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Author has written 2 stories for Legend of Zelda.

Hi everyone! Since this is the Internet and anyone can read this, I'm not going to give much personal information, but I'll be informative about my stories, writing, and about fanfiction in general.

I've changed my pen-name: I was Lustrous 17, and am now Shimmering Starlight. You can call me Starlight, Star, Shimmer, stupid, whatever you want, or you can call me Lustrous if that's what you originally knew me as.

One sentence: I AM A ZELDA FAN, THROUGH AND THROUGH. If you have accessed this page to learn more about me, the most you'll get from this page is from that sentence.

I'm a young writer. Because of this, I love helpful advice. (I mean advice as in tips for my writing, not saying, "OH, YOUR WRITING'S REALLY BAD, SO YOU SHOULD CHANGE IT!") Reviews that state your enjoyment also please me, even if they just say, "I like your story." However, I do love constructive criticism, so if you could leave me a review/personal message with advice.

And to those haters, I actually find flaming reviews amusing, because if you don't like a story, why would you even bother to leave a review like that? Sorry (well, not really), but a review like that will never discourage me. To tell the truth, I like flaming reviews, because I use the weaknesses flamers point out and try to improve those weaknesses.

I usually update my stories quite often, but there are exceptions to every rule, so please don't be angry if I take forever to update! School can be very annoying!

Thank you to anyone that reads my writing!

I currently have two stories, as you can see: The Legendary War of Hyrule, and Capricious. I have deleted two stories: Torn at the Heart and Recovery? If anyone has a question about these stories, feel free to ask me about them.


The Legendary War of Hyrule:

This is my first ever fanfic. It's a Zelda fanfic that is basically a sequel to Twilight Princess, and has a little bit of Zelink. Sorry, but I prefer Zelink to Link x Midna. (Cliché, but classic: The Hero gets the Princess!) Also has elements of Ocarina of Time.

This story is about Link, who, in the first chapter, makes a trip to Kakariko Village to see Renado and deliver a package. During his trip there, he receives a letter from the postman sent by the princess herself that urgently tells him to get to Hyrule Castle when he has the time. When he gets to Kakariko Village, he finds that the Gorons and possibly the Zoras have begun to be hostile towards the Hylians. Then, Link goes to Hyrule Castle and meets Zelda, only to hear about the prophetic dream she had the night before. Soon, Link and Zelda are caught up into a struggle for the peace in the kingdom.

PS: The name of the fanfic has changed from 'The War of the Neighboring Races' to 'The Legendary War of Hyrule'.


'Capricious' is my newest story. It's an AU story of Twilight Princess and roughly uses the plot of Ocarina of Time.

Full summary, also included in my first chapter: Zelda is a rude, snobby, arrogant princess. Link is a polite, charming, and humble peasant. Initially, the two absolutely hate one another when they first meet, due to their contrasting personalities. And when a villain named Ganondorf, King of Evil, begins to make his ascension to power, Link and Zelda are forced to travel together through the land of Hyrule on a journey to find the Spiritual Stones and the Seven Sages who can use the Stones to summon the Goddesses for help. But if the two can’t even stand to be in the other's presence for a minute, how can they succeed in their quest to defeat Ganondorf? Can they learn to deal with each other–maybe even be friendly towards one another? Or more?

Thank you for reading!

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