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Author has written 3 stories for Total Drama series.

I am seventeen years old. I review every story I read, and you should too

Shout outs

Lilana Carter: She is probably the only person on this sight I know personally, so I shall take this time to praise her. If you like Death Note and yaoi (even though I do not really like either, I still read it) I would highly recommend reading her story! Go now!


Total Drama Entertainment- CANCELLED!!!!!

Jail Break- this is a fic trade that i am doing with Winter-Rae, i have most of it planned out, but TDE is my main focus, so i mainly work on this when i have writers block on TDE. I will finish this

Total Drama Galore- This will have 44 campers, I already have the 22 oc's personalities planned. I am working on there designs and have posted most to my deviantart.

Total Drama Galore

At the suggestion of my friend, The Kobold Necromancer, here is a list of all my OC's in Total Drama Galore to help you with learning the characters.

James- The Genius with no social skills
Yael- The eccentric personality
Sabrina- The finicky stalker
Anna- The sensible girl
Ethan- The manipulative one
Harvard- The shy musician
Grace- The genre savvy one
Vince- The male fashionista
Fran- The fanon lover
Lyle- The hyper midget
Jonathon- The sadist
Amanda- The class clown
Diana- The potty mouth
Kayla- The heartbroken one
Vanessa- The manipulator
Haily- The girl with no boundaries
Elaine- The sunny disposition
Rocki- The failure
Phillip- The everything-o-phobe
Tony- The celebrity
Miranda- The fangirl
CJ- The otaku

Deviant Art

My deviant art page:


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