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Me? Well, there's not much to say. I'm a gaming geek who lives in the wilds of SW Wisconsin with the equally geekified spouse and, occasionally, one or two geeky offspring. I'm an avid sci-fi/fantasy/rpg/mmorpg gamer... I have played several mmos, including World of Warcraft, Aion, and beta tested Rift. I am currently playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and am focusing on Guild Wars 2 with my guild. Play all sorts of table top rules, from Call of Cthulhu to free form diceless. I've been writing since I was fifteen which is...well...quite a bit of time ago. I started a couple of early fan fictions centered around the Changeling: The Dreaming rules, but then started a Wow fan fiction that never finished. In the middle of that, with finances tight...having lost both my wow account and my internet, I wrote "Stand of the Exiles", my first completed Wow fanfic. Then a request from a forum I was a regular on opened the floodgates, when asked for any content centered around the newly announced upcoming expansion pack "Wrath of the Lich King". I wrote a character snippet, an introduction, to one of the Lich King's Death Knights, Clarimonde.

Clarimonde proved to have a life all of her own, spawning "The Last Days of Grace", the second completed work offered here. It followed up with "Criminals and Sinners." That was supposed to end it, but two forces kept things going. The first was my best friend, whom I owed a table top game to in the worst degree. The second force, who has kept the ball to a lot of these rolling is the lovely and supportive Chaviji (Horde, Runetotem US) who kept a strong request for "More Clair, damnit!" So I told force number two about the game I had run for force number one, and how that had brought another idea to my mind. She wanted it, I wrote's here as the lore irreverent "Forget to Remember."

"A Very Rosy Tale" came also from that string of ideas, and wrote itself without much prodding from friends. "Falling" came from an emotastic couple of days when I embraced how sad March makes me. And then comes the final one, "Servant of the One True King." Again, this story owes so much to Chaviji, who after hearing "Well...I have another idea, but it's kind of dark..." from me, again would not let me fail. She wanted Besseth, and she wanted her badly. I wanted to write Wow fanfiction that strayed from the cleanliness so often found in it, and I wanted a different ending to the let down at the end of the Death Knight quest line.

Fog and Roses is an affirmation, a gift, and written without the prodding or request of those who normally follow my stuff. As noted in the Author's notes at the end of it, I suffered a stroke in the end of September, and it was the first storyline to come back to me after that, the first writing I had done after peering at an MRI of my own head and saying..."Those spots aren't supposed to be there, are they?" Banastre is the little hero who isn't... until circumstances force his hand. He came to me fully fledged, the challenge was to present him as he should be, without making him too annoying.

I think that's all of them, and their introductions. Enjoy them in the spirit they were written in, as nothing more than a gift. They aren't meant to be taken seriously.

(Looking for me? I can be found on Facebook )

What order should they be read in? Interesting question... If you're familiar with World of Warcraft, you can start with any of these: Stand of the Exiles, The Last Days of Grace, Falling, Servant of the One True King, or Fog and Roses. (Which, none too coincidentally, is the order they were written, with the sequels removed.) Not so familiar with Wow? My suggestion is to start with The Last Days of Grace.

Warnings? Well...I'm not really known for lemons, so the vast majority of the content here is pretty tame. You'll find violence, the occasional midlevel profanity, and implied sexual content at the worst. I'll issue a blanket lore left by the wayside warning for all of them, so if you're looking for pure canon stories, you will be wasting your time. (And considering the size of these, quite a lot of it) I'm well aware of it, and if pointing it out to me makes you feel better, then by all means. While I do the occasional edit for "Oh, dear, WHAT was that?!?" on a sentence or even a paragraph sized portion, I am not going to change the storylines. Usually by the time I put fingers on keys, I have a pretty good idea of where they're going to end up. Some of them are not as egregious as the others: Falling is too short, and honestly too vague to be caught on the lore details (and lack thereof). Ascension is pretty close to Aion canon. Pretty much, the longer they get, the more they stray. The Clarimonde stories are the worst, but, in my defense, the completion date on Criminals and Sinners is April, 2008, Forget to Remember was begun in September 2008, and Wrath of the Lich King did not launch until November of that year. Servant/Chiaroscuro are much closer to canon than Clarimonde, but were started after Wrath launched and gave me more than Warcraft III/Frozen Throne lore to work with. Fog and Roses runs closely parallel to Cataclysm and the worgen starting zone, expanded...with certain changes that just seemed to want to be there. They aren't canon, and I'm not looking to make them faithfully so. I'm looking to write enjoyable stories, based (yes, even loosely sometimes) on the games I play.

I admit I've been game hopping a little lately, looking for just the right one for me... and for right now, that seems to be Guild Wars 2. So you can probably look forward to a few of these coming along, with "These Dragon Haunted Days" being only the first. (It was started during the first open beta, so it has some issues) I'm also working on another GW2 fiction, Songs of the Unsung.




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