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My first instinct is to suggest that I would complete this profile but that I don't like to write. My very presence here, however belies that. However I suppose that my temprament is such that I am a slave to my mood. Perhaps I'm just not in the mood to fill this out right now.

Or maybe I am. Maybe I am very much in the mood to babble incesantly. To say absolutely nothing, but at length... filling up this space with purple prose or just meaningless collections of words that don't really offer insight into anything. Or does even that offer its own sort of insight about me? And to what degree does that lend meaning to what we're doing here... our amateurish offerings may speak to our existence, help us to know each other and ourselves better.

Anyway, whatever. One day maybe I'll actually replace this with something more relevant or what-have-you.

...and what does it tell you that I'm going back in and revising my profile instead of actually writing anything?

At any rate... I thought I had something to say, but perhaps not.

Gnu Update! (horray four intenshonal mispelling!)

I hate facebook. I really do. It just eats up time while serving no positive function. And I tell myself that it's costing me time that could be spent actually writing (in utter denial of the most obvious fact--that I have nobody but myself to blame for the fact that I chose to spend that time however I chose to spend it). In the end though, the sad truth is that lost time plays no factor in anything. If I were not wasting time in one pursuit I would be wasting time in another and writing still would not be accomplished.

I recently read "The Power of Less" and think that in this there could be an outline for organizing life, for focusing on the things that matter. Which certainly includes writing more. But of course, my problem is a form of procrastination. And to assert that "I intend to stop procrastinating... some day soon" is perhaps not the most promising of declarations.

Perhaps one day that Batman/Vader piece will see light. Perhaps Firefly would be a good vehicle (pun!) for that plot bunny that Twilight was just too painfully unBechdel for. I don't know. And time marches on.

Meanwhile, I've deleted Ultimate Kirk/Long. It was never very well written. Needs serious revision if I want to pursue it further. And it never really qualified as fanfiction anyway. But if people still want to see it I've placed a copy over HERE: http://turtlemoves.freeforums.org/post133.html#p133

Actually, it is not 'over here'. The site in question has ceased to exist so... there's that. I now spend no time on facebook at all, and as I indicated above this does not translate into an influx of writing. But tomorrow is another day, or some other similarly meaningless phrase.

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