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UPDATE (12/11/09): I've been laying dormant for a while and some people noticed this dormancy. Don't think I am angry or anything - I'm actually quite glad I've got people pestering me about updating. It shows that I've still got FanFiction followers somewhere out there. I appreciate it. Anyways, I've decided to update my profile. Please check out the 'Stories' section in my profile, I had something to say over there. But if you don't want to scroll down the page and read it I'll just sum it up for you guys. I am going to take a break - on writing. I've got no time right now and school work has me stressing all over the place. It's just one short break. I'll probably be up and running again in 2010. Maybe sooner if things go well. I hope you all understand.

Hi. I'm Renee, otherwise known as Clumsy in Action (CIA for short). If you already know me, you can see I totally cleaned out my profile and edited it. So if you think you already read it, read it again! :)

Previous Pen Names: (or at least those I can remember)



Crying Floods

Clumsy in Action (current username)


Name: First name, Renee. Last name, Wilson.

Super Hero Name: Klutzy Kat (inside joke between ktd123 and I)

Gender: Female

Birthday: August 9th.

Age: 15

Location: In my bedroom. Sprawled on the floor with my laptop. (changes frequently)

Friends on FanFiction: Ktd123 (now spelled/typed with a capital 'K' as of 4/20/10), GossipQueen101, thisobsessioniscontagious, and Noire Ballerina. This is to the people who still stood by my side no matter how annoying I got. My thanks go to all of you guys!


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Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Total Drama Island


Too long to list, unfortunately.



I don't know if anyone is actually reading my profile, but if any of any readers are scanning through this please read this carefully! I have chosen to take a short break in writing - don't worry I am not quitting my stories just yet. I still have hope for my TDI Starring You fic, no matter how little that hope may be. I will not quit on you guys. I promised everyone I will actually try and finish this. I don't want to break another promise. Do consider the fact I had finished the introductory chapter (the arrival) and I was just checking through for mistakes when a virus hit, This happened a long time ago and it took me months to get back on track. Another virus came back to torture my laptop a few weeks ago so I don't think I can handle writing for a while. It doesn't help that school is trying to drown me with work. If you are angry with me, I totally understand - I don't mind at all. I deserve any flames that may come for me. Thank you to those who are actually taking some time out of their afternoon (or morning, evening...) to read this.



I don't think I will ever draw anything on that site, seeing as I suck at drawing and I am completely confused in the art of... art... I merely created an account for my own purposes (which I may or may not reveal) and nothing else. Once I graduate High School, then maybe I will post a drawing that will most likely cause your eyes to bleed. If that does happen, I am not responsible for any injuries and if sued I blame... er... someone...

This is Clumsy in Action - you have reached the end of my profile. Now go... and party(!) or something.

P.S. Keep in mind the last part in only a suggestion (and a crappy way to end my profile/bio). If anyone suffers through a killer hangover or gets arrested or something, I am not responsible. That is all! :D

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