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hi im amy

these are the things i love: twilight saga,stephanie meyer, the terry pratchett,catherine hardwicke, mayonnaise, rob pattinson, jackson rathbone, peter facinelli, kellan lutz, edi gathegi, cam gigandet, ashley greene, nikki reed, kristen stewert, taylor lautner & everyone else in twilight saga, ben & jerry's, horror films, reading, drama(acting) and all my friends ...

back to the basics: im 15 years old,im born in 1994, i live in england, im part scottish,irish,english and french, i am aspiring to be an actress but i do like zoology, i want to travel most of the world, go to college and uni (if im smart enough)...

what im like and look like: i have brown hair, i have lots of dfferent colours in my eyes they have a slight bit of dark brown in them, blue, green, grey/black round the outside and light brown/yellow around the pupil, i am probably the most acident prone person on this planet because on a good fortnight all this happens: (this has happened) all i have done is on monday i fell off my chair then hit my head and coxics on the floor then passed out for 15 mins then had concussion and had to be taken to the hospital had to have my heart monitored and a CT scan (cat scan) then all to be told im fine but if anything happens in the next few days go straight back to the hospital, the week later (the monday after) i was standing on my cair trying to reach something because im small when the chair falls forward i fall backward hit my leg on the chair (i now have a massive buise) and i hit my head on the wall, then the same day my hip starts to hurt the 2 days later (wednesday) i go to the doctors 'coz it hasnt got better then the doctor tells me to got straight to the hospital 'coz i might have fractured it then at the hospital they say i wont find until friday and on friday (which is now today 1st may 09) i phoned iup the doctors and they said i have to wait from a few days to a couple of weeks to find out = ... (i won't toture you any more = = ).


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i havn't got around to writing up my stories yet but i will ( TWILIGHT SAGA RULES !! =D=D )

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