsession with Eminem. I have a variety of friends as well. Love to them all. I live in the United States of America.(Hence the big...flag...with the U.S.A sign on it...) I love reading. Yes, i do like to read and thankfully, i don't think a lot of people will judge me on my passion for reading like others because this is a writing website after all. Thank you internet. I'm a great listener, though i do not talk that much until i get to know someone. Then they find out how much ofa nut-job I really am...

Not much else about me except i am a total thrill seeker. Theme parks, scary movies, you name it, i will be there. Adrenaline rawks out. I do like to do crazy things with my friends, boyfriends, don't be suprised if poor Moonlit Serenity does not update for a while. I will get to it, I promise.

And I DO NOT own that pimped out picture right there (found it on the web), nor will i ever own the works that I choose to write about on this website. It all belongs to their actual owners. Not. Me. But i'm glad i have people interested. Consider my work an advertisement for the rightful owners, not a stolen peice of copyrighted property! Think of the children, copyright men!

hey guess who this is... Nicole! haha i'm screwing with your profile! Lol love your story sel! it gets better and better every time! your an amazing writer! love ya like a sister!

Thanks nicole( crazy biotch that does crazy things)! Love goes both ways my partner in crime! I'd tell you all to look at her stories, but so far she hasn't written a damn thing...


When it comes to writing, i have a variety of ways of puting my emotions into words. I think to myself on past events and i use my feelings to bring emotion to my work. I am the type of girl who will stay up until ridiculous hours of the night and think of things to write about, sometimes waking up at four in the morning with an idea in my head. There is a big black notebook in my room where i write my ideas for stories.

Writing is my savior, the friend that won't turn on you, the boyfriend (or girlfriend...or sunlight if your a plant) that will comfort you with words you did not know you could think of. When my life is like a big train that has derailed off of its tracks, and I can't tell you the difference between a boardwalk and a spaceship, I write. I write, write, write. And suddenly, as Eminem would say, I'm not crazy.

Here are some tips I have gathered that help me in my own writing. Maybe they'll help you, profile browser, as well.

1) Make the characters real. If they are evil, then give them a humane motive for their actions. If they are good, then give them a side that isn't qoute unqoute "THE GOLDEN CHILD!"

2) If you're writing in first person, keep it that way for the rest of the piece. If you're writing in thrid person, keep it that way for the rest of the peice. Unless you have a damn good reason for switching pov's (maybe a letter or something of that nature) then there's nothing else that needs to be said.

3) Adverbs (the words that end in ly) are pretty, beautiful, and resourceful. THEY ARE ALSO THE MOST DANGEROUS TYPE OF WORD FOR A WRITER TO USE! Sure, by all means, don't just throw them away, I mean they were made for a reason, right? But use them sparingly.

Here's and example.

Tom stomped his feet firmly.

A great sentence, my dear Watson. But why put the firmly in there? Do you really need it or is it just an extra word? Instead of putting down an adverb, try to use a stronger verb. If you can't, then by all means, adverbs were made for a reason.

Of course, at the begining of my writing, I used tons of adverbs, but as I progressed you can see the adverbs usage tame down. It really does help. But the transition from adverbs to sparingly using adverbs is like Hell. My friend sugested I go to Adverbs Anonymous. Har-di-har-har.

Keep in mind that taming down the adverb usage will probably drive you crazy, especially when you want to add that sexily bit or angrily--but try to describe the adverb with other words. Sure, she looked at Tommy sexily, but what about it was so smoking hot for dear Tommy? Pursed, glossy lips? A hot ol' unibrow? I don't know! Go write about it!

4) Do not butcher the thesaurus. It has been your friend through thick and thin. If you go crazy with words, readers are more likey to be scratching their heads as they read the paragraph rather than focusing on the story itself. Writing should be about a story, not about how it is writen. You are trying to show your reader a story.

5) Make the dialouge real. Yes, children, this will involve a swear word on your part! If the person falls and cracks his head open, I promise you he isn't going to go "OH, butter pie! Broken again!" HELL. NO. He's going to take on the anger of a fiery meteor and the mouth of a truck driver! Unless your character is meant to be the "I could never swear, my mother would disown me" type, then true dialouge is crucial.

6) Don't be afraid of the readers. Yes, you need them, but if they start raging on about everything you write from a HOLY HOLY ethical percpective, kindly remind them that none of your fictional work is real and the characters are only alive in your head. True, you're probably going to get that one fun person who bashes every word you write and every breath that you take, but that's just a speck of dust in the storm. If you've made if far enough to be a writer, then there is no need to walk with a limp.

7) Be creative. Work with the characters. Give them their freedom and you'll get the best ideas you could ever imagine. Holding the leash on your characters and controlling them will make the work seem dull and restricted.

8) Don't steal. Don't even think about it. Use your own mind, you'll be glad you did.

9) Refrain from text talk unless your character is a complete dork. It's just weird.

10) Fragmented sentences, sentences that start with But, sentences that start with And, are not that damn bad. If you're writing a novel, or anything along those lines, it's not such a big deal. All those editors that think they hold the divine key to perfect writing do not know squat. If they suck your writing dry, wipe away all your analogies and metaphors, your comparisons and foils, then guess what? You need a new editor. Writing comes from the heart, not always from what is logically correct.

11) Don't drive yourself crazy with symbolism. Most of the time, it'll just come to you. There you'll be, reading over your work and POW! A symbolic connection. Aren't you just a little genius?

12) Your words are like the parts you need to construct a building. Everything has its place, climibing up to the climax of your work all the way to its eventual resolution. Love them all. Respect them all. They are your children.

13) Have fun. Writing should be something you enjoy doing. If you don't then, uh, hey buddy? Why are you doing it? It should come from your soul. (I may sound like a hippie, but you know what? Peace out.)

So now that you have a few of my recomendations (my lovely list of do's, dont's, etc...), let me just inform you that I picked up most of these babies from Steven King's On Writing. That book seriously altered my style--in a good way, mind you--and brought me around to the best creative period of my life. Also , though you may consider it the most boring thing in the whole damn universe, I recommend Strunk and White's Elements of Stlye. It bascially describes the proper usage for the English Language, down to the difference between "there" and "their". I swear to you all, it's the 10 Commandments for a writer, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, or simply a little grey book that holds the secrets to life! Whatever floats your boat! I assure you, Elements of Style is what will keep you afloat. Ask any one of your english teachers.

If you have made it this far, then congratulations! I'm sorry to tell you that you do not recieve a reward, nor do you recieve anything other than the satisfaction of reading over a fellow fanfictioner's profile. Excellent Job, world, now you can all merrily walk away! (HINT. HINT. DID YOU SEE THE ADVERB! DID YOU SEE IT! ARGGHH! MY FINGERS ARE BLISTERING FROM TYPING IT!)

Questions, comments, concerns, complaints? Then message me and I'll respond as soon as I can.

And as William Wordsworth once said, "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."

Read. Write. Love.

-Moonlit Serenity.

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