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Hey, you! Yes, you. Thanks for navigating to my profile. Either, you meant to do this, or you got here by accident. Or maybe I've summoned you with my magic abilities.

Either way, YOU MAY NOT LEAVE.

...Just kidding! Maybe.

Anywho, let's get to brass tax (whatever that means). Who am I? See below!

Name: Liz, Leo, Leopard, Spotz... The names are endless.

Age: 15

Location: The Shire, chillin' with my hobbit bros.

Occupation: Self-appointed Master of the Universe/ Freshman in High School. Personally, I like the first one better.

A little more about me:

I'm a writer! That much is pretty evident, considering I'm on fanfiction. :) I really enjoy concocting these stories. I'm at my creative peak when I write beginnings. I'm sort of a punk... I'm the girl with the colorful streaks in her hair, leaning against the wall outside of Hot Topic. I'm pretty sarcastic and crazy with my friends. I'm silent and polite with other people. I have a cat, and the scars on my arms to prove it! I swear, the little furry demon is out to maul me... but she's so adorable. I read a lot, and watch a lot of movies... my favorite movies being comedies. Step Brothers can't be beat. Well, Talladega Nights is up there too.

I'm also an artist. I doodle a lot of stuff... For some reason, sketching candy is my favorite. People spend a lot of time coming up with the colorful packaging, making it fun to draw. I'm also a photographer, and often use my friends as subjects. I quote, "NO! Look more forlorn. Good. Now tilt your head to the side. A little more... A little more- No, too much! There. Now hold still..." I owe my best friend for putting up with that!

I like 90's cartoons above everything else. Invader Zim, Rocket Power, Pokemon... Just my life in a nut shell. I'm also a HUGE Harry Potter freak. Example A: Weekend before Finals week- do I study? No. I play Harry Potter Scene it with my friend until the wee hours of the morning. It will probably result in these answers:


1. Who came up with the theory of radiometric dating? _Ignatius Peverell_


3. Compare two governments in the Classical Era. _Athenian government is much different than the Ministry of Magic in that it..._


15. Prove that Figure ADCB is a trapezoid. _...Dumbledore²???


Who helps Odysseus defeat Circe? Professor Slughorn gives Odysseus Felix Felicis in order to...


English to Latin Sentences:

Marcus walks to the door and may unlock it, should he have the key. ...ALOHOMORA!

So, yeah. But you all want to know about what I've been writing. The fics are right at the bottom. Scroll down and review please! However, I am regretful to inform you that many of my stories are on hiatus for the time being. :'( SORRY!

Shadow Wings: I'm working on this now! So, I should expect more updates...

Anima Gang Wars Revamped: This isn't one of my most popular stories, so it is at the bottom of my list of things to do. But I enjoy it, and will continue eventually.

The Hunger Games Want YOU: Ok, my best friend has been riding me about this one. I apologize to those waiting. This is near the top of my things to do.

Deceived: Not quite sure what to do with this one. I started writing this when I was younger, and I'm at a tough spot to continue. I'm about to fall into a plot hole and unless I come up with some ingenious way of maneuvering around it, it will remain as it is.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Emmett: Ok, this one is in a definite plot hole. I literally have no idea how to continue. Help would be appreciated. PM me please!

Sorry everyone for the wait! For those pokemon fans out there, may I suggest FeatherPen18's story: Better Late Than Never.

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Shadow Wings reviews
Itex has fallen, and Max is finally relaxed. That is until Angel requests another trip to New York. Post CoG Clary's 18th Birthday tumbles into disarray when they discover a demon attacking a tall lanky boy they meet in a new popular club, Shadow Wings.
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Anima Gang Wars Revamped reviews
Teenagers. We're scary enough with our rock music and obsession with violence. Add claws and fangs into that equation and we've got a problem. Remake of original story. Much better action, plot, and now featuring new characters
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