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Hey people! I love to write stories, most of them are historical fictions, but I like to try my hand occasionally on the fanfic...hence the profile. Favorite TV shows include: Supernatural, Torchwood & Doctor Who. Love to make icons, hence the avatar. Love a boy in lederhosen!

Have Chapter 3 of Varvara posted, lend me your comments. Have taken your comments from the first two chapters to heart and am editing them.

4/24/2009 - Finished editing Chapter 1 of Varvara, so ya know, it's up and new. Also Chapter 4 is a work in progress, school semester is coming to an end, so I have been kept busy.

4/27 - SPN "Radiance" is up and posted. Enjoy!

5/9 - Sorry the Varvara update is taking so long, my Beta is just as busy as I am. I'm working quicker than my Beta is and i have 8 chapters of Varvara. The first three have been edited by me and i'm just running them through my Beta before updating them here. Chapter 4 & 5 are up, review plz!

5/12 - yes it is exam time (finally! the semester couldn't drag any longer!), but magically the ideas still flow. Planned out some of a TW/SN xover, it's uber exciting! (to me at least :D) So far i've got 23 chapters planned, but it could be more, or could be less, depending on the details. Will write that as soon as this week is over!

6/30 - happy smack middle of the year! LOL. Anyways, popping in to update the profile b/c i have some serious writers block with a future chapter of supernaturally torchwood. sadness working out the kinks as best i can.

8/14 - sorry guys, i have a probable virus on my computer. I don't want to chance my flashdrive being infected so regrettably i'm not going to upload the chapter (that is finished) until my computer is fixed (or until i get access to a different non-virus-infected computer). Promise it will be up ASAP.

8/21 - yes! the computer is virus-free now so as compensation to you guys, I uploaded the next two chapters of Supernaturally Torchwood: Chapters 11 and 12. Enjoy! R&R always appreciated!

8/27 - college is back on the agenda as the semester has started. Just a forewarn that I will not have as much time to write anymore (blame Biochemistry) but updates will forever be on Thursdays so long as there are chapters to upload. Am definitely planning another Supernatural fanfic. It's going to be in the point of view of a monster Sam and Dean will eventually hunt (or have hunted in the previous seasons). I'm leaning more towards a monster they've encountered before, but run into another one in the future. shrug its all in the planning and i don't even have a rough outline yet. Hoping to make you people feel sad the Winchester bros are going to kill the monster, but I guess we'll just have to see.

9/3 - happy update thursday! Chapter 15 is...special...considering what was in the news this past week. Someone got a least they think it's a chupacabra. Yes, I realize I sort-of "oopsie-poopsied" b/c in Yellow Fever Dean mentions "chupacabra" as one of the many things that scare people and I think a lot more people know what a chupacabra is than I realize b/c it is news-worthy if you shoot one in Texas. sigh o well. hope you guys don't mind.

9/10 - ah sacred day, new Supernatural tonight. Does anyone also feel it's a bit surreal? I don't feel I suffered as much this summer as I usually suffer during excruciatingly long hellatuses. Perhaps it's b/c I had 4 seasons of SN to re-watch at my leisure (thank God for DVR) and lately CW has been playing 2 SN's per nite. Or perhaps it was because last summer Dean was dead/in hell and it was excruciatingly hard to remain optimistic. shrug enjoy the premiere tonight for those of u watching in the states!

9/26 - So, i inventoried (lol) and i've only got 5 more chapters for Supernaturally Torchwood to post, then the story will be complete. It's only the 26th of the month and the story has already gotten 1080 hits. phew! that's a lot - it's more than last month in which all three of my stories got a combined 1020 approx. hits. This story wouldn't be anything w/o you people who read it. You people always make my day!

9/30 - - sigh - last day of the month and its only wednesday...the week has dragged on through lectures, study time and other school-orientated work. Is it Thursday yet?

10/8 - happy thursday! cursed document manager is unavailable - tragedy! I will check in periodically for the rest of the day to see when I can upload the next chapter of SNTW. Sorry if I dashed your hopes of reading the next chapter, but again...that's the ego talking...sometimes it all gets too exciting.

10/22 - Chapter 22 of Supernaturally Torchwood posted. One more chapter to go! Haven't had time to really sit down and plan out my next fan fic, so I won't be updating anything after next Thursday when I upload the final chapter of SNTW - sadness - but I'd rather make you guys wait and have the story be awesome, than to do everything half-heartedly.

10/29 - yeppers, Supernaturally Torchwood is officially complete - sadness - for the finished story, no more working with the characters, but it is fulfilling to be finally finished! Sorry I won't be updating anything here for a while as I haven't actually been planning out the next story yet. Still have the same idea I mentioned above - points up - there somewhere. Final thoughts for the day - I really hope you enjoyed Supernaturally Torchwood. It was very interesting to write a crossover between Supernatural and Torchwood considering all the different "rules" i had to stick to and how the reapers were different in each series - yes, Supernatural takes precedence over Torchwood because Dean Winchester can kick Jack Harkness' bum any day. I promise you will get a new story here before the next school semester starts up in January... - innocent smile - but no guarantees...

1/27/2010 - yes it's been awhile, but someone brought to my attention I had a fact wrong in chapter 10 of Supernaturally Torchwood and it bothered me so i fixed it. Nothing else in the chapter is changed, but Canary Wharf is deleted and replaced with Satellite Five where Jack got exterminated. And while I'm here updating this, I may as well announce that I lied. I haven't had time to work on my idea for my next SN fanfic. I havent had time to figure out how i want events to unfold and how many chapters i want/need and all that good stuff. I still promise it'll be awesome, but i've been involved in work and school and a gigantic story i'm working on for my fictionpress (which is equally awesome).

5/22/2011 - yes, fail. Haven't uploaded anything new since october 2009. All of you guys on here are my heroes because I still consistently get over 400 hits every month (exceptions being 9/2010 and 10/2010 that had i think 313 and 383 hits respectively). Still love the idea I had for that fanfic I had, but I think I'm scarred from fanfics because SNTW was such a monster to write. It was so much fun and I'm sure my beta had fun with it as well, but it was a huge monster. SNTW is still one of my favorite stories I've ever written. And yes, that story I mentioned I'm working on for Fictionpress is still in the works. I want to get to 30 chapters but with school and everything I feel that the story is slipping away. School's out for summer now and hopefully my muse will return so I can finally finish that story!

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