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~Favorite Shows~

1. SMALVILLE (hands down)

2. Charmed

3. Heroes

4. One Tree Hill

5. Veronica Mars

6. Supernatural

7. ICarly

8. H2O J.A.W.

9. Wisards of Waverly Place

10. Hannah Montana

~Favorite Movies~

1. Push

2. Beverly Hills Chihuahas

3. Bolt

4. Her Best Move

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

~Favorite Books~

Twilight Series- Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn


~All Favorites from Smallville~

Favorite Characters:

1. Lois

2. Kara

3. Chloe

Favorite Friendships:

1. Chlark (Chloe and Clark) --They are both so sweet to each other but I really don't like them together--

2. Clark and Oliver --They both have the hero thing going on--

3. Clex (Clark and Lex) --I really liked the first seasons for this reason--

Favorite Ship or pair's:

1. Clois (Lois and Clark) --Ok we all know it will happen and they are hilarious together--

2. Clollie (Chloe and Oliver)

3. Chimmy (Chloe and Jimmy) --I just hope it will last on the show--

4. Tess and Oliver

5. Lexana (Lana and Lex) --It isn't my fav ship but I don't mind them--

Ship or pairs I hate:

1. Clana (Clark and Lana) --Oh I hate them together It keeps Clark from Lois a/n I could stand them in the first 3 seasons but not after that--

2. Lollie (Lois and Oliver) --Ok so again this ship keeps Lois from Clark so I do not like it--


~Lois: "I don't do to well with fortune tellers, the last one I saw told me I was destined to fall for a guy who fly's a lot and likes to wear tights so I am just waiting for my Cross dressing pilot to make his landing."~

~Oliver: "I'm am sorry they didn't have any welcome back to earth cards."~

~Oliver (about the justice league): "You know my friends who like to dress up and kick a--"~

~Clark (to Chloe): "Crown's mine B--"~

~Clark: "And for the record I prefer Intergalactic Traveler over alien from another planet."~

~Clark (to Chloe): "Lana did pull through but Im not about to let Oliver poch the best sidekick in town."~

~Lex: "And I want a ponytail."~

~Lois (to Clark): "Why settle for hot, rich and famous when I can hang out with you."~

~Jimmy (to Clark): "You blurred over here, didn't you?"~

~Chloe: "Yeah I have plans this weekend, so if we could protect Smallville from the rath of Krypton's deadliest villian, that would be great."~

~Oliver: The phantom Zone? Who comes up with these names?"~

~Clark: "You didn't see me complaining when I had to put on green leather to protect your identity."

Oliver: "You got to make out with my girlfriend man, what do you have to complain about~

~Clark: "Oh just one thing and it is just a piece of friendly advice, don't ever wear that cape again it looked ridiculous."

Oliver: "Really I thought it looked kinda cool... It sure helped with the aerodynamics... you should try it sometime"

Clark: "Not in this lifetime"~

~Lois (about Shelby): "We call him Clarkie."

Clark: "We do not call him Clarkie"

Lois: "Is it the ie part you don't like, 'cause we could always just call him Clark, but then that would get confusing... hey I have an idea, why don't you consider changing your name change your name... I know you could be skipper."~

~Lois: "About that I kind of hit him."

Clark: "You hit him... with your car?"

Lois: "No with my fist."~

~Lois: "I just came back from Tess, she gave me a raise."

Clark: "Why would Tess give you a raise?"

Lois: "'Cause I'm me, hello."~

~Lois: "What dose she have that I don't?"

Jimmy: "It's so weird to see her acting like a girl."~

~Lois: "It's fine, really, I'm just gonna check into a motel and when the money runs out, I can always sleep in my car. The backseat's not too bad if you bend your knees and avoid the drive train and then, you know, if I have to sell my car for food, that's okay too. I've always dreamed of being a hobo, riding the rails, cooking beans over roadside fires..."

Clark: "If you want, I guess you can stay with us."

Lois: "You're a lifesaver! God, am I in need of a hot shower! Don't worry, Smallville. I'll try to keep it under a half hour."

Clark: "What just happened?"~

~Lois: "Look, I - I just want you to know, Clark, that when I'm sitting in the audience today at your graduation and you stand on at that stage in front of all those people, I'm going to be looking up at you and thinking one thing."

Clark: "What's that?"

Lois: "Please, God, don't let him trip."~

~Lana (about the coffee): "How is it?"

Lex: "Great." (Lana leaves)

Clark: "Is that what you ordered?"

