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Oh hey, fancy meeting you here, eh? I'm Mike...yup. Name says it all.

Hm, let's see...i did like to write a long time ago, but no one really cared or payed attention - which lowers your self-esteem a litte. Well now, lo and behold, I find this website, where everyone communicates with each other like they're friends, and even human beings. There are some really good people and some really great stories. So, I set up camp here. I;m not really obsessed with much, but if I had to say, prolly the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so I may do some stuff on those guys.

Apart from writing, I'm studying to work in film. Director is out of the question (right now anyway); don't have the money. I hope to start out in editing, whether it be TV or movies, then hopefully, though prolly won't happen, I work my way up to producer. Gotta know people...sigh. I like to shout out to La Salle University; great communications program. And I'm working on two screenplays...will they be accepted? Right place at the right time.

Do you guys really care about me? Aw, thanks amigos: Besides TMNT, I'm a huge Legend of Zelda fan, so much that I really don't play any other games. I deem them as inferior or not satisfactory. But hey, that's my opinion. Just because i don't like it doesn't mean it automatically sucks. You guys have your favorites, I have mine. Different tastes. No problem. Well, the games I like are Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, a Link to the Past, Twilight Princess, The Minish Cap...all right, pretty much all of them. Though, I have to say Majora's Mask is my favorite. Why? I don't know. But, if you take the epicness of OoT and combine it with the detail of characters, mini-games, graphics, etc. from MM, I think you'd have the perfect game. And Smash Bros. Gotta lik e that too.

Well, enough rambling. I hope you like my stories and rate however the heck you want to. I'll take the time to read your stories too...that's what this site is for, no? Well, here's to an excellent community of both fanboys/girls and writers. Gnarly notion, dude.

Upcoming Stories

My current story, Life Just Melts in Your Mouth, was written nearly a year - with one more revise and edit session, i post the chapters up. That's why i'm able to update so fast (I really can't fathom how some people can upload several thousand words a day- all the while maintaing thier every day activities. Unless...). Sorry, didn't mean abuse anyone. Anyway, since I was a little boy, I've all ways dreamed of writing three stories based off of my favorite shows and games.

1. The Owners of Night and Day (Scooby Doo)

2. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

3. The Legend of Zelda

Because of school and life, i can't guarantee these stories to be finished quickly, if at all. Might take a few years. But nevertheless, I'll try.

Authors and Authoresses (plugs and recommendations) (twilitprincess) - Video Game. Link/Kirby franchise/Earthbound centric. Writes with an extreme passion. I recommend reading 'Shadow Wings' for any Kirby fans (Pikana) - Video Game. Pokemon/Smash Bros. centric. very honest in regarding other writers' works. Old-School; runs a community featuring "canonical" stories. I recommend reading 'Wrath's Journey'. (Chrislma Janine Gahat) - founder of Authoress Production team (I honestly don't know if this is one person's profile or if several share the same profile.) I recommend 'Smash Generation'; a number of OCs, but does not hinder the story progression. Fun to guess and think about the families as you read along. (Puff Pastry Breadbug) - storied formatted as poems. I recommend 'Who?" A very decent guessing game. (Souldin) - has not written any stories, but possesses a large 'favorites sections' that is definitely worth checking out (Solitary Shadow) - Video Game. a writer that makes me feel like crap, ha ha.I highly recommend 'Within a Cardboard Box' - a master of character development

You took the time to read my stories, I take the time to read yours. Simple enough. And it takes a lot for a story to enthrall me. So don't expect too many faovrites in my 'Favorites' category. Sorry, just the way I is.

Tips to Becoming a Better Writer

This site is very beneficial in different way - it can be great practice for writing a story before you make your own characters; it's a terrific way to communicate with people that have similar interests with you; it connects you more to the games, shows, books, etc., you love...the possibilities are endless, really.

I look at this site as all three that I listed. I like to write and direct and edit - I've alwasy wanted to write about Scooby Doo, Ninja Turtles, and Legend of Zelda, and I want to help people get better at writing.

So, using this site to its full advantage, here are a few tips to help improve your writing skills.

NOTE - as soon as I finish uploading my entire story, I'll type this up for you. But right now, I need to get some other things accomplished first.

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