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Author has written 6 stories for Digimon, and Fire Emblem.

Location: Ontario, Canada (but not Toronto as I claim to be from in Digimon Protectors)

Gender: Female

Note of caution: I don't use my email account very often just PM me.

A few random thoughts and opinions: why do I find so much Rukato on this website! Come on Jurato is as obvious as Pokeshipping! Yet I can hardly find any stories with Jurato in it just a whole lot of Rukato and hardly any Jurato. And what's up with some of the other things you find on this website such as a love relationship between Matt and Tai, Tai and Izzy, Joey and Kaiba (or at least on youtube), and Jesse and Jaden! There are also a few pairings that I would never think of myself like Daviko (as far as I can see besides OCs this is a popular strait alternative to Davis and Kari) (Davis and Noriko), Joe and Jun, Cody and Rosa, Willis and Cathrine, and Izzy and Mina that are not to bad. Then there is the whole thing about people thinking up original digimon names that later are used by the actual digimon franchise with a different looking digimon and different level. These include fellow Canadian Broken Angel01's Dracomon which was a Champion that looks like a humanoid dragonfly and the digimon franchise's Dracomon which is a Rookie and looks like a small dragon. And my very own Sunflowermon which is an In-Training digimon which looks like the head of a Sunflower and the digimon franchise's Sunflowmon which is a Champion I'm not exactly sure what it looks like. If you have any opinions on the subject or have your very own digimon you would like to add to this list say so in your reviews of any of my stories.

Pairings that I support: Taiora (I surport it but I won't probably use it) (Tai and Sora), Jyoumi (I support it but I won't probably use it) (Joe and Mimi), Jurato (Takato and Jeri), Ryuki (Ryo and Rika). Kami (I made this one up) (Kai and Minami) (Digimon), Pokeshipping (Ash and Misty), Contestshipping (Drew and May), Penginshipping (Kenny and Dawn), Careshipping (I made this one up) (the name is due to a comment Casey makes in my Pokemon story) (this is originally one sided on the girls part) (Paul and Casey), Rocketshiping (I do not particularly like it but I can't see them with anybody else either) (Jesse and James) (Pokemon), Joey and Mai and Yugi and Tea (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Pairings that I might use: Yamora (I'm more likely to use this one) (Matt and Sora), Mimi and Mitcheal (I'm might use this one), Jenlice (I'm thinking about it) (Henry and Alice) (Digimon) Lovehateshipping (I made this one up) (this completely one sided on the boys part the girl very dislikes him hence the name) (Paul and OC)

Pairings that I tolerate: Rukato (I personally do not like it but I'll read fan fiction with it) (Takato and Rika) (Digimon) and Abilityshipping (I don't really like it but I would read fan fiction with it in it) (Anabel and Ash) (Pokemon)

Pairings that I hate or not see the point of: LeeJuri (Henry and Jeri) and all girl girl, boy boy, and blood relations (cousins, siblings etc.) romantic pairings (I'm okay with purely friendship pairings and the kind of love between related people)

Purely friendship pairings that I might use: Yamichi (Matt and Tai), Kensuke (Davis and Ken), and Kata (Kazu and Kenta)

Stories that I'm writing, thinking about writing, or may be writing:

Digimon Protectors Part one: the first part of two part story which I'm writing now about a group of friends (about 20 or so) from a world similar to ours except people above the age of ten have a digimon wind up in digital world covered in a strange dark purple cloud. Two of them (based on me and my sister) head out too find a way back only to run into the kids from Season 2 and 3 (this includes Tai and gang, Willis, along with Kai and Minami) get crests and have to save this digital world. I can't publish it right now because my sister wants to change her digimon and I have yet to figure out names for some of my OCs so I have to wait.

Digimon Protectors Part two: the second part of Digimon Protectors the gang head out to the Digimon Data Squad world to partly to learn who to use Burst Mode (my OCs) too save their world, to help the Digimon Data Squad and to help my OCs learning how to use Burst Mode. It's story line is based on the Digimon Data Squad story line. I'm planing on writing this after I'm finished part one some time in the future.

Digimon Protectors Five Years Later: happens five years after the main Digimon Protectors storyline and twenty years before Digimon twenty five years later storyline. Its not really important to the storyline. It was inspired by another fan fiction (and the only one to be). After a strange dream the gang reunite (Plus Alice McCoy and three new OCs) and head out to the Digimon Data Squad once more to see if it is really true. What they find causes them to travel to another dimension they have never been to before. I'm thinking about writing this after I finish Digimon Protectors Part two if at all.

Digimon Twenty Five Years Later: it has been 25 years since the events of Digimon Protectors and the Digital Worlds are relatively peaceful (this is very lose for the Digimon Tamers Digital World) but something goes haywire in the Digimon Adventures World and it is now up too the Digidestined and their kids too solve the problem. But the digimon are losing faith in their legendary heroes and some of them are even against the DigiDestined. Not just that but they have to contend with 12 (minus Alphamon obviously) of the Royal Knights. There is some good news though BalckWarGreymon is back as a good guy as a BlackAgumon and he has a partner! Will they be able to get the digimon to regain their trust in them and save the digital world or are they doomed to fail. The story line is based on Digimon Digital Monsters X Evolution. I'll be writing it sometime in the future.

Have A Very Digi Christmas: it is set between Digimon Tamers: Runaway Locomon and Digimon Protectors. It is Christmas Time again! Leomon's back along with Labramon (if you don't know who he is look it up he appeared in Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventures), Dobermon and a Bukamon with a history. But with strange dreams, a Daemon, and the Royal Knights (minus Gallantmon) determined to delete Bukamon this won't be normal Christmas. If you're wondering how violent it is its as about as violent as Digimon Tamers or at least I'll try to make it if you think other wise than say so in your reviews.

Why: its a short not very important side story (its a One-shot by the way). Taiki wonders why BlackWarGreymon had to do what he did. Sure everybody else was sad over it but nobody would ever be as close to him as himself because (you have to read it find out). This is obivously set after BlackWarGreymon's Destiny. I finished writing this one.

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