Lex: "Not even close."~


1.Season 8

2. Season 4


1. Committed

2. Bride

3. Stilletto

4. Crimson

5. Bloodline

6. Apocalypse

7. Hydro


9. Legion

10. Lucy

11. Spirit

12. Identity

~My Ideal Season 9~

~What I want to see~

1. Tons of CLOIS

2. Erica Durance in all 22 episodes

3. Clark to fly

4. Lois to learn Clark's secret for real

~Conversations and other things I would like to see~

~A Lois and Jor-El conversation where they are bickering and of course Lois wins in the end. :D~

~A conversation between Lois and Clark where he says that he is conpletely over Lana and Lois is not his second choice~


~Lana comes back and Clark chooses Lois~

~My Ideal Season 9 Cast Members And Guest Stars~


1. Tom Welling as Clark Kent- 22 episodes

2. Erica Durance as Lois Lane- 22 episodes

3. Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan- 22 episodes

4. Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Ollsen- 13 or more episodes

5. Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen- 13 or more episodes

6. Laura Vandervoort as Kara Kent or Kara Zor-El- 13 or more episodes

7. Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer- 13 or more episodes

8. Michael McKean as Perry White- 13 or more episodes


~Phil Morris as John Jones- 3 or more episodes

~Annette O'toodle as Martha Kent- 1-3 episodes~

~Kristin Kruek as Lana Lang- 1-3 episodes (But ONLY if Clark chooses Lois over her and some how she can get the kryptonite out of her skin)~

~Alexz Johnson as Imra Ardeen/Saturn Girl- 2 or more episodes~

~Calum Worthy as Garth Ranzz/Lightning Lad- 2 or more episodes~

~Ryan Kennedy as Rokk Krinn/Cosmic Boy- 2 or more episodes~

~Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen/ The Flash- 2 or more episodes~

~Alan Ritchson as Arthur Cury/ Aquaman- 2 or more episodes~

~Lee Thompson Young as Victor Stone/ Cyborg- 2 or more episodes~

~Alaina Huffman as Dinah Lance/ Blarck Canary- 2 or more episodes~

~Denise Quinones as Angel of Vengeance- 1 or more episodes~

~Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor- 1 or more episodes~

~Sam Jones III as Pete Ross- 1 or more episodes~

~Michael Ironside as General Sam Lane- 1 or more episodes~

~Peyton List as Lucy Lane- 1 or more episodes~

~Helen Slater as Lara Jor-El- 1 or more episodes~



~All Favorites from Charmed~

Favorite Characters:

1. Pheobe

2. Piper

3. Prue

Favorite Friendships:

1. Leo's friend ship with all the girls

2. Darl's friendship with all the girls

Favorite Ship or pair's:

1. Pheobe and Cole

2. Piper and Leo

3. Prue and Andy

4. Paige and Brody


1. Season 3

2. Season 5


1. Bride and Gloom

2. Whitches in tights

3. Whitchness Protection

4. Cheeper By the Coven

5. Sense and Sense Ablility

6. Cat House

7. Forever Charmed

8. Fear From Eternity

9. That 70's Episode

10. The Power of Three Blondes

~All favorites from Ugly Betty~

Favorite Characters:

1. Betty

2. Amanda

3. Daniel

Favorite Friendships:

1. Betty and Daniel

2. Betty and Amanda

3. Betty and Mark

4. Amanda and Mark

Favorite Ship or pair's:

1. Betty and Daniel --I know it hasn't happened but I can hope right--

2. Daniel and Amanda

Ship or pairs I hate:

1. Betty and Henery


1. Seaon 3

~All favorites from H2o Just Add Water~

Favorite Characters:

1. Rikki

2. Cleo

3. Emma

Favorite Friendships:

1. Rikki Emma and Cleo --The main one--

2. Lewis to all of them

Favorite Ship or pair's:

1. Rikki and Zane

2. Cleo and Lewis

3. Emma and Ash

Ship or pairs I hate:

1. Emma and Byron


1. Under the Weather

2. A Twist in Tail

3. Wrong Side of the Tracks

4. Fish out of Water

5. Hook Line and Sinker


1. Season 2

~All favorites from ICarly~

Favorite Characters:

1. Carly

2. Sam

3. Spencer

Favorite Friendships:

1. Carly Sam and Fredy --Of course--

Favorite Ship or pair's:

1. Carly and Fredy

2. Sam and Fredy

~All favorites from Wizards of Waverly Place~

Favorite Characters:

1. Alex

2. Justin

3. Max

Favorite Ship or pair's:

1. Alex and Dean

2. Justin and Miranda

Ship or pairs I hate:

1. Justin and Harper

~All favorites from Hannah Montana~

Favorite Characters:

1. Miley

2. Lilly

3. Oliver

Ship or pairs I hate:

1. Miley and Jake

My Currant Story(s):

1.Mischief Magic

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