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First offf: I used to be Meganbby389, so nothing has changed...

~~~~If you would like to read on of my stories that i am planning to publish when im older, please escort your self to the link below.~~~~

A little bout me: Well obviously by my penname my name is Megan (Your not getting my last name). I love horses, the twilight saga, and writing. Currently getting honors in Language Arts (english). Um lets see...oh-i'm previously riding horses at a stable with my friend Alex. My whole life revolves around horses (and twilight :D) and i always wanted one of my own; but unfortunetly i dont have the money and the space. Um...yeah i like writing obviously and i always welcome REVIEWS! I always write when my laptop dies and my sister has the charger (which happens often-she like never gives it back ...ugh) or when there is a thunder storm or hurricane because one time during a really bad storm my brother left my very first laptop on when i let him borrow it and it kinda caught on fire so i blame him and yeah i dont want to take a chance with my new laptop which is a apple yellow macbook! Yay i lovess it. I have blonde hair with black highlights (which is awsome) and light brown eyes-all my friends what them so bad hehe. Ha crazy for saying this but i got weighed in gym and im like only 89 pounds...true fact I swear to god! And when i swear to god i dont lie-another thing about me. My fav stone is topaz=because Jaspers (from twilight) eye color and sometimes onyx because of twilight yes AND black is cool hehe. I shop at hollister, abercrombie and fitch, and sometimes hot topic. Also i like to write numerous stories at a time:D .I could gone on more but im like not-so yea...

Where do i live?

-Some where in Washington-not telling you where though.

How old am i?

-I am 16 10th grade- my birthday is 9/11 (yeah everybody says it sucks but hey its not that bad-dont judge)

What am I like?

-Ok so i treat others how they treat me. If someone judges me, i judge them back. Some one curses me off, i curse them off, i aint scared of the teachers at my school (but never got a suspention-cant say about the detentions i recieved though.) Yeah im sorta smart but i wasnt raised as a baby who cant stand up for herself. I like to have fun with my friends and i like to fool around alot-ya know make my life more interesting. Um i am friendly to those who are friendly to me and those who i meet-like some of the reviewers; they are very supportive and i appreicate that alot so i am nice to them! Its simple-dont piss me off, other than pissing me off im a friendly, fun and active person. I dont bite like Jasper ;) and i am always willing to meet new people. I absolutly HATE persenting projects and such infront of my class haha you can laugh if you want but i am terrified of it. Lets see...what else? OH YEAH!! Alot of people in my school are my friends-they're all nice to me and apperantly my nickname for them is=Emo preppster. You can laugh i dont mind i obviously think its kinda funny.

What kind of music do i listen to?

-Well thats easy: the music i listen to is all party and dance music! Like lady gaga, black eyed peas, fall out boy, my chemical romance, linken park, and jeffree star on some occasions :P. I dont like any goth or emo music. My favorite songs are: Fire Burning-Sean Kingston, I Wish-Punk Goes Crunk Mix, Hero/Heroine, New Divide-Linken Park, and Best i ever had-Drake.

What would you want your profession to be when you're older?

-Hmm, well idk by the looks of it, it's either-be an overly obssessed twilight fan with a million dollars, or a professinal writer. I think i will settle with being an author, BUT that first one would be nice too =D

Are you taken?

-Um, yeah! I have a tottally hott boyfriend, his name is Ian, and he is such a sweet heart, the problem is, is that he moved back to North Carolina a couple months ago, and i only see him on the holidays and sometimes in the summer. Ily Babe!! (yeah, he prolly cant see this but oh well.). Ian and i spend about three hours on the phone a day, maybe more, and the rest of the day texting nonestop. Suprisingly this is his first relationship he has been in and he once said to me: "Im glad that i have you for my first relationship, it makes everything the more special" Did i mention i loved this guy? Lol.

How many relationships have you been in?

-Actually, two. I had a boyfriend named Ethan, we went out for about a week. He was such a jerk, he cheated on me-we broke up. I didnt even cry, i was planning to break up long before i saw him cheat. Ian, my longest relationship, is going on right now. As before, Ian is a sweetheart, and i would die if we broke up, now that we are so close.

Do you have a Myspace? FaceBook? Twitter?

-Unfortenutly no i do not have either. I stupidly made a myspace and put a whole bunch of crap on it, and my parents found out-boom-laptop was gone for two years. But that was a long time ago-might make one again-most likley.

How many stories do you plan to write on FanFiction? Any that you have uncompleted and are currently writing a new one?

-I plan to write 10 stories, maybe more. I have A LOT of great ideas, coming up for all you guys who are fans of my writing. Of course, my stories are about the Twilight Saga, and will involve Alice in them. Actually, coming home from vacation, i thought about 5 different story ideas, just dont know if you guys would like them or not. I do have uncompleted stories and i am currently writing a different one. If you see belowi have Dawning to finish and my new story Stronger Than The Flames to update-both uncompleted, and my other one Full Moon, which basically doesnt count because it has about 5 i think completed one-shots in it. I have two completed stories, The house in the middle, and Venom. Hope you guys read them!?

Have you ever Drank? Smoked? Gotten drunk?

-Um...yeah i have drank and gotten drunk before. It was only once at this wild party and it never happened again. Im not getting into details. But no i never smoked, im not screwing up my life.

Will you ever write a Main Character death(s) in a fanfic?

