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First and foremost if you've come across this profile expecting a story, I apologize... the reason is this... fanfiction.net is full of imbeciles with time on their hands who have nothing better to do than go after writers who use writing as therapy... They will count this as a victory, mark my words... however, that doesn't mean they've won, when I tried eloquence they responded with childishness and I'm getting real tired of this website's shit... Life happened and when I'm busy with work I don't have time for fanfiction anymore...

Simply put,

I have better things to do than have to deal with over-grown babies who think themselves self-righteous...

So, without further ado,

farewell, I wish all my readers well, may your pens stay sharp, may people who pick at you remain dimwitted... may you live long and prosper.

Kids, remember, don't grow up and turn into bitter shitheads...

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