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Hey guys!

I'm Kelcie! I'm sixteen and have been familiar with this site for... Forever...O.O


I'm the master of KIKI'S!! =.=

I love them so much! I have my own, Riley, and he's so adorable! He's five:)

I love video games, and have for... Since I can remember. That, I think was the start of my Nintendo-lovingness! I'm so glad Miyamoto was born!!

I grew up with The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past. I always remember sitting on the bottom bunk of my bed late at night, watching my dad play that game. I think that's how I got into drawing, too!

I've been drawing for about seven years, and most of my pictures are Zelda related. I don't have the luxury of Photoshop. and I don't mind it, so I draw/color with pencils/colored pencils!

I've got a lot of ideas for a lot of stories, but I take forever to get them down on the computer. In the next few... I don't knows, expect a Super Smash Brothers fanfic, as well! And an Ocarina of Time story! :D

I LOVE Super Smash Brothers. Aside from the Ocarina Of Time, that is undoubtedly my favorite game!

I love Roy and Zelda Together.

I believe that Link and Zelda are related:) I mean, we know about Links mom, but where was she coming from when she ran to Kokiri Forest? We know nothing about his dad. With Zelda on the other hand, we know about her father, but nothing about her mother but she's said to be dead... And they both have blonde hair and blue eyes! And they're both hylian... It just makes more sense to me:)

Following up on that statement, I like Link and either Samus or Malon, depending on the game.

Marth and Peaaach! :)

I love the Pokemon games, too! And the old episodes...:)

My all-time favorite Playstation 2 game is Radiata Stories... but I hate both endings...T.T Oh well, it's a brilliant, amazing game anyways!

My first story uploaded is a Pokemon one... It's got a bit more of a realistic twist to it, and it seems kinda long, but I promise it's interesting!

I like playing softball, soccer, and hanging out, aside from my beloved writing and drawing!

Please, feel free to talk to me anytime!

I'm up for a good conversation!


Oh. And, I'm not accepting any constructive criticism. People just don't understand how to boost themselves up without totally destroying other writers. So, please. Review, sure, but don't go and rip on my story. Thanks! :)

ERADICATE by Roxius reviews
A more dark, gruesome take on why Roy, Mewtwo, Pichu, Dr. Mario and Young Link were excluded from Brawl. No pairings or sexual innuendo this time, folks! Please R & R!
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