-Maybe, i have once, but i made them come back to life so i guess that doesnt count.

We party hard in Washington!

For a first time in a century...I Felt Hope-Jasper (eclispe)

This hostage stuff is fun!-Alice (Eclispe)

Old men should not shop in hot topic... Ok seriously people i was in hot topic yesterday and this old man was there-he was like 75 yrs old...hahaha.

List 10 characters from your favorite book randomly:











Would you think 4/6 would make a good pairing?

-Well yeah because Mike and Jessica do get together in the end of twilight...

Make a summary and title for 10/3 story.

-Okay thats easy, the title would be: Alice kicks James butt: For trying to hurt her best friend, Alice Cullen kicks James butt for revenge :P

What would you think would happen if 5 walked in on a "private" moment between 6/7?

-Um if Jessica walked in on a private moment between Carlisle and Mike, i personally think that she would be scarred for life and run away screaming...

Write the translation: 9/7 go hunting and get attacked by 6/2. 3/8 are painting 5's car pink and purple, 5 comes home and rips 8's head off while 3 runs off laughing. 2/4 fall in love and 7 walks in on a personal moment, 4 puches 7 in the face and 7/4 have a slapping fight. 2 sneaks away and runs off to 1/9, who are innoying the crap out of each other by flicking each others ears. 10 comes in and says "You brought a barbie doll yay!" and runs away with 8.

-oK...: Esme and Carlisle go hunting and get attacked by Mike and Bella. Alice and Emmett are painting Edwards car pink and purple, Edward comes home and rips Emmetts head off while Alice runs of laughing. Bella and Jessica fall in love and Carlisle walks in on a personal moment, Jessica punches Carlisle in the face and Carlisle and Jessica have a slapping fight. Bella sneaks away and run off to Jasper and Esme, who are annoying the crap out of each other by flicking each others ears. James comes in and says "You brought a barbie doll yay!" and runs away with Emmett..?

5/2 fall in love.

-Well that wouldnt be awkward, bc Bella and Edward are already in love in twilight...

7 loves 8 but secretly wants to get together with 3.

-Carlisle loves Emmett but secretly wants to get together with Alice? That doesnt make any sense.

Would you ever read a 2/3 pairing story?

Bella and Alice pairing? Um no

Have you ever read a story with 2/5 before?

-Hmm, well Bella and Edward, i've only read one before. I'm more of an Alice/Jasper fanchick.

Featured News:

1.) Being that i have three unfinished stories, im trying my best to get them all updated. So i figured, hey why not try and update one story each day? So thats how im going to do it. Today (july 21rst 2009) updated Seperate Lines Crossed, so tomorrow i am going to update Dawning-simply because i havent updated for who knows how long-and after tomorrow i am going to update Full Moon. I will try to kept date-but sometimes things just pop up and i hang out with friends alot so forgive me if the story you expected updated isnt.

2.) The house in the middle-my first all human fanfic, is complete! Just finished today (July 7th 12:39 PM)

3.)Check out below-below-the House in the Middle outfit picutres! And the ring to Alice!

4.)Hour Of The Hybrids have been officially deleted, SORRY FANS!

5.)The finishing has be officially deleted. Though i still have the docs if i want to post it again later on.

6.)New story! This story is going to be called: Sperate Lines Crossed. Covered up story Stronger than the flames which i have given up on-though pictures will keep up when i post it again later on in the year.

So i took the Twilight Character Quiz and i wanted to share the results i got!

Alice Cullen You are Alice Cullen. Your ability to foresee danger and misfortune doesn't diminish your bubbly optimism. You are a force to be reckoned with -- anybody with enough sense knows, you never bet against Alice.

I was so happy when i got the results! And still am! TEAM ALICE ALL THE WAY-FTW!!

Global Warning? -Go to TwilightBabes stories

Hair on fire? -Go to TwilightBabes stories

computer broke down? -fix it so you can read TwilightBabes stories

Craving pizza? -go read TwilightBabes stories

Edward been sexier than you since 1901

Emmetts been stronger than you since...

Alice been quirker than you since 1901

Jasper's been playing with your emotions since 18...

Rosalie's been prettier than you since...

Bella's been luckier than you since 2008

Carlisle's been smarter than you since 1650


The House in the middle:

Alices shirt (forget about half of the person in there!):

Alices shoes:

Alices headband:

Jaspers shirt:

Jaspers pants:

Jaspers shoes:

Jaspers ring to Alice:

Bellas whole outfit (including real pic of Kristen Stewart):

Edwards outfit (including pic of Rob!):

Rosalie and Emmetts outfits (again, real pics of them.):

I hope these links work!!

Stronger than the Flames:

Phoenix Brock as a bird:

Phoenix Brock-human (not what i pictured, but pretty damn close):

Great Mountian:

Phoenix's Hideout in the mountians:


Alice's phone (phone i just got yesterday!):

Jasper's phone:

Cullen Dome and pool (i know it wasnt in chapter 11 or 12, but it will come later promise!):

Alice's bikini:

Jasper's swimming trunks:

More to come!!

Bloodshed Destiny:

Jasper as a Wolf:

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"Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to."

OKay, thanks for visiting my profile, and i hope you read my stories!